Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) Dead at 92; Pork Barrel & White Sheet Manufacturers Hardest Hit

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Robert Byrd, WV Democrat Senator, and former Kleagle of the KKK, has died at the age of 92.


Best known for his fiery rhetoric on the Senate floor as well as his ability to bring home barrels of cash for his state, Byrd also has a rather colorful past that his supporters would rather whitewash.

For many years Byrd served as a Kleagle (recruiter) for the KKK.

Senator Byrd famously opposed the integration of the armed forces under President Truman famously stating that he would never fight:

“with a Negro by my side. Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again, than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.”

Even after “leaving” the Klan, Byrd continued to have high regard for it, writing to the Klan’s Imperial Wizard in 1946:

“The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia.”

Senator Byrd participated in the filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, voting against it after cloture was achieved.

The repeated election victories by Senator Byrd, even after his racism was laid bare, serve as shining moments in the history of the Democrat Party.

Of all the glittering jewels available regarding Senator Byrd this moment, preserved on video is absolutely priceless:

Ah, yes, the people that the Democrats proudly embrace…put into power…then repeatedly return to office.

Time and old age have finally done what the Democrats of WV specifically, and the Democrat Party in general could never bring themselves to do: strip Robert Byrd of power, control, and influence.

There’s much, much more that could be written about Byrd. Out of respect for his family, I will refrain at this moment.

Exit question: Will he be buried with or without his hood?

41 Responses to “Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) Dead at 92; Pork Barrel & White Sheet Manufacturers Hardest Hit”

  1. Deepest sympathy to his family and the people of West Virginia. Whatever else we might say about Byrd he is an icon of an age that passed away before he did. In his passing, we also mark our own passage through life.

    Bryd’s death marks the certain end of one era and the start of a new one. Let’s hope it’s a brighter future.

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    In the beginning, we’re all products of the times and places we come from. What reveals who we really are is what we eventually become.

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    I keep my own personal checklist for goals I want to obtain before I die. A kind of a twisted bucket list. One of the goals is the “outlive them” goal.

    Let’s see,

    Kennedy- check

    Byrd- check

    Michael Jackson-check and check for the monkey too.

    OJ- not dead but in prison, pretty close. “Hey OJ tell us again how you ran for two thousand yards, but this time bend over and pick up the the soap for me, will ya’?”

    Pelosi- not yet

    Reid- nope

    Frank- Here’s hoping!

    Well, there is always tomorrow.

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    Real American Patriot

    From Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post:

    The West Virginian, who died Monday at 92, deeply regretted his segregationist past, which included a year as a member of the Ku Klux Klan and at least several more years as a Klan sympathizer. He eventually became a passionate advocate for civil rights, and he was one of the most vocal supporters of legislation making the birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. a national holiday.

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    Wow, guess if Hitler came out with regret of those concentration camps the libs would have felt the same and that whole suicide thing wouldn’t have been needed.

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    @Mike’s America:

    Deepest sympathy to his family and the people of West Virginia. Whatever else we might say about Byrd he is an icon of an age that passed away before he did. In his passing, we also mark our own passage through life.

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    Real American Patriot


    So your response when someone disagrees with you is start calling them names? Now I’m a socialist? EXCUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSE me?
    Such a typical right wing FA type of a response.

  8. 18


    By ignoring the past of a man and allowing him to continue on as if nothing happened it simply verifies that he was not wrong in what he did. Your past is what makes you the person you turn out to be. I just wonder how they keep the coffin in the ground since even the earth wouldn’t want to hold onto Byrd.

  9. 21


    @Real American Patriot:

    No you are the FA you socialist pig, guess you need to get you sheets ready for the next Klan meeting since you are such a Fine Byrd fan. You must have cried when the Soviet Union fell.
    Oh yeah, get rid of the “patriot” name. I’m sure you have been nothing but an academic douche bag for the left. And I love you lefties not being able to take your own medicine. No more nice conservative….all out war on you bastards.

  10. 22

    Real American Patriot


    I will NOT get rid of the PATRIOT name. Despite what you think I love my country, I am not a HATER as you righties have tried to brand all lefties. I was in the military and I fly the flag by my front door often. I did not cry when the Soviet Union fell, and I’m not a Socialist. So you are wrong on all counts as usual JOHN. looks like the bastard is YOU!

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber


    If, as you claim, you truly love your country, you would denounce imbeciles like the late Senator Byrd, who has done nothing, nothing whatsoever, positive for this country. Much like the late Rep. Murtha, Byrd was a master pork-star who brought federal dollars back to his state with more regularity than most everyone else in congress. Those dollars, by the way, were collected from ALL 50 states, not just West VA, and as such, were nothing more than a redistribution of wealth. The fact that you can’t go more than 10 miles in the state without crossing some bridge or passing some building plastered with his name on it strikes me as narcissism.

    As for you not being a hater, anyone who objects to following the constitution, like yourself, is nothing more than an America hater, and our continuing to lump you in with the rest of the America haters such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc. is not an attempt to “brand” you, but is, in fact, our way of defining you.

  12. 25

    Real American Patriot

    @johngalt: You are really full of yourself if you believe that you are defining us by calling us “America Haters” You are merely attempting to brand liberals as less lovers of America than you are. Which BTW is total BS! I denounce George W BUSH!! but you know what?? I still love my country as much as you!!!

    Mike’s America: YOU are just as full of yourself as “johngalt” Maybe just maybe you should read what I wrote about loving my country and serving!!! You just can’t accept that Democratic party members love this country as much as RepubliCONS.

    The righties are beginning to believe their own propaganda SPEW!! Give it up DUMB ASSES!!!

  13. @Real American Patriot: You might have noticed that I was the first to express sympathy to the Byrd family and people of West Virginia on the death of Senator Byrd.

    Therefore, your latest sour rant really removes any need on my part to show you the slightest consideration.

    What a shame you cannot even comment on a post such as this without your usual quota of bile.

  14. 27

    Real American Patriot

    @Mike’s America: I did notice, However, you didn’t continue to show the same respect nor did the other righties that commented on what I had very respectfully submitted.
    They are the ones that followed with BILE.. Including yourself, so if there is someone that should be ashamed it should be YOU and your fellow right wing cronies!!!

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber


    Should we not call things what they are? Should we not call a duck a duck if it quacks like a duck, or looks like a duck? Nothing you state here shows any sense of pride in America itself, much like the lib/progs in congress and the WH. Why is it that you and your kind continue to call for legislation that leads to the destruction of what America is?

    No one here is full of themselves, except maybe you and Mr. Ryan.

    As for calling the late Senator Byrd an imbecile, I won’t back down for a minute. The man took money from the rest of the US back to his state in order to satisfy his own narcissistic tendencies. The late John Murtha wasn’t much better when it came to bringing home the “pork”.

  16. 29

    Real American Patriot

    @johngalt: “Why is it that you and your kind continue to call for legislation that leads to the destruction of what America is?”

    This statement itself show just how full of yourself you actually are. First of all you saying we are calling for destruction of what America is.. That’s total BS! I would say you have a warped view of what America is if you actually believe such tripe.

    As for your view of Senator Byrd. You are one who has no idea what Respect even looks like.

    Calling someone an Imbecile because his polices are different than yours shows again how warped you are.

    If anything you sir are a “Hater” in it’s definition. I know the right wingers have tried continually to Brand lefties as haters.. It is merely an attempt to silence people with political views different than yours or it’s an attempt to put them down to make yourselves feel better about your views. The problem is you are starting to believe your own SPEW!

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber


    Knowingly, or ignorantly, libs/progs push legislation that destroys the fabric of America, Obamacare being the biggest example of that. They continue to push legislation that stretches the meaning and intent of the Constitution. Yes, I think they hate America.

    As for Byrd and respect, I cannot, in good faith, show respect to a man who continually pushed for legal theft from 49 other states, all to satisfy his own warped sense of self-worth. Have their been GOP members that have done the same thing? Sure, although not to the extent Byrd has, and I dislike their attempts to redistribute wealth in the country as well. And respect? One has to earn it before it can be given, and the late Senator Byrd did not earn any from me.


    Psychology . a person of the second order in a former classification of mental retardation, above the level of idiocy, having a mental age of seven or eight years and an intelligence quotient of 25 to 50.
    2. a dunce; blockhead; dolt.

    I didn’t call him an imbecile because of his policy ideas. I called him an imbecile because of his willingness to engage in pork-barrel politics.

    Call me a hater, that is fine, especially as it pertains to my views of the actions of libs/progs in America.

    I will remember you talking about putting people down in order to feel better about your own views the next time I see you call someone a Dumb A**. There is a term for people who castigate a persons actions, then proceeds to engage in those actions themselves. They are called hypocrites.

  18. 32

    Real American Patriot


    We destroy the fabric of America..Obamacare being the biggest example of it. That is totally laughable! I am correct you actually believe your own SPEW.

    Yep, you are a HATER! You have just proved it beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The biggest thing wrong with Obamacare is that it doesn’t go far enough!! Healthcare should be a right! Not something only those with money or expensive insurance can have. It should also not be controlled by big corporate executives who currently decide whether live or die. That is our current system of “rationing.” That system served the insurance companies and the wealthy very well.

  19. 33


    premium_subscriber, subscriber


    By your statement, you have completely outed yourself. Healthcare as a right? Last time I checked the Constitution, it said nothing about that. America was founded on individual liberty, not collective serfdom. What you imply is that you want socialism. Is that not destroying the fabric of America? Never mind your answer, I have guessed it already, however, the conservatives that post here would agree with me.

    I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it.
    Thomas Jefferson

    You, by your last statement, are in direct contrast to one of the greatest Americans that ever lived. What I agree with, and what I post, is not “spew” as you call it, but is rooted in history and original intent.

  20. 34

    Real American Patriot


    Again you are wrong! I do not want Socialism! However, I do believe healthcare should be a right! A right that EVERYONE has ACCESS to, NOT just those who have money or expensive healthcare insurance. Just because I believe in some social programs does not make me a socialist. Nor does it make Obama a socialist. That sir is SPEW from right wingers. I would opt for a single payer healthcare system. OR make all Healthcare corporations NON PROFIT organizations. OR extend Medicare to everyone and NOT UNDERFUND IT!!!
    Underfunding is the RepubliCONS favorite way of making a program look like it’s not a viable program.

    Let me ask you something is Social Security socialism?? Are you that twisted that you actually believe that is also socialism? Social Security was not in our constitution. Are you saying we should get rid of that because it’s not in the constitution? I have actually heard right wingers SPEW statements like that.

    Thomas Jefferson also said this “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

    and this: Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.
    -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

  21. 35

    Donald Bly

    Thomas Jefferson was right… that is why the United States is a Republic… NOT a democracy.

    Social Security is unconstitutional and was struck down by the Supreme Court as such and then FDR stacked the court and got it through. This country wasn’t meant to be run by 9 men/women in black robes. Social Security should be privatized but with an eye to providing for those that have paid into it for their entire lives and the government out of controlling your contributions for a new system.

    Real American Patriot… you do sound like a socialist… despite your protestations to the contrary.

    I’m not against safety nets… but lets do something like this…. if you receive funds through a safety net program you are required to pay back those funds with a tax of say 50% of your income if and when you are making over, say… $30,000 until the money received is paid back. And if you never make more than $30,000… then upon death a 100% tax on your estate up to the amount owed.

    Prior to Obamacare… everyone in the US DID have access to medical treatment

  22. 36

    Donald Bly

    How come socialists think you are calling them names when you call them a socialist… is it because they know that deep down socialism is not a viable economic model. Those countries that are still pursuing socialism simply haven’t gone bankrupt yet.

    Socialism cannot exist without the teat of capitalism from which to suckle. Without profit, capitalism cannot work and without capitalism, socialism cannot work.

  23. 37


    A MOB RULE,where 51per cent may take away the rights of the other 49per cent. HE must have been a prophet to have talk about what is being done by the democrats now, dont forget, HE did not said the REPUBLIC which THE UNITED STATES ARE, and they want to destroy. bye 🙄

  24. 38


    OLD TROOPER: hi, I was wondering if you made a choice of the favorite song from VERA LYNN.
    IT’s not easy with all thoses beautifull songs, but I would realy like to know of your favorite. bye take care. 🙄

  25. 39



    CRAP… aka the FA “sponge”… sez: Again you are wrong! I do not want Socialism! …. snip….. I would opt for a single payer healthcare system. OR make all Healthcare corporations NON PROFIT organizations. OR extend Medicare to everyone and NOT UNDERFUND IT!!!

    right…. and what is single pay but a government run/funded/controlled system? aka Socialism. Hence why it’s called socialized medicine. And of course, any government mandate demanding non profit status of the private sector is so capitalistic in nature… /sarc

    Yo “sponge”, your forked socialist tongue never ceases to amaze, except that it’s exceeded by your uncanny ability to adeptly demonstrate your stupidity…. sans any help from us.

  26. 40


    premium_subscriber, subscriber


    Mata and Mr. Bly have both stated what I, myself, would have told you about Obamacare and socialism, and you wishes for further governmental control of our healthcare. You are a socialist, period. There is no denying that fact, yet you continue to do so.

    As for Thomas Jefferson, nice attempt to use one of his quotes in an ignorant attempt to bolster your point, however, the meaning of that particular quote, and I’m using simple terms here, is that a true democracy is detrimental to individual freedoms, hence his support for our current and original form of representative republic.

    The more you talk, and the more you spin, the clearer our perception of you becomes. By backing governmental takeovers of individual liberty, and supporting an inept president(see gulf oil spill), and defending a narcissistic senator who redistributed wealth back to WVA(thieving from the other 49 states), you have shown again how you would rather people stand in line for handouts from the government, paid for on the backs of the hard working, than live in a society of personal responsibility and liberty.You view of the way things should be couldn’t be farther from the America envisioned by our founding fathers unless you were to support Obama as a dictator. Face it, your a socialist. Plain and simple.

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