Democrats and Islamic Radicals: brothers in arms [Reader Post]

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Eric Holder is unable to identify Radical Islam as a cause of terrorism. Holder looks like nothing as much as an incompetent chiropractor as he ties himself in knots in avoiding the painfully obvious. As Andy McCarthy points out, Holder has no trouble calling us a “nation of cowards” or calling out Bush administration officials as “war criminals” yet cannot admit what a sensible person knows. At first glance this seems odd. Then upon reflection it makes sense, because philosophically, radical Islamists are the same as Democrats.

Radical Islam and Demcrats have a dislike of free speech. That is, they dislike free speech for anyone other than themselves. One one hand Islamic radicals call for the end of Israel, but threaten with death those who would dare cast an insult at Islam. And it need not be an insult- Theo Van Gogh was murdered for his work showing how Islam abuses women. Some even feel free to say that Jews are pigs and apes. The lives of cartoonists are threatened when they dare include Mohammed in a satire. They are attacked when invited to give a lecture. Their homes are burned. Comedy Central caved to terrorism and censored a South Park episode. Then, after cowing to Islamic pressure to not even show Mohammed in a cartoon, Comedy Central is planning a cartoon featuring Jesus Christ as a “fish out of water.” To be critical of Islam can mean one lives forever under the threat of death.

Democrats behave in a very similar manner. They reserve unlimited free speech for themselves even to the extent of insult but would severely restrict the same rights for others. When Bush was President it was fashionable for dissent to be patriotic. Nancy Pelosi said that she was a fan of disruptors. Hillary Clinton said “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.” Unfortunately, that means Americans are only entitled to disagree with Republicans. Disagreeing with Democrats brings an entirely different kind of reaction. Nancy Pelosi said that enforcing immigration laws was “un-American.” Blanche Lincoln said that protesting health care was also “un-American.” Pelosi went so far as to compare Tea Party protesters to Nazis.

Democrats and left wingers sound an awful lot like Radical Islamists. And the comparisons don’t stop there. They don’t stop with words either.

Ann Coulter was invited to give a lecture at the University of Ottawa but it was shut down when violence ensued. Coulter was assaulted at the University of Arizona when a pie was thrown at her while she was on stage. Karl Rove is accosted at book signings and has been pelted with eggs. RNC buses have had bags of concrete dropped upon them. The point man in inciting the violence is one Barack Hussein Obama. He has exhorted followers to “get in their face. “He has said that “if they bring a knife to a fight, you bring a gun.” An Obama aide said to “punch back twice as hard.”

A SWAT team was called out in Quincy, Illinois to protect Obama from a particularly dangerous group of hardened criminals.

Intimidation. Violence. Assault. It is the stuff of Islamic radicals. It is also the stuff of Democrats. No wonder Holder can’t bring himself to say it. He’d be pointing a finger right at himself.

And his boss.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    Democrats and Islamic radicals are equally pernicious enemies to those who love liberty. Although the Democrats and Islamics have polar opposite social mores, they share the same affection for intolerance and totalitarianism.

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    Theo Herrera

    The Left and Radical Islam is a deadly combo……The Left thinks they can use Radical Islam to bring down the Right…..what they don’t know is that Islam will eat the Left too.

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    There is no particular description of type for extremism, especially radical extremism. It just is. Unfair and unbalanced. Fortunately, the extremists are like fleas on a dog. They’ll bite only until you bathe the dog with flea soap.

    But the dying magic of radical socialism, of the kind Barack Obama subscribes to, is their reliance on the uninformed and the ignorant. To know the truth is power against democrat and Obama lies.

    Most people work 8 hours or more per day. Some without the benefit of a newspaper, the Internet or even a newspaper throughout the day. When they get home, they’re already behind on the family responsibilities; kids soccer, school plays, finances, etc. If they turn the television on — well, you already know that networks, most all of them, have nothing to offer in the truth department. It’s up to alternative media (blogs) to offer opposing information and views.

    Surprisingly, the number of people, voters, who will no longer support Obama is growing. The number of people who used to support Obama is falling. And Obama, no matter what he tries, cannot again reach the people he did previously. Why? Because they know now that he (Obama) is a radical socialist — and Americans have little to no tolerance for radicals like Obama and their masked Islamic tendancies. Holder is proof that idiots like him follow even losers like Obama.

    True change has begun sweeping through America, through Great Britain and throughout most of Europe. Because the teachings of the Koran and Islam offer no tolerance or accommodation for other religions; there is little or no tolerance for Islam in most the world anymore. The burqa and scarf-hidden faces are no longer tolerated in Belgium and France. The Koran is out. And, soon the Democrats will be put in their place as well.

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    from the post: Ann Coulter was invited to give a lecture at the University of Ottawa but it was shut down when violence ensued. Coulter was assaulted at the University of Arizona when a pie was thrown at her while she was on stage. Karl Rove is accosted at book signings and has been pelted with eggs. RNC buses have had bags of concrete dropped upon them. The point man in inciting the violence is one Barack Hussein Obama. He has exhorted followers to “get in their face. “He has said that “if they bring a knife to a fight, you bring a gun.” An Obama aide said to “punch back twice as hard.”

    Ann Coulter/Ottawa … yup. They sent her a nice little pre-brief court filing (aka a legal threat before she opened her mouth) , reminding her that “free speech” in Canada is delineated “…in a manner that is somewhat different than the approach taken in the United States.”

    …and on the flip side, William Ayers’s was invited to speak by the U of WY’s “Social Justice Research Center, but got cancelled due to public protests. Albeit they were peaceful. A student, along with Ayers, sued the university administrators within two weeks.

    A judge quickly ruled in Ayers’ and the student’s favor, and he went on to speak at a venue on campus to a crowd estimated at 1100 a month later than the originally scheduled speech.

    My point here is twofold. If you’re going to compare limited free speech (of which our’s isn’t, save for some rare circumstance…), then Canada’s laws are more stringent than the US laws.

    My second point is the legal recourse for our 1st Amendment here hasn’t (yet) gone down the drain. The public can protest speakers (and the market does often reign supreme), rally and dissent all they want (with proper permits and behavior). If they believe to be wronged, the subpoenas are served and the court games begin. So while Obama, Pelosi, Reid etal sling the mud and proclaim their moral superiority, the judicial system (for now) has our backs.

    I might also add that my very vocal viewpoint of the lib/prog agenda as socialist is probably as offensive to them as we conservatives get riled by being called nazis. While they are very socialist (and I haven’t a clue why they are so reticent to admit it, and feel their agenda is akin to a dirty word…), the fact is the verbal abuse does fly both ways. And the conservative message gets thru – as one can tell by the rise of tea party rallies and incumbents biting the dust in sundry primaries. That’s because while the Dems have the majority of broadcast media and the WH bully pulpit, conservatives virtually own talk radio, and the conservative perspectives are prominantly aired on the most watched cable news station, FOX.

    If (or when) the Dems attempt to move with legislation – aka the propaganda machine masquerading as the Fairness Act – then the sponsors of that legislation have indeed moved closer to terrorists and despots who control the media. But not even then will it be on a par with the jihad movement.

    Our US sticks-n-stones verbal assault, followed by lawsuits, differs considerably from the discipline of maiming, stoning, and/or death one gets in strict Shariah law Muslim courts. And it sure beats the tar out of being beheaded or suicide bombed by jihadis.

    Political strategy – most especially the lib/prog Alinsky strategies – tends to be offensive and despicable as a marketing campaign. And Republican hands are not sanitized in that arena either. But I will disagree with you, Dr. John, that the lib/prog views towards free speech are comparable with terrorists and their violent and murderous responses to dissent. Our Constitution does not give them that authority. And therein lies the difference.

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    Free speech is fine, but the violence and intimidation has been all on the left. Dropping a bag of concrete onto a bus of Republican delegates is terrorism and it failed to kill only out of good fortune and not for lack of intent. And who know what else might have been thrown at Rove? Medea Benjamin theatening Condi Rice with red-stained hands also qualifies as terrorism in my book.

    Intimidation might fall under the penumbra of free speech, but violence and assault do not. But thank you for your thoughts. I always enjoy reading your posts.

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    We have a marriage of convenience between Islam(some may want to call it radical Islam) and Marxism now trying to destroy this country from within. Comrade Obama(a closet muslim) is the front man. This movement will be defeated.

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    DrJohn, I do agree the bulk of intimidation comes from the left in protests, verbal assault, and simple uncivil behavior. However one needs to beware of making sweeping comments such as “.. has been all on the left.” Both lib/progs and conservatives have their extreme factions that go beyond spitting insults and threats.

    The left has their Code Pinkos, ELF and Black Panthers. If you want to take the case of the Ft. Hood murderer, they also have a few jihad members registered Democrat. But the right has the violent anti-abortion sectors with a history of bombing abortion clinics. Oddly enough, the destructive and violent WTO anarchists are a mixture of both far left and right. I, personally, put McVeigh in this anarchist class and neither left or right. Sometimes there is only a hairline of difference between the extremes of socialist/communists and fascists/nazis.

    Then there’s the latest mosque bombing in Florida the past few days. It’s certainly not the first time Florida mosques have had problems. There was the barrage of gunfire back in the fall of 2006. In 2000, a man set fire to a Florida mosque to send the message that Muslims are “not liked” here in the US. While we don’t know the political leanings of these perps, if one accepts the premise that leftists tend to side with Muslims in a “blame America” perspective, it’s not likely they are the ones bombing mosques, right?

    Our freedom doesn’t mean that when you express an opinion, you can’t be verbally assailed and ridiculed. In this nation, with the freedom of expression comes repercussions via other American’s same right, and the legal right to recourse. But I most certainly find this POTUS and his admin extremely dangerous when they use their bully pulpit to go after private citizens and industry for an agenda. (as opposed to an issue or party platform) It is an abuse of that power that I find unconscionable.

    I did enjoy your post. Just like to play devil’s advocate here on occasion when I see something slip into too simple an extreme. The right is far from a saint when it comes to having extreme factions behaving badly.

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    Old Trooper

    Every Freedom and Right comes with a caveat, that those Freedoms be expressed responsibly and that no one has the Right to be exempt from the lawful consequences of their actions. There are Limits to individual Rights and freedoms that separate US from complete anarchy.

    Political affiliation of those who commit crimes from misdemeanors to felonies to mass murder are neither relevant or worthy of note in my book. Anyone who believes that there is a difference between a crime and a “hate crime” has an agenda and prejudices to satisfy. Crimes of violence especially. Assault, Battery, Rape, Murder or attempted Murder imply a fair amount of anger or hatred and the unlawful application or threat of force. There is nothing more or less special about the application or threat of application of force, lethal or not.

    I happen to view crimes committed in war on the field of battle to be non-Civil offenses. I view genocide or mass murder committed by criminals to be non-Civil. The Laws of Land Warfare, Geneva Conventions or the UCMJ applies there. Regardless of your Politics or Position in Government that should be understood. War Criminals or Terrorists do not belong in Civil Courts. Sharia Law is an entirely different issue altogether but should never apply in the US. We have Constitutional Law there.

    Intimidation is a tool used by both the Political Left and Islamic Extremists. In the UCMJ, Communicating a Threat is a Criminal Act which differs from Civil Law.

    In the US, advocating violence is a crime only when the overthrow of the US Government is implied. Otherwise expressing an opinion is just Free Speech. The context and venue are like location, it is everything.

    My opinion varies a great deal from those of the Current Administration, Congress and the US DOJ due to my experiences and education. According to my personal values Affirmative Action is a discriminatory Policy regardless of intent and should be abandoned. I’m sure that that statement will raise someone’s hackles here.

    Rhetoric does not impress me, actions do. I deal with Islam every day and see both good and evil in the doctrine. I don’t believe in classes of Citizenship but I do believe in the existence of good and ill intent. I am a hopeless Infidel here. Human Rights are not gender specific. There are no Hate Crimes, only Crimes. My Ten Commandments do not get in the way of my business here. The one thing that I find to be a common thread between those that practice Radical Politics is the recurrent theme of “the End justifies the Means” which opens the door for a wide variety of mischief and mayhem.

    In the US a Mosque or two have been bombed, Abortion Clinics as well but I have seen Mosques used as Armories and Weapons Depots with my own eyes. Good and Evil do exist both Domestically and Abroad and I do not classify acts by either cause or political aim.

    I classify an “Honor Killing” as Murder, Care to argue the point?
    Stoning is common in the Middle East but cruel and unusual punishment in the US.
    Remember both context and venue.

    Let the rock throwing begin.

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