Code Pink – Mission Aborted @ CPAC

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The drama did not end with Breitbart slamming all comers at CPAC. Susie (Medea) Benjamin was called out as she and her partner Tighe Barry snuck into the ballroom while Beck was finishing up his speech.

Towards the end of Glenn Beck’s keynote speech while I was busy tweeting on my @#$%@# netbook, Doug Welch (Stix Blog) mentioned to me that he just saw Code Pink walk through Bloggers Lounge towards steps leading to the floor of the ballroom. I immediately grabbed Doug, notified Caleb Howe and encouraged other bloggers to head out into the ballroom in search of Code Pink. With in a few minutes, I spotted Susie (Medea) Benjamin walking with Tighe and carrying a huge pink purse. Yelling her name to get the attention of her and my blogging buddies, I asked her what was the going rate of an IED. I cannot see how any real woman could rename herself after a mythological woman who exacted revenge on her husband by murdering their children. I wonder if Susie (Medea) Benjamin/ Code Pink is continuing the myth by facilitating the murder of US sons and daughters by sending cash and aid to al-queda in Iraq?

You know she did not sneak in through the bloggers lounge to satisfy her desire to listen to Glenn Beck. In order to access the lounge you had to have a credential, she had no credentials on her person when we called her out. I am absolutely certain she was planning some disruption and the actions of alert bloggers stopped her.

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    I asked her what was the going rate of an IED. I cannot see how any real woman could rename herself after a mythological woman who exacted revenge on her husband by murdering their children.

    Good one! What a quick thinker you are, you never disappoint. As for the name, she has a habit of making a stupid fool of herself, what I can’t see is why she has a following at all and why has the MSM given her any ink for her past anti-American escapades. Unfortunately there are others in the press that dislikes this country and our troops as much as she. Benjamin should be ignored, instead she gets her face in the press, interviews and support. Unreal!


    She’s the one with the stringy hair, pink purse and razzle-dazzle on the pink scarf. She obviously wanted the CPAC attendees to know she crashed their convention.

  2. She’s got some midget to run interference for her. I love it! These are the guys who think THEY have the right to hassle everyone in public and obviously can’t take it when the tables are turned.

    She should have been ejected from CPAC.

    Look at the kind of crap they pull:

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    Wasn’t there any security at this conference, and if not, why not? Once Benjamin was identified she and that organ grinder’s monkey of hers should have been ESCORTED OUT. If a conservative with her notoriety had crashed a lefty conference they would have been roughed up by union goons and THROWN out.

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    Nice Catch.

    We need to be more aggressive with these people to keep them from thinking they can walk all over scared Conservatives. I bet she tinks twice the next time she sneaks into an even without paying.

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    Toothfairy: I was thinking the same thing

    Where the hell was security? These CodePink vermin are terrorists and they’re allowed to roam around (apparently without getting what other people needed (credentials?))?

    And who was the moron in the video telling someone they need to back off?

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    “Bob McDougal
    9 I would have let her go until she showed what she was up to, then thrown her out”

    Her mere prescense is showing she’s up to something. These people are allied with HAMAS… you’re going to wait for them do something before doing something about it?

    Unbelievable how naive people are.

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    Bob McDougal

    I’d give them enough rope to hang themselves.
    Naieve? There is a very good chance that I’ve been involved since long before you were hatched. I started out on the Goldwater campaign.

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    Larry Sheldon

    Mr. McDougal, what was the likelihood, at a Goldwater Rally, that the purse )or her ass) wase stuffed with high explosives?

    I don’t think I could have even conceived of such a thing. (I had heard of the Japanese pilots, but then as now I had trouble believing that actually happened.)

    I believe now that she could well have had a butt load of explosives…..

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    Bob McDougal

    Medea isn’t a bomber yet, she isn’t the martyr type. The ones we need to worry about won’t be recognizable. Medea sees herself as much too valuable to the movement, she will sacrifice a flunky.

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    Bob McDougal

    Medea is a George Soros puppet, just like Rebecca Peters and a lot more are. Rebecca is working on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty issue but it appears that Hilary is now toting that load for her as the public spokesperson.
    There IS a great left wing conspiracy!
    Our problem now is that the slanderous accusations from the left are very effective, too many people are afraid to be called racist or extremist, or the other abusive terms the leftists love so much.
    I’ve had several local businessmen tell me that they support the Tea Party goals but are AFRAID THEIR CUSTOMERS WILL BE OFFENDED IF THEY PARTICIPATE. I have several words for that sort of cowardice.

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    I loved it!! And whoever the idiot was that was trying to tell the “outer” to shut up should have been kicked to the curb as well. Her smug look was begging for someone to slap her silly and then say to her you don’t believe in violence do you? then smack her again.

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    Some background on Code Pink:

    In 2005 Code Pink endorsed the finding of Istanbul’s World Tribunal On Iraq. The ‘tribunal’ consisted of all the usual suspects in the anti war movement, including the PLO.

    Click here for a link to the text of the document.

    Jodie Evans in Istanbul:

    To answer the question of how Medea snuck through is not so easy.

    I held credentials that granted access to Red State’s blogger lounge. The lounge is a fairly large room connected to reserved balcony which contained seats as well as sound and lighting control panels. This balcony was situated on the opposite side of the stage and afforded the blogger a great view of the audience and stage during the conference. There is a stairway that allows you to leave the balcony to get to the floor of the ballroom. That is how Medea gained access to the floor of the main ballroom.

    Two hours before Beck was scheduled to speak, the organizers began to clear out all those who did not have credentials to this area. After that point, if I were to leave the area, I had to show my credential to get back in the room. Security became very draconian at that point.

    Additionally, finding bloggers lounge was not easy! The entrance to the lounge is in a rather obscure part of the Marriott. There were no billboards directing wayward bloggers to the area as well.

    Medea has to know the location of the bloggers lounge, gain access to a credentialed area and know that this particular balcony had access to the floor of the main ballroom. For her to do all this indicated an intent to do something other than listen to Beck’s speech. Adding to this, she marched through the lounge as Beck was winding down his address at CPAC. I have no doubt she was up to something, and it was the alerted bloggers that stopped her plans.

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    Caleb Howe did a great job with the song (if that is him with the beard). He would of been right on them the whole time they where there. With him yelling they could/would not do anything and tossing them out only saved them from what little embarrassment they would of suffered as they don’t suffer much with the stuff that they do.

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