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16 Responses to “Obama’s Ambassadors Of Racial Hatred”

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    Nan G

    Before we were married….heck!….before we even met!…..my now husband and I both marched in many of the same Civil Rights marches.

    One of the largest ever was in San Francisco in the early 1960’s.

    No one at these marches and demonstrations thought for one second that we were doing it so that blacks would try to turn into monsters like these NBPP men.

    No matter what race we were, we marched for equality.

    And I’m betting more than a few of the non-black votes Obama got in Nov. 2009 were from my fellow protesters of those days.

    Obama has been sending signals that he is NOT a uniter, but a divider ever since getting elected.

    It is too bad, too…..for him.

    He could have walked into an easy re-election had he not.

    Basically, when Obama loses, first his Democrat majority in Congress, then his job in two years, he has no one to blame but himself.

    I just hope Obama has not destroyed the progress our great country has made in civil rights before he goes.

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    blogforce one

    Shabazz and his crew got together with Louis Farrakhan in New Your City recently to meet with,
    guess who?? The leader of The Islamic “Republic” of Iran , a mister “I’m a- doin a jihad” Ahmandinejehad. Ostensibly to discuss the liquidation of the Jews world-wide and the destruction of the great Satan< the U.S.A.
    Obama/Holder HAD to cut them loose from prosecution so they could conduct this important diplomatic mission!

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    Mr. Irons

    So the cycle comes full force… Government backed Anglo-Saxon polices of 1880’s to 1920’s which promoted racist agendas against non-whites is now mutated into an African polices set for the Federal Government that promote anti-white/Euro American racisism…. A shame that such a horrible cycle can not be broken so easily with so many of my Generation think they’ve been, “slaves” or “abused” by American Cacaussian society and must violently upsurp and enslave their former “surpressors” and another chunk of my Generation sucking up the brutal ideas of Hitler.

    The past is washed in the blood spilt in wrong ideals of what is and is not human, and if the New Black Panters get their ways then a whole new era of wrong ideas and corrupt grabs of power by a new elite few will spawn the horrible civil rights fight all over again and could disgustingly give groups like the Aryan Brotherhood and the KKK a foothold in this Era politicaly as “defenders” from an aggressive Black Panther assault on communities that had NOTHING to do with their so called, “suffering by the white man.”

    The mere idea of backing and politicaly defending the Aryan Brotherhood, the KKK, The New Black Panthers or any other racist group by omiting them to the laws of the land at local and Federal Levels should be enough to evict the Department of Jusictice staff members who defend these horrid groups and have the President (of any administration in the future as well) who orders such defense and immunites for such a group should be sent to Impeachment process for infringing on subverting Congress and the Surpreme Court’s duties and violating what the Consitution dictates what his duty is.

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    That guy looks like a Meth head. Look at his toothpick arms and consider that this organization is probably a drug pushing organization as well.

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    Nan G

    Obama added something today:

    (OK, he rambles, so I’m cutting to the chase)

    “…..misunderstandings and antagonisms surface most strongly when times are tough.
    anxiety over not being able to pay bills – or having lost a job or a home – sometimes “organizes itself around kind of a tribal attitude…”

    Now, I’m in my 60’s and in a mixed marriage.
    My youngest brother is in his late 50’s and also in a mixed marriage.

    Assimilation, for us, in our youth, meant race was less important than love and devotion and shared values.
    But I have watched this country put the brakes on assimilation.

    It is NOT Obama’s fault.
    It has been going on for years.

    But ”tribalism?”

    We are not enclaved.
    We need to purge this uber-lefty idea of multiculturalism and get back to assimilation.
    And, yes, even improve on it.
    But we never will until we ditch multiculturalism.

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    Soylent Majority

    Samir Shabazz was listed as a Whitehouse guest in July 2009, the same month the DOJ decided not to prosecute the voter intimidation charges.
    Of course the WH spokeshole claims it was a “different” Samir Shabazz…yeah, they’re everywhere.

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    And Ms Obama goes to a polling place and seeks potential voters and requests they vote to “keep her husbands agenda going”…………the liberal press claims she may not have known she was breaking the law..WHAT???? She’s a freakin lawyer….didn’t know? Give me a break. Then the election officials make a statement saying we should give her a pass because after all, she is the “first lady”. A crime is a crime. If I had gone to a polling place and requested a voter vote for the person I wanted elected, I would be hauled off to jail PRONTO!!! This sucks.

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    His first name is Rich. So that means on the ballot in that predominately “African-American” district he will be “Rich Whitey”. And yes, the man is a Caucasian. I have never seen an election season like this one where all over the nation Democratic machines are using every dirty, sleazy underhanded trick in their political carpetbags. Even going so far as to arranging false “tea party” candidates that no one in any of the real Tea Party groups has ever heard of, just to confuse the public and possibly siphon votes away from actual Tea Party backed candidates. So tell us oh lurking Democrats this too wasn’t deliberate. Your party has become so arrogant, corrupt and manipulative, that I don’t think I can ever again consider voting for any Democrat.

    So that currently leaves me to choose from either Republicans or third parties. I’m also quite aware that some third party campaigns have been infiltrated by Dem or Rep loyalists. As for the Republicans, If they would be wise, they should best listen to the public and not their party progressives and elitists. I sense a change in the people that they are ready to forever say goodbye to the past odorous practice of trying to decide who is the lesser of two evils between the 2-party candidates, and tell them both to go straight to hell.

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