It’s Time To Meet Major Sean Bielat And Pull Out The Wallet

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Like Most Marines, Bielat Refuses To be Intimidated By The Odds

Sean Bielat, Republican candidate running for the 4th District in Massachusetts against Barney Frank is within 10 points and needs our help. Frank is a 14 term incumbent that normally wins with a 65% to 75% lead when Republicans bother to field an opponent. This time fate is with the Republicans and they have fielded a Hell’uva candidate. Bielat is a 35 year old Marine, who spent four years on active duty and is currently a Major in the Marine Reserves. A graduate of Georgetown with a Master’s from Harvard and an MBA from Wharton. He has devoted a portion of his civilian life to developing remote control robots that defuse Improvised Explosive Devices in Iraq and Afghanistan: in stark contrast to Frank who devoted some of his time to letting his homosexual lover set up a homosexual whore house in Frank’s DC home.

Bielat is a deeply committed man who actually has the welfare of our troops as a major concern rather than advancing the cause of homosexuals in the military. He is a man that could actually be an asset to the country and to the people of Massachusetts.

He decided to make the run after Brown won the Senate seat in January; especially, since Brown carried Frank’s District, the cracks in the Democrat hold on the Liberal state are beginning to show cracks and fissures since the election of Obama and Frank’s disastrous direction of Fannie and Freddy. Brown illustrated that there could be national support to help elect a Republican in Massachusetts and national support is the key to mounting a successful campaign.

“When Scott Brown won the 4th Congressional District, it became clear that not only could a Republican win here,” says Bielat, “but there was a case to be made nationally to donors and supporters that this is winnable.”

National support is key, Bielat believes, given that his opponent is chairman of one of the most powerful committees on Capitol Hill and can raise virtually all the money he wants. But Frank is also one of those liberal Democrats who conservative Republicans love to hate. If GOP donors across the country think there’s a chance to beat him, they’ll start giving. So far, support has been steady but not overwhelming. Bielat has raised about $600,000; Frank has pulled in many times that.

Bielat is a newcomer to the 4th District, he is from Rochester, New York and he moved to the 4th District in 2007. Not surprisingly, a poll taken in mid September showed that 43% had never heard of Bielat, yet he is now trailing by only ten points, Bielat feels he is within striking distance.

When Bielat was asked to name the three worst things Frank has done in office and it becomes apparent the man has done his homework and he knows where to focus his energies when he is elected.

“You’ve got to start with Freddie and Fannie and his unending push to expand homeownership,” Bielat says. “He definitely played an enormous role in getting us where we are today in terms of the real estate bubble and the ensuing financial collapse.”

Number two? “Financial reform, because it doesn’t address Fannie and Freddie and vastly expands oversight of the financial services sector.”

Three? “His view on what government should and should not do.” Simply put, Frank wants an always-expanding federal government, and Bielat doesn’t.

Bielat is especially concerned with runaway entitlement spending, something that few Republicans care to address except for Rep. Paul Ryan, a man for whom Bielat is a fan indicating another focus on his direction if elected.

Asked about his Party’s new Pledge to America, Bielat replied,

“I think it’s fine, but I’m not running on it,” he says. “I wish it had addressed entitlement reform.”

Fair enough, the man is a Consrvative bucking the odds in Liberal Land.

Bill Clinton was called up for service to help bolster Frank’s campaign, this is calling out the heavy artillery for a man who usually wins by 65% to 75%: this alone means Frank is desperate and he is likely to end up in defeat, especially if Bielat can mount an effectual campaign over the next month.

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    Bielet has definately taken on a challenge, but I fear the demographics are against him. Too many left wing nut jobs and homosexuals. If the people in that voting district were in their right minds to begin with Frank wouldn’t have lasted more than one term. But hey maybe they have a thing for corrupt, Marxist homosexuals.

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    Yes, he needs money for a campaign. Has he set up a “money bomb” on a home page? Brown and O’Donnell had fantastic responses the minute the word was out.

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    I promise this: If Bielat wins, I will buy a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne to celebrate. That would be a sweeter defeat than Daschle. I absolutely abhor Frank and everything he represents. Let’s donate HUGE to Bielat.

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    Sean Bielat needs to explain why he hasn’t served overseas as a Marine Reservist. He’s billing himself as a patriotic Marine but did not volunteer for combat in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Apparently his own ambition was too large an obstacle. This combat veteran Marine reservist won’t be voting for him.

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    Malik, whatever the answer to your question, WHY would you not supprort the kick in the gut that having Barney Frank voted OUT would provide??? Talk about picking your fights. This is a fight to win, regardless of your questions about this Marine.

    It’s time to boot the machine out. Consider the ramifications of the “machine” dems being voted out. Even if the dems are out of power, these pols for life have sway in Washington and the Congress, so to vote them out should be, in my opinion, the premere goal.

    And that goes for big-government machine RINO’s too. Good riddence and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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    The day you graduate is the day they call you a Marine, after that duty stations and your MOS will vary according to how and where the Commandant sees fit. Bielat has earned the right to refer to himself as a Marine until the day he dies and many former Marines insist on having USMC carved on their tombstone. A walk through a cemetery will confirm that fact. If Bielat is proud of his service, it is just further proof of his dedication to his country and to the fact that he is a Conservative and is proud to identify with Conservatives.

    He is now helping to devise robots to save American lives, I wish I could do something so noble.

    If you consider Frank to be noble when he and a gay friend masturbated om George Bush’s locker at the federal gym, then you should vote for Frank.

  7. 59



    Do you even live in Mass?

    Did Barney serve overseas?

    Have ALL Marines served in battle?

    You are a transparent fraud, and there is nothing Major Bielat could have done to take your vote away from the slobbering fool you support.

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    OK all, lots of crap here. Yes I am from Mass. Grew up on the South Shore. No I won’t be voting for Frank, hell no. I fully appreciate wanting to find anyone to replace him. No argument on Frank. But an argument against Bielat is not an argument for Frank. My point’s that Beilat’s had 9 years to volunteer to serve overseas as a Marine reservist. He failed to do so. If he billed himself as a Marine veteran, fine, no issue. Great, I’d vote for him then in a heartbeat. My point is different and the distinction between a veteran and a current reservist is important. The Marine Corps has not been able to count on him these past 9 years, and neither has his fellow Marines in Iraq or Afghanistan. In Bielat’s place better men have chosen to bear the burdens of these last 9 years. Let’s find one who thought serving his country in wartime was more important than padding a resume. Or making money. I did 2 tours in Iraq, and one in Afghanistan myself. And I’m a Harvard graduate who didn’t think his own precious business or political goals were more important than volunteering — for 28 years now, and for 5 military campaigns. I say this only because those who are so quick to insult people should stick to facts and arguments and leave the ad hominems to the Left.

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    So, Malik do you intend to stay home and not vote at all? If you aren’t voting for Frank and have problems with Bielat’s resume…what does that leave? Vote for a 3rd party candidate?

    I have to ask… what do your issues (and they are your issues) have to do with how this man may represent us? You are sounding like a “concern troll” who comes around agreeing while picking apart a viable challenge to someone like Frank…who is the worst of the worst.

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    Malik, this has been said before, we need to take back this country. To point a finger at Bielat because he hasn’t served in combat, is to give support to Barney the pervert and to condone his corruption: the same corruption that may end up bankrupting this country with help of course, from the White House.

    It is hard to find the perfect Conservative and there are probably fewer to choose from in Massachusetts. To be within ten points of an incumbent who has never lost by a margin less than 65% means we are within range of upsetting one of the most infamous Liberals.

    To use a worn out cliche, to malign Bielat seems to be throwing out the baby with the bathwater. If we can win, we should shoot for victory; very few of us are from MA, but most of us are pulling for him to defeat the pervert. It is obvious Frank may be tickled pink to see homosexuals ruining the traditions of the Corps, but that is as close as he will ever get to service.

    The country is facing an enemy that has penetrated the perimeter and Barney is one of the most vile. If we can get rid of him, we will be much closer to ridding our country of this threat from within.

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    Not solely my issues, Ann, Bielat is making his status an issue, a reason to vote for him. It is only fair to question what his status really is, and what it says about him. Had he not done so, I’d butt out. This is a problem for Scott Brown also, but he didn’t make his National Guard service a big deal, so I’d be happy to vote for him.

    Skookum: Again, no argument on Frank, and no argument about how serious things are.

    Just know that Bielat is riding on the blood of greater patriots, men and women who put their own self-interest aside at great personal risk to serve this great nation. Yes, I think it matters.

    But my deeper argument is that politics is full of individuals who will sell you out to further their own goals. Bielat seems to be another in this line. His focus on himself and what’s good for his resume during a time of war is not a profile in courage. It is certainly not what the Marine Corps seeks to inculcate in its young officers. We run to the guns — why hasn’t he done so? Yes, Skookum, this is a high standard. We are in a mess because our country is run by the selfish and self-interested, guys with impressive resumes who we wanted to believe in but who were really just out for themselves. Bielat seems to me to be one of these, and I won’t be pulling out my wallet for him.

  12. 65


    No Malik…You have not gotten ANY crap…yet.

    Some of us can deliver more “crap” than you will EVER deem possible to deliver.

    I am one of those people.
    “Gifted”, is what I am in the dark art of “crap-giving”. Because of WHO I am, what I’ve done, what I’ve taught myself, where I’ve been, and most importantly who I have raised.

    You have chosen to support Frank. That’s all you have essentially said, and that’s all I see. (Enter now, the back-pedal.)

    So in line with this, and your absolute IGNORANCE of what Mr. Bielat has done not only in his military career but in the amount of help he’s given to “The Cause” through his robotic efforts (that my son uses now) tells me that you are full of shit.

    I am a electro-mechanical engineer by trade, and I am also a warrior that has done what you claim needed being done….

    I build robots, too. I can also drop from an airplane and scuba-dive to an objective to kill whoever needs killin.

    You piss me off. You will let Frank win, simply because the Marine Corps had something else in-mind for Major Bielat to do…Something that YOU ARE NOT PRIVY TO.

    Lots of Marine MOS’s don’t “get” to go kill people. This fact makes me suspicious of you at a 99%
    assurance level. 2 engineering Masters (with 6-sigma certification, and a specialization in root-cause-analysis), Father of a Marine, and a 8-year stint an a SeAL tells me this this with no uncertain terms. Or you’re just kinda dumb, and I ALWAYS underestimate dumb…

    Any more of this shit from you, and I go full onto: “I doubt he’s ever been a Marine”, and I open up the “crap” box…Like I said before…You’re starting to piss me off.

    To review: You are NOT voting to remove Frank (the worse of the worse) because Bielat didn’t “get” to shoot someone while he was active. (As if he had the choice in what he’s assigned to.)

    Worse fucking PATHETIC excuse if I ever heard one, and an excuse usually perpetuated by those who FAKE their service, and/or who fake their political affiliations.

    -Stand. Goddammit, stand…or be dropped,
    badly…Because this is only the beginning for me, and I fuckin LOVE to fight.

  13. 66


    Malik: hi, YOU can see no one has a personal choice on this one,
    because this is not for one of AMERICA, but FOR AMERICA THE GREATEST NATION OF THE WORLD,

  14. 67


    The fact that he’s been in the service is good enough for me. And it would be alright if he hadn’t done service. Just give me a candidate who will go to DC and help us clear out this God forsaken bunch of traitors who are hell bent on destroying America.

    Watching the “rally” (briefly because I couldn’t take more than 1/2 hour) on Saturday wasn’t a surprise but was a stunning reminder of who Obama is and what they are after. They feel so emboldened with him in office that it’s all out there in front of us. We can’t sit on the fence.

  15. 68

    Old Trooper 2

    β€œI heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”
    Isaiah 6:8

    As Patvann has stated, many are called but few are chosen. Some are more valuable in other efforts than the “grunt work” and your assignments vary depending on your “skill sets”. Perhaps the most boring six months of my life were spent as a Staffer at the Pentagon. I just did not have the patience for that environment but I thank God that others did. Some folks just had more tolerance for Staff work and there is no more selfless service than dealing with the inner workings at that level and not wanting to just whack some folks upside the melon for making life difficult for folks that carry a pack and a rifle daily instead of a briefcase and do Power Point slides for briefings.

    I “got sent” every time Foreign Policy was less than successful, to places that were two steps above hell but preferred that duty to Staff work, which I viewed as one step above hell. Shooting and being shot at was easier than being nice to folks that were Congressional types or Politicians.
    If you believe that the Pentagon is not a political place, guess again.

    Getting Barney out of Congress is a worthy goal. The Nation will be better for it!

  16. 69


    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    Wow Patvann you really laid into Malik on this. I refrained from saying a lot but will add my two cents. I’m not sure if he is maligning Mr. Bielat or the USMC in general. But for sure closet boy Frank has to go one way or another. You guys are better versed in these things then I as I was just a lowly grunt and a reserve at that during the Viet Nam War. But thankfully I have never claimed anything more than just being a “Marine” and damn proud to have been one.

    And no you don’t have to see combat to be a “Marine” or even a reserve “Marine”. All you have to do is EARN the title. I was a driver and a mechanic in the motor pool. In fact the last Reserve Center I served with and I got out in 1970 just came back from active duty a couple of years ago.I believe it was the first and only time that Reserve Center was activated and served. It would be at Woodhaven Reserve Center in NE Philadelphia. Also it is either closed or moved to another location but I don’t know where or more than that. It was 40 years ago I fulfilled my obligation.
    “Semper Fi”

  17. 73


    My issue with Bielat wasn’t gunfighter experience. Issue was lack of volunteering for ANY active service these last 9 years. We’ve needed all types of skill sets, at the Pentagon, in the AOR, and at US Central Command in Tampa where I work. I can guarantee everyone that whatever Bielat’s MOS, we needed more of them. Where was he? We’ve been short trigger pullers and staff officers from Day 1 in Iraq and Afg. There are never enough leaders.

    If the argument is ANYONE but Frank, I see your point. But let’s be clear-eyed before we elevate another wannabe politician to hero status. Bielat made different choices. And serving his country in wartime was not one of them. That matters to me. It matters to Marines.

  18. 75


    MALIK: hi again; I have just read that MR BEILAT was fabricating some robot to help in some way to prevent the SOLDIERS from being killed BY EIDS,
    WELL THIS is a very good point on his favor, as even one life save mean a whole lot more
    THAN some negative found on him:
    I thought of mentioning it to you so you have 2 oposit arguments to reflect on.

  19. 77


    Bees: Yes, it’s a good thing, certainly. Currently, there are literally thousands of engineers, scientists, program managers and support people both in private industry and in the government trying to protect our troops against IED’s. It is a big and necessary business.

    I’m making a relatively small point about Bielat’s service as a Marine reservist only because he himself has made it such a big aspect of his campaign. I never said it makes him an unworthy or bad candidate. He may be a great guy for all I know. Service as a Marine and reservist is something I know about so I thought I would comment on it. Other aspects of Bielat’s credentials I leave to others who know about them. And I understand if other folks think it’s no big deal. Relative to the utter awfulness of Frank, I tend to agree.

    I guess the assumption here is that Bielat is pursuing a job in public service (as a politician) and he thinks his past public service (as a Marine) is a qualification in his favor. My point is simply that he is exaggerating his service and standing as a Marine. Whether he is exaggerating his experience with IED’s, or other aspects of his career, I leave to others. But I can tell you that after 9 years of war there are few Marines, active or reserve, with only 2 ribbons on their dress blue tunic.

  20. 78


    Your obsession with his “salad” is pathetic, and your projection that he is exagerating anything is just that..PROJECTION.

    His emphasis has been on his business acumen, and his service, and he hasn’t exaggerated anything. He has claimed no more than his honors let him claim, yet to you, I guess only a 0311 Assaultman with 3 tours, is the new baseline for someone going up against the only man more liberal and destructive than Obama is. Evidently being a Marine Major isn’t enough leadership quals for ya to vote against the son of a bitch that caused the housing crises.

    Nice job fulfilling the backpedal prediction, though.


    One is never “just” a Marine. πŸ˜‰

  21. 79


    MALIK: thank you also for being like marines brave and valorous on the warzone,
    many here are praying for your safety, including all branch of military who are fighting
    with ennemys in a hard situation, we are not there but we care for all of you.

  22. 81



    So is it ok with Malik if I talk about my Marine Corps service, even though I never served during the war? Am I not a Marine now?

    So confused

    …sheesh, what a dumb effin argument from the concern troll.

  23. 83



    Humorous, you want to point a finger at Bielat and end up with truckloads of indisputable manure being dumped on your hero. It’s so hard to defend bumbling Barney, your only option is to attack Bielat, but you better come up with something more than a lack of campaign ribbons. πŸ˜›

  24. 84


    There is something wrong with every candidate, afterall, they are only human. You have to look at the candidate as a whole and decide if he/she is worthy of your vote. I believe that anyone who chooses a candidate to vote for based on a single issue is being short sighted.

    I’m sure we can find something good that Barney Frank has done for his district, but the trend of his career is on an increasingly corrupt track. It is time for him to go.

    Is Sean Bielat perfect? I doubt it, but if you read his poistions on the issues (, and read and listen to his words, you will find an impressive man. He needs both local and national support to get over the hump.

    Please go to or and help with the final push.

  25. 85


    Hi all. Malik, your assessment of Sean’s Marine duty sounds like you are accusing him of cowardice. Perhaps I’m overthinking this. But I’m so grateful we live in the USA where you have the right to state your opinion, and I thank you for your years of service in the armed forces.

    I have lived in Barney Frank’s district for nearly 18 years and, as a registered Republican, rarely has there been a candidate for whom I have voted that actually won! Scott Brown was a nice surprise. Never in my life have I been as excited about a candidate as I am about Sean Bielat. I don’t know the details of Sean’s active duty but a soldier who was accepted at and graduated from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania could have gone straight to Wall Street after college instead of heading into the Marines. And I know for a fact that Sean leaves his campaign one weekend a month and heads down to reserve duty, never shirking his responsibility, even when his son Theo was born a few short months ago.

    Sean is smart, thoughtful, respectful, brave, conservative and patriotic. He cares about the folks in the 4th district of Massachusetts and beyond. I really can’t say any of those attributes apply to Barney Frank. I am honored that a citizen like Sean Bielat wants to represent me in the US Congress. Please visit his website to learn more about his specific views:

  26. 86


    Toms184 and SeanRox: Thanks for your posts. And thanks for actually reading my posts.

    Toms, you are no doubt right that there is something wrong with every candidate. I was merely pointing out to the group here that there is another way, which I think has value, to view Sean Bielat. Overall, though, I don’t disagree at all that he would be much better than Frank. As I say, no doubt.

    SeanRox: Not at all accusing him of cowardice, just ambition which has not served our nation well. Merely pointing out that others have chosen to volunteer at great cost to themselves and Sean Bielat did not. I think that is important. Esp. so before we put someone on a pedestal, or break out our wallets for him. The Marines and all the services have been crying out for qualified officers these last years and Sean Bielat had other things to do. Good things for him, not so much for the U.S. Our staffs in Iraq and Afg could use every smart guy we could get. As a Marine with many, many deployments and campaigns under my belt, I have to wonder about a guy who maintains his Marine affiliation without volunteering for service in Operation Enduring Freedom or Iraqi Freedom. Believe me, other Marines are asking themselves the same thing. Funny, but I showed this exchange to some of my colleagues at CENTCOM and they simply did not get the opposition of this group. They saw my point immediately.

    BTW: Sean went to both Harvard and Wharton after serving in the Marines. In peacetime, that would be great. But having graduated from serving in an imminent danger area would be good, too. And choosing grad school when our nation was at war is not a typical Marine profile. It’s not cowardice, but its not a profile in courage either. I was a student at Harvard in the fall of 1990 and got activated as a reservist for Desert Storm when my battalion got activated. I guess I should have continued with grad school, then chosen a political career of challenging turds like Frank. Some seem to think that’s as good. I don’t.

    Another point, Frank is a Harvard law graduate. He is also smart, as are the other scumbags who are selling our nation down the toilet. I don’t give a crap that someone went to an Ivy League school. I’d much rather have a politician who believed in his country so much he would risk his ass for it. Again, Sean Bielat doesn’t.

  27. 88


    Barney Frank the poster child for the corruption of entrenched encumbancy, the arrogance of this Democratic reign and the failure of liberal policies. He is also a card carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America and was on their previously published list of 70 members of Congress who were also in their party and working within the US government to advance their agenda and dismantle the capitalist system. He is a threat to our national interests and has already proven the extent of the damage they can do to the US economy…one need only to look what has occurred in the last three years in the US financial, housing and credit markets.

    Besides all the reasons Barney Frank needs to be removed from office, Sean Bielat represents the real hope and change this country needs to correct the trajectory of the country going forward. He is young, energetic, smart and an independent thinker who will work towards fiscal responsibility and limited government.

    We in his district are working to correct the course of the country by retiring Barney Frank and electing Sean Bielat. If you would like to join the fight please:


  28. 89


    In an otherwise positive article, this proves that at least Taranto of the WSJ thought a question about Bielat’s sitting out Iraq and Afg was a worthwhile question.

    ‘Before Harvard, Mr. Bielat served four years as an officer in the Marines. He’s still a major in the reserves, but he left active duty in 2002 and hasn’t served in combat. I ask if that is a source of regret, and he says yes: “I disagreed with us going into Iraq, but all my Marines were there, all my friends were there. I wanted to be there. Instead I was sitting at Harvard, watching it on TV.”‘

    So, all his cheerleaders need to ask the question of why a Marine would be watching his friends on TV, and not getting in the game. He was sitting at Harvard because it was his own choice to do so. He let us down–and he knows it!

    Look, an argument against Frank is not an argument for Bielat. Frank is a disgusting socialist and Bielat is a disgusting careerist. Take your pick.

  29. 90

    Aye Chihuahua



    Frank is a disgusting socialist and Bielat is a disgusting careerist. Take your pick.

    I’ll choose the guy who has actually worked to save the literal lives and limbs of our men and women in uniform.

    Thanks for asking.

    Exit questions: In your mind, does every Marine, or soldier, or sailor have to serve in an active combat zone in order to qualify for public office or are you only selectively applying that standard to Bielat?

    Does it make you feel good to know that by not voting you’re actually helping Frank?

  30. 93


    @David Green:

    David Green, you are indeed a patriot. In dire straits you support those you believe will right this nation, I salute you and welcome to Flopping Aces. Don’t be a stranger. πŸ˜‰

  31. 94


    David, on behalf of those of us who live in Barney Frank’s district, thank you so much for your financial support of Sean Bilat’s campaign. Sean is a wonderful candidate and patriot who will not disappoint us.

    Malik, you are certainly entitled to your opinion but I couldn’t disagree more strongly with you. Sean Bielat has not let me down in any way nor do i find anything about him disgusting. Sean Bielat is admirable in every way, in fact he is the only candidate I have ever encountered whose values so clearly reflect my own.

    I echo Aye’s question regarding are the only valid Marines the ones who serve in combat? No one in my family has served in the armed forces, except my grandfather, but I have the utmost respect for everyone who serves our country.

  32. 95


    Malik is absolutely right on this.

    I’m an Army Vietnam veteran, and live in Bielat’s district and get his mailings and hear his ads every day. Bielat always cites his Marine Corps service as evidence of his love for America.

    So I was astounded when I learned that this Marine could not or would not find an opportunity to serve his country in harm’s way some time in the last 7 years, while others were doing multiple tours. My son is in the Coast Guard reserves, and even he found a way to serve in Iraq.

    You have to conclude that Bielat enjoys wearing the uniform but doesn’t want to pay the price. That’s his choice, but he can’t have it both ways.

    I don’t and won’t support Frank. But I won’t vote for a paper tiger, either.

  33. 96


    WOW Tinpig, you are a man who fought for and risk death for the very right to vote in this country, but you choose instead to sit this election out? I appreciate Sean Bielat’s service to this country every bit as much as I appreciate yours. As far as I know, they don’t let just anyone become a Marine, and they don’t let just anyone become a Major.

    I don’t think anyone should discount any person’s service to this country, no matter what form that service took.

    I proudly support Sean Bielat at, and so should you.

  34. 97


    @Malik: Malik I was in the TBS class right before Sean, I too left active service without ever having gone to Iraq or Afghanistan (fall of 2001), does my military service not count? Does that mean I don’t love my country? I gave 4 years of my life to the Marine Corps during which time I would have gone anywhere and done anything they asked, however at the end of my 4 years I wanted to get married, buy a house, have kids, etc. and I left the service to pursue other things. I find your criticism rather ridiculous!

  35. 98


    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    Marine I agree with you. I did my time 40 years ago and no not just anyone can be a Marine. The title has to be Earned before you can call yourself a Marine. That’s for you toms184. I was in the reserves during Nam and didn’t see any action at all. That doesn’t make me any less a Marine or the right to call myself a Marine. None of my friends ever questioned or mentioned that and these guys where In Country at some point it time.
    “Semper Fi”

    In fact I am going to the USMC Birthday being held on November 6,2010 at the local Elk’s Club to honor all those who came before and also my younger brother who passed away on November,10,2002 the day we were celebrating the USMC Birthday eight years ago.

    So Malik what’s your point??

  36. 99


    I know this is an old post, but I am glad Malik spoke his mind and I generally agree with his assessment of Bielat. That being said I will still vote for Bielat, because I despise Barney Frank that much. Unfortunately it is the system of voting we have in this country. To all the Malik haters that believe all military service is the same: It’s not! There are many Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines that have served multiple tours overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan both voluntarily and involuntarily. A reservist serving one voluntary tour overseas in any type of general support job (which are always needed and in short supply) lets another servicemember take a slightly longer break from the action to be with their families before going back again. If he truly wanted to serve he could have. I applaud him for his military service at all being that most people haven’t served at all, but don’t kid yourselves into thinking that all military veterans are equal. In times of great turmoil, great men and women step up and answer the call. I guess some also ignore the call and instead seek to profit from the war by making robots. These robots were not his idea nor was heactually busting his butt putting them together. He was a high paid executive sitting in an office doing pseudo work while his “fellow” servicemembers were sacrficing their lives for real overseas.

    All of this aside, I prefer Bielat’s politics over Barney’s but that is not a glowing endorsement of the type of man Bielat is. If he can live with himself, then I can live with him for at least two years to get Frank out of office.

  37. 100


    Stevo, I have to say, I am honored to have this opportunity to communicate with you here at FA,
    A great PATRIOT like you and you are alive to be able to tell your mind on issue so important in a time of WAR, thank you SR for all you’have done for the FREEDOM of the beautiful,
    AMERICA, and for the freedom of those COUNTRYS where hate and violence is a dayly occurence.
    best to you SR. thank you

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