Andrew Klavan Presents ” President ‘Me’ “

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The best 4:26 you will spend on the Interwebz on a lazy, global warmening* Friday.

This one is specially dedicated to all of you mind numbed O’bots out there…you know who you are.

Brush the Cheetos dust from your shirt. Sit up straight. Pay attention.

You just might learn something.

Now, roll the tape:

* Here in south Georgia we are forecast to have five plus inches of snow starting this afternoon and into tonight.

Global warmening…..


2 Responses to “Andrew Klavan Presents ” President ‘Me’ “

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    This is classic material. Klavan is to be commended, with talent like this, we can outrun the propagandists of Hollywood and their sub-standard productions: that is essential to capturing the cerebrally compromised voters among us, the Oprah and Idol fans. Obama conducted his campaign toward this group, now they are feeling lost and bewildered, and they are waiting to be charmed. Hollywood has the children of earlier talent and they are running on empty. Nothing like a good laugh while someone unloads a devastating overhand right, right between the running lights. Three cheers for Klavan.

    He should be an inspiration to all of us!

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