Democrat Pat Caddell – “We Are Headed For A Tidal Wave In November”

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From a man who experienced all he needs to know about a major f#%k-up of a party during the Carter years:

And the spin?

Well, its a good thing that we’re gonna get our asses handed to us because we needed to get rid of some those hard-headed Democrats anyways:

In an interview with The Hill, the Energy and Commerce Committee chairman expressed confidence that Democrats will retain the House, and suggested he won’t miss some of the Democrats who won’t be back next year.

“I think a lot of the House seats we’re going to lose are those who have been the toughest for the Democrats to pull into line — the Democrats that have been the most difficult,” Waxman said…

“We’ve been trying to get the Democratic conservatives together with the rest of the Democratic Party, so in effect we’ve gotten bipartisan support among Democrats in the House,” the chairman said with a laugh. “Now we’ll have to work on genuine bipartisanship in the future.”

Ace on that bolded part:

Hey wait — I thought they were trying to be bipartisan and it was the GOP acting as the Party of No…?

Here we have Henry Waxman admitting that the only “bipartisanship” he practiced was liberal Democrats offering concessions to less-liberal Democrats — no actual bipartisanship extended to the other actual party.

You’ll never see mention of this quote again.

Nevermind the fact that its the far left wackjobs in the party that make it difficult for “true” bipartisanship…no, it’s the moderates that need to get thrown out.

Dummies one and all.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    I disagree with a lot of what was said here, but it’s clear to me that the economy is definitely the thorn in Obama’s side, which he has not handled well. Still, it’s not the only issue, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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    Tom in CA

    It’s the economy stupid….

    Ms. Romer resigned today. She knows. When a liberal from UC Berkeley sees the handwriting and bolts, bad shit is on the horizon. Tomorrow’s unemployment number must be a doozy.

    Save your money….

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    Aye Chihuahua



    What’s to disagree with Cary?

    It’s all laid out there and supported with multiple data points.

    The Dims are headed for a massive, massive loss in the fall. A loss which could send the Dimocrat Party the way of the Whigs.

    @Tom in CA:

    I saw that Romer resigned. I knew then that things must be really, really bad inside. She’s the one who gave us all those pie in the sky projections and they’ve set her up as the fall guy, er, gal.

    @rich wheeler:

    Yes, this is way different. Caddell has been sounding the alarm for awhile now. He’s a very smart, reasonable fellow. A Dimocrat that I actually have huge respect for.

    He calls things like they are, even when they’re unpopular or uncomfortable.

    November is gonna be historic for the Dims….and not in a good way.

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    @Aye Chihuahua:

    Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. The Democrats still have a couple of tricks up their sleeves. The next ploy will be to run, trying to sound like tax reforming hawks, Democrats for gun rights. I predicted a few months ago, here on this blog site that Americans would never fall for that again. Then a special election in Pa. occurred, and guess what happened next. Murtha’s assistant of all people successfully convinced the electorate that he was a tax reforming hawk in favor of gun ownership. I am still somewhat nervous about November, and most certainly nervous about 2012.

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    Don’t despair, Pat. At LEAST NOT YET. Hussein will pull every Executive Order scam he can think of between now and November to help bail out his wholly-owned house and senate thug colleagues. And remember…you can ALWAYS depend upon the stupidity of WOMEN when it comes to electing thugs, socialists and America hating power seekers. How do you think the ONE got elected in the FIRST place!!!

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    rich wheeler

    A.C. must disagree. Believe Dems hold Senate with loss of net 4or5.You lose to Reid(ouch).They hold House with 25-30 seat advantage.

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    Aye Chihuahua


    Well, rich, you’re welcome to disagree.

    I’ll comfort you on the Wednesday after the first Monday in November. 😉

    Have you seen what Charlie Cook and even James Carville have been saying? Ooof.

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    Never Ends

    The left-wingers have taken over the actual Democrat Party. The real Dems KNOW it is bad but the left-wingers are NOT going to give up – after all it has taken nearly 100 years for them to get this far. They are insistent that the Marxist ideals work even though it has been proven many times over that it does not – look at China. Even the hard-core Maoist know that capitalism is needed to stay afloat.

    And, yes, as commented above there are “tricks” up their sleeve but what will those tricks trigger? A complete depression, a massive cultural/class war, or what? Americans outside the beltway can read the handwriting on the wall, fear for their future and will not give up as easily as the bumbler-in-chief and his minions believe.

    Pat Cadell is right on and is trying to save his life-long party and its members before it is too late.

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    Donald Bly

    Obama and company will put the vote buying machine into high gear. 26 billion here, 80 billion there, mortgage write down at another 800 billion… after all what’s a few billion trillion if you can buy an election.

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    We just had an election in my southern backwoods burg this week. It is a purple area with several long time democratic incumbents on the county commission. Once elected to the commission, the seat is usually safe for years thereafter unless, to paraphase the kingfish, get caught in bed with a dead underage hooker. Not this time. Every dem got bounced. It was open season on anyone with a D next to their name. I can’t remember that ever happening around here, even in 94. I’d have to say Caddel is right. The left has much to be worried about.

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    OLDPUPPYMAX: please dont pick on GENDER to proove your point many womens trusth
    their mate decisions on voting, and many mates where stupid at that time, and lucky
    FOR them will not repeat, and womans also will uses their judgement after so many proofs they had to live in. bye

  12. 15



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    rich wheeler

    Gatormiami You’re dreaming.Dems easily hold N.Y.,Oregon and Conn. Hold Wisc. Wash as well as Nev. and Cal. They lose Ark.,Ind.,Ill.,Penn.,Del. and possibly Colo. Repubs lose Fla to Crist and possibly Ohio.Net pickup of 4-5 for Repubs as Dems easily hold Senate.Dems should hold House by 20-30.

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    @rich wheeler:

    Aren’t dreams nice? Get ready for Henry Mancini’s, “Baby Elephant Walk,” come November. The make up of the People Barak will be working with trying to inflict his new tone on AmeriKa will be quite different.

  15. 19

    Old One

    Rich Wheeler must not know much about history or perhaps was not sentient when marxists tools such as Indira Ghandi, Chedi Jagan, Gorbachev, & the Portugese lietenants got the impression they were so loved by the hoi polloi they could allow real elections and win on a marxist platform only to be handed their hiennies at the hands of an electorate they thought could be bought or played for fools. Marxists once they are revealed has been Ovomit and his band of Brigands democorrupts can never win an election other with tanks and guns aimed at the back of the heads of those standing in the voting booth.

  16. 21


    rich wheeler: IS that answer the best you can do for your side? it shows your mediocrity; and IT ‘s refreshing to learn what OLD ONE mentionned about your party’s going down every day,
    OF course you cant take it as truth. bye

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