NYC Bomber May Have Learned How To Bypass Detection From Leaks To The MSM

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Are the NYT’s and James Risen at fault here?

Investigators of the failed car bombing in Times Square are looking for a money courier they say helped funnel cash from overseas to finance a Pakistani-American’s preparations to blow up the crude gasoline-and-propane bomb in the heart of New York, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press.

Investigators have the name of the courier they believe helped Faisal Shahzad pay for the used SUV and other materials to rig up a car bomb that would have caused a huge fireball in Times Square if it had gone off, the official told the AP. The official didn’t know how much money may have changed hands.

A money courier?

Now where would they have learned that this money couldn’t be tracked?

From Powerline:

“First, Shahzad used a disposable cell phone to communicate—the NSA leak may very well explain why he did that. Second, according to the AP this morning, he received funds from abroad via a courier. A courier!!! The SWIFT leak is almost certainly implicated here.”

As I wrote in 2006:

The complete arrogance and stupidity of the press is mindboggling. The arrogance to believe that they should be the keepers of secrets. They should decide what to disclose and what not to. The stupidity in believing that printing a article which describes a secret tracking program will not affect our war against terror.

It HAS affected it, and by pure luck many deaths were averted.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    i suppose that it is a often happening but we tend to loose a lot of money that is send abroad: last week i was waiting my turn at a big food store that have a post office;and the woman in charge was processing a transaction for a group of foreigners that seems to be kind of difficult and at the end she said one thousand dollar,and the older guy gave her the money in cash;maybe it’t happen many time but it made me think like ;is it fair for us?. 🙄

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    Isn’t the New York Times the propaganda media that released the information that we were tracking Osama Ben Laden’s cell phone? Right after the story, that phone wasn’t used. I still don’t know why someone didn’t go to jail over that.

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    WE can say thank you to the street vendor and the 3 officers to act quickly to dismantle thoses clock wired explosifs,they are the heros of this event;like many others before them;they stand in the front line to protect the AMERICANS;that should not be taken like a banal media story,as they diserve our full respect also our militarys in the front line who are the braves to notice and be thankfull every day.

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    The media would not be so cavalier about releasing secret information if it was THEIR OWN “secret” information being released publicly. (Phone numbers, home addresses, school records, arrest reports, medical records, SSN#’s, etc…) “The public has the right to know!”

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    On the one hand, I have no idea exactly what leaks you’re talking about and would still consider the precautions described (disposable cell phone, hand delivery of cash or at least some other laundering) to be mandatory if I were conducting some sort of clandestine terror op. So at first glance, I’d assume the leaks didn’t matter. On the other hand, when I consider how retarded these guys are (thinking here mainly of the details of this bomb’s construction, not to mention the underwear bomber and Richard Reid), I have to admit that they may have actually learned something by reading the NYT…

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