Do Felons Deserve a Second Chance, Obama Thinks So [Reader Post]

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Should convicted felons be given a second chance? Barack Obama thinks so, and he thinks the tax payers should have to foot the bill. He made his view on this issue more than evident during a town hall meeting in Elyria, Ohio on January 22nd. Here is a excerpt from this Ohio town hall meeting, where a 29 year old felon who has never had a job in his life asks Obama if he will help felons get a job.

Jerome the felon asks Obama:

“I’m 29 years old, and I’ve never had a job in my life. I went to jail when I was younger. It’s like hard to get a job as a felon. Is this — any programs that hire people with felonies like something that — because it’s sad, it’s like — 29 years old, I’m 29.”

Obama Answers Jerome:

“Look, I’m proud of the fact that you’re bringing this up because there are people who’ve made mistakes, particularly when they’re young, and it is in all of our interests to help them redeem themselves and then get on a straight path. Now, I don’t blame employers obviously for being nervous about hiring somebody who has a record. It’s natural if they’ve got a lot of applicants for every single job that that’s a question that they’d have in their minds. On the other hand, I think one of the great things about America is we give people second chances.

And so what we’ve tried to do — and I want to say, this has been a bipartisan effort — when I was in the Senate, working with Sam Brownback; my Vice President, Joe Biden — passing a Second Chance Act that helps to fund programs that help the reintegration of ex-felons.

It’s smart for us to do. You know, sometimes people say, well, that’s just coddling people. No; you reduce the recidivism rate, they pay taxes, it ends up being smart for taxpayers to do.”

Shame on Jerome, if he really wanted a job he could get one. He is playing the victim card. In reality he is only a victim of his own bad decisions. Taxpayers already pay for convicts to be in prison, now Obama wants us to pay to get them a job? Don’t get me wrong, I believe everyone(well, almost everyone) deserves a second chance, but it is not the responsibility of everyone else to provide that second chance.

Now before you start sending me nasty emails saying “you are stupid, and you just don’t understand how hard it is for felons to get a job.” Please allow me to stray from the beaten path for a moment and tell you a bit about my own experience.

I am a convicted felon. Five felonies to be exact. I spent the later part of my teenage years (15-19 years old) as a drug addict. Between ages 18 – 19, I lived out of the back of an Oldsmobile, and skipped around from job to job (i kept getting fired for some odd reason, hmm) to raise money for my heroin habit. I continued this pattern of living until I was finally arrested, charged with 9 felonies, convicted of 5 felonies, and sentenced to 1 year and 2 months in prison. One day, as I was sitting in my cell, I thought to myself, “this isn’t the life I want. I want something better, and I’m going to get.” So I made a plan for what I was going to do when I got out, and I decided to use my time in there wisely by educating myself. I started studying college algebra, then moved on to calculus and finally computer science. I also applied for college while I was in prison, so I could attend as soon as I got out. My release day came, and guess what, I went out and got a job flipping burgers the next day.

I worked the early shift at my new job . Public buses didn’t run that early in the morning(in VA, if you receive a felony conviction you lose your license), so I walked to work, 5 miles, every morning. When my shift was over, I hoped on a bus, and went to the local community college to take a couple of classes. When I got out of class the buses weren’t running so I walked home, 4 miles, every night. This process repeated everyday for 9 months until I finally saved up enough money to pay off all of my court costs, and go through all of the red tape required to get my license back. When I finally got my license and my car back, I went out searching for a new, better job. I found 2 jobs. Who would have thought that a convict could get 2 jobs (Jerome couldn’t seem to find 1 in 29 years). I met a wonderful girl at one of these jobs, and we eventually got hitched! Fast forward 4 years and I am happily married, the proud owner of a brand new home, 6.5 years sober, have a good job, and I am almost done with a bachelors degree in computer science (I pay my own way through school, so I only take as many classes as I can afford).

I told you this story to tell you this. I know it is hard to get a job if you are a felon. I do understand. However, if you are a felon, you are not a victim of society, you are a victim of your actions. It is not the responsibility of tax payers to provide you with a second, it is your responsibility. In the United States there are infinite possibilities for a second chance, but you have to go out and get it. It will not come to you. Don’t let your criminal record hold you back, use it as a lesson in life. If you work hard, pursue your dreams, and strive to be a good citizen, good things will happen. That is the beauty of liberty and freedom, you have every opportunity to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get on the right track in life. How could you not love a country that has allowed a drug addicted, homeless convict to become a sober, homeowner, with a beautiful wife, and lives the American dream everyday. God Bless America!

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  1. 751


    Ironically businesses are breaking the law all the time, which makes them criminals, however it’s hard to prove at times. This is why.

    “You can’t automatically throw away the application from someone with a criminal record just because of their criminal record,” Rosen said.

    He said the law mandates that employers learn more about the criminal conviction to determine if it would have an impact on the job and in the workplace.

    Attorney Mark Briggs of the Arizona-based Briggs Law Group said the new law forces employers to have a clear connection for why someone’s criminal record makes them unfit for the job they are applying for.

    One change to push for, to make sure businesses follow the law is… background checks can only be conducted after a business is intent on hiring the individual. Then, when the background check reveals a record, if the employer doesn’t want to hire the individual, the employer would have to show how the individuals past puts them in a position to harm the business, despite the company’s internal controls, which should already be in place.

  2. 752


    @ isthatme,
    Good point. You are right, me being a “good” person is irrelevant I had never looked at it that way. I guess what I meant saying I am a good person is , I do not harm or take from others, I go out of my way (often too much) to help others, and always give people the benefit of the doubt . I make an effort to not listen to gossip of others (of course I did in the past) because I know just how damaging gossip can be to ones life. As you stated these qualities or factors matter none to a potential employer. After reading your post I will now tweak my resume. Thank you for your input. Crazy how a random post from a person I do not know can help so much. I work hard on not feeling sorry for myself. And honestly I do not feel sorry for myself only my daughter. Christmas coming is giving me major anxiety……. But I am so proud of the daughter I have because she has learned from my issues and makes me proud to be her mom each day.
    Thanks again

  3. 753


    @ Chill, I totally agree with your points and wish most others would to. There are so many felons I have met that end up living their entire lives as a criminal because of being in situations such as mine. When a person is backed in a corner, such as feeding their child with no income. Many will do what they must even if it is illegal. So because society will not forgive or forget a person that was caught, in the long run society helps to push the felon back into the life of crime. It is just sad and ridiculous…….

  4. 754


    @ Carmen, just know you’re not alone. I’m basically a single dad, have a 4 year old boy and 8 year old daughter and I fortunately make $500 a month cleaning a church, just enough to be broke after paying for gas, phone, and car insurance. I am also a full-time college student, pick up my son at 12 pm everyday from VPK, then my daughter at 3 pm. I cook, clean, do laundry, doctor appointments, do my homework and help with theirs and the most annoying part is every week the school sends home papers asking for money, for this and for that.

    My daughter used to ask why all the other kids have parties with bounce houses and always going on vacation. I had to be straight-up with her and tell her I used to be a fool!. The change for me came in my life 3 years ago while sitting on my recliner, which is the day that I realized exactly how much I realized how much of a fool I was and the part I played in all the chaos in my life.

    The beautiful part is (and I type this with tears) that’s when God’s word came to mind “There is none righteous. Not even One.” Why was I surprised that I was a fool? That’s why Jesus died, right?. He died for the bad person! Jesus said “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

    Some people at the church know my criminal record, yet they hand me their house keys to feed their dogs while on vacation. They know me the person. Not the (sheet of paper) saying I’m a convict.

    The world will throw you and everyone else to the wolves, the Lord will not, if ‘we/you’ call on him, even if we only receive endurance to keep going through these hard times, there is a special kind of joy, Everlasting, between you and him, may that love grow and endure forever with you and your daughter. Amen.

  5. 755


    How can a person that has never been a felon think it is easy to get a job. I’m also a felon and do have a job but it’s not enough pay to survive and take care of my family I’ve been searching every evening for the past 3 months for a job. I’ve been denied of countless jobs no good paying company will hire me. How are we suppose to better ourselves if we are not given the chance to do so???

  6. 756


    @ Isthatme
    I wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of my heart for your response. It seems all I do is cry lately. My mother has always been a tough woman that believed in not feeling sorry for yourself, and there are no excuses for “struggling”. So I try extra hard to follow in her steps. But it often becomes difficult. I do not feel sorry for myself I feel bad for my girls. They are paying for my past. I can relate with the questions you get from your daughter as to why her life is not the same as others. I just do not understand where the kindness and humanity from other human beings has gone….. Your post touched my heart as I can picture you living through the scenarios mentioned. I cannot stress enough the pride you should feel fro your self. Many men could never do what you do.What a good dad. You also seem to have a heart that is still alive, capable of emotion. With all you walk through each day, you have not lost your beliefs and except things in a humble manner. If only more men were in touch with their kindness the world would be awesome . I am in school full time and lately I cannot even get that right. I know eventually God will show me the way until then I continue to pray. I am sending prayers your way and hope you will soon be blessed. You so deserve a break. Thanks so much for lifting my spirits.

  7. 757

    Justice Dixon

    I am 20 years old i got in trouble when i was 15 years old my first time getting in trouble and got certified as an adult i have not been in trouble since and dont plan on it either but my question is how do you expect someone to get out and do the right thing when every opportunity you get the door closes in your face what is a 7to10 yr rule with getting apartments what if that person has nowhere to go then what?? It’s not easy i mean we need help we need someone to stick up for us all of us are not bad ppl just because we made one mistake but i mean some ppl wouldn’t understand unless they took a couple of steps in our shoes !

  8. 759


    America is a big hypocrisy.. These “law abiding citizens” will be the death of all of us.. I cant stress enough how much I don’t respect Americans anymore.. A bunch of brain dead individuals.. But 50% of these people talking down on Felons will be a felon in the next 5 years.. Felons its time to do things for ourselves.. We don’t need no system, no citizens approval etc.. We got kids, a life as well and just because some of us made mistakes don’t mea we gotta suffer forever.. Fuck these people..

  9. 760


    We have a very flawed justice system. Case in point, there are some groups in this country who can break the laws and nothing happens to them. That would be the gay and lesbian group. They get married by judges when there are sodomy laws on the books. If it is still against the law to have sodomy then why are the wizards of law marrying them? Another thing is that abortion is legal and protected, the main reason is that women say it’s their body, yet some women want to make a living using their body called prostitution. These ones are prosecuted and shunned by the public for the rest of their lives. The law says that there are no prostitution allowed because perhaps human trafficking laws, yet prostitution is alive and well called pornograpy. These people are paid for having sex. Sex for money is called prostitution so why do they get a get out of jail free card? You see fellow criminals there are two standards of law, one for them and the ones who are punished for life. The attornies write the laws so we the criminal will have to pay them money the rest of our wretched lives. It’s a stacked decked for those who want to move on. I agree with Dixon that if the system dosen’t want to have repeat offenders then they must do away with permanent records in 5 to 7 years of clean living. Sorry people these people paid their debt, it’s time to bury the hatchet. After all people the illegal immigrants will get their amnesty well ahead of any criminal posting on this site. Pot is illegal Alcohol is not, another double standard. Old politicans and judges love their liquor while condemning pot which is safer. Pot was legal before it was illegal. I’m sorry for venting with all of these back ground checks even for volunteering is driving me crazy. It’s the same as being charged multiple times for the same offense. God bless all of you. Jesus forgives the government won’t.

  10. 761


    Very wise Isthatme. They know you the person, and not the piece of paper. You are a shining example of why no one in society should give up on anyone. It reminds me of my softball team, I had one lady who no one had faith in. After winning the championship she gained confidence and now she is an all star. We pray before every game.

  11. 762


    @ Chill,
    WELL SAID!! so many most likely think the same thoughts. Sadly, many do not have the strength to post them. You speak the truth. It is so obvious, yet it will always continue. I can see why people move into deserted locations deciding to live off the land, as if they were existing hundreds of years ago. If I had a trusted partner I would get away from the reality of our government ASAP by finding a batch of woods or remote island and just existing, leaving behind the STRESS and EXPECTATIONS of today’s society.

  12. 764


    Well, It looks like the illegals will get thier records expunged way ahead of any America Citizen. What happened to the phrase that all men are created equal? It appears we are being discriminated against. I still believe we can rise above our pasts. I see Dick Chenney and George Bush were both arrested yet held the highest office in this country. So folks we don’t need a government to tell us if we are naughty or nice. We don’t need a government to look into our past mistakes and remind us that we are the same now as we were years ago. I don’t need a government to give me amnesty, I just need Jesus to forgive me of my mistakes and to move on.

  13. 766


    This may be somewhat true. Others of course those who share your ambitious desires to achieve a greater way of living but do not have a public background will have a far better chance to reach all of there financial goals in life and much more. To the contrary, a public criminal record will put a individual in a low status forever.
    So their is the reality. When you commit a crime and get.convicted in America you lose your rights to the engage in the pursuit to happiness. Society accepts this whole concept of laws against convicted felons. The best thing you can do is accept the reality of your situation and add it to your life’s story. T there will always be strengths and weakness in every person. The trick is to stay positive. Do not dwell on the negative aspects of your life. But it behind you. Confront the issue only when it arises. When ever it do arrive explain it is not you and move on

  14. 767


    Well, why we are talking about felons and before people point fingers and cast out judgement I too am a felon. The difference between my felonies and most my victim died. So when i go put in apps that hire felons but then they dont hire “Violent” felons or it has to 7 years past my conviction date. I spend 3 years locked up and now i have to wait 4 more years to get a job? Seriously? The way i see it is everyone is for the justice system until the justice sytem does them or there family wring andbthen everyone is outraged! Taxpayers wanted me prosecuted, they wanyed justice they got it and another 4 years of supporting me until i can work!

  15. 768


    The answer society wants to hand you is that you do not deserve a job that will support yourself let alone a family. Sure many people say “give them a chance” but where are those people in the business world that are willing to do so? Hiding behind their company policies. Society has basically told me that even after 15 years of doing nothing wrong except 1 speeding ticket and earning a bachelor’s degree I do not deserve to have a life of any kind. The jobs they want us to fill will be asking them if they want fries with that so their kid can stand a better chance at landing a job. So, unless you have a lot of money to go into business for yourself be happy to have a job especially if it is more than 10 an hour.

  16. 769


    When I was charged with Marijuana Trafficking, the place I worked for fired me. It took 2.5 years for them to process everything. In that time I found another job and have been working hard for this company the whole time. Well they finally convicted me of PWISD Marijuana a class i felony in this state. Problem is I have been working for this company through a temp agency the past year and now they want to hire me. They are going to do a background check and I am going to get fired. This sucks… I just want to feed my kids.

  17. 770


    I happened upon this page while helping my husband look for a job. I cannot say a bad thing about a felon… my husband is one. It is hard for him to get a decent paying job as well. His problem is he blames everyone for his mistakes in this life instead of owning up to them. So saying that those that come down on felons will end up being felons in the next five years is down right ugly of you to say. Instead of throwing salt…help with getting the laws changed for felons seeking employment. No one is beyond reproach, working together is vital.

  18. 771


    I have to say that I feel for you right now. It is not fair when you are trying to make ends meet, especially with children. I sincerely hope that you find retain your employment or find a company that will hire you with a rate of pay that will allow you take care of your children. My prayers are with you!

  19. 772

    kay cutter

    yes! definetely i believe majority of felons deserve a second chance especially if it is only for drugs and and suspened liscense and no accidents were involed.He is young 21 and it takes him 3 times ti comprehend something. A great worker when works has no father (he left when my grandson was 6 months old brought him 1 diaper never bothered since a real nice guy huh? he is a american indian . now my grandson is a fateher and is currently supporting his kids with mininal jobs . He is currently signed up for ged next month and would like a chance at a descent job . He did spend time in prison 15 months. thankyou Kay Cutter

  20. 773


    I am 42 years old, I’m smart hard working and honest. I committed a felony 24 years ago, and still to this day , I have to be judged or over looked even for a Walmart job. Once you make a mistake in this country you pay for it the rest of your life.when does the punishment stop?

  21. 774


    I feel that Insurance company’s control way to much. i recently found that when a company is interested in me i later am told, they cant Hire me cause there insurance wont allow, or there insurance will go up. Collage is a thought but whats the point. Everything that i enjoy for work involves the public. Still searching for a way through the red tap though. i felt i needed to get my frustration out here

  22. 775


    @mark: Yes Mark, that’s seems a little excessive. There should be some standard of forgiveness, depending on the crime and the age of the person at the time. Certainly making a mistake when you’re younger shouldn’t cost you the rest of your life. Of course, it sometimes depends on the crime. Especially if it involves violence toward someone.

  23. 776


    Rand Paul is who we should vote for. He is sponsoring a Senate bill called the Redeem Act. Look it up it has a lot to do with removing the legal wall that prevents great Americans from getting a job.

  24. 777

    Christopher lilteich

    as I agree you need to work harder than anyone else if you wanna make it when you get out I have a story just like that all I’ve against me I’ve only been out the year I am a business owner of a home repair which my probation officer does not like me doing this told me I can only do home repairs ok on occupied home. But I will not let that stop me so I got another job full time working as a press technician for a paper company. I have hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines then it was very hard and very lucky of me to get my license back I took it back to court and the judge threw out the fine but left the charges that was pure luck otherwise I would have had to pay almost $3000 Just In fines. I do think there should be other things out there the help people for example from the day I got out even till now I am being harassed everyday about him things are I currently have 5 payment plans it is so hard just to make those payments to stay out of jail thank goodness I have a wonderful fiance who helps and supports Plus child support is just as hard I really think there should be something set up to help stop recidivism by making some type of program for X cons to make their payments to pay off their things do not overwhelm them. I was younger when I made all my mistakes now I’m 30 and I will pay for them the rest of my lifethe sad part is so will anyone who loves me and is by my side

  25. 778

    fed up

    People don’t want to hire felons but the only reason there are so many felons is because of our government. In the united states we have the largest prison population than any country in the world. We only have 5% of the worlds population but we have 25% of the worlds prison population. Does this mean that americans are bad. Noo. It actually means we have a bad government. It is a fact that we have more laws than any country in the world and yet we like to call our selves a free country. A good portion of the things that are illegal shouldn’t be. The majority of the people can vote for something but the government makes the laws so they can ignore our voice. Most laws and long sentences we only made because law makers and politicians enjoy using the term that they are tough on crime. Well them being tough on crime only creates MORE CRIME. If someone gets a felony for a stupid crime that shouldn’t be a felony and cant get a job what do you think that person is going to do “go commit a felony”. If you have a family to feed and bills to pay you gotta do what you gotta do. I don’t think you should steal or hurt anyone but if your crime has no victims then it shouldn’t be a crime. The truth is that most people that are not a felon have probably commited a felony at some point and didn’t even know it. Our country has so many rediculous laws that there isn’t any way to know them all. Did you know that you could actually see some flowers you like online to order them from your mom and if they send them to you wit the wrong paper work now your are a felon for smuggling international good. Only in America. So to all the felons out there stay strong because most the haters are felons too and just havnt been convicted yet. America is the reason most of you are felons. If you lived in another country you probably wouldnt have even been arrested for your crime if it wasnt violent. But this is is America. HOME OF THE NOT FREE. Freedom is an illusion.

  26. 779


    @fed up:
    Here is a man who is sincere, more so than the legally pure.
    I don’t judge because I believe there will be more felons in heaven than in our prison system. I’ve noticed there are more back-ground checks now than ever. Try even volunteering they want to perform a background check. The only one talking about this is Rand Paul. He wants to get a bill in call the Redeem act. Doing away with records so you can become employed. I believe some records rise to the level of cruel and unusual punishment. Why bring up someones past when all they want to do is move on.

  27. 780


    I think everyone deserves a second chance because you can always get a burger flipping job but does it pay the bills no, so you need a good job and most of them require a clean record. For my example im going through the TAA program and its being downed so whats next for a felon I guess this world wants you to keep committing crimes. My felon is over 14yrs old and im still paying legal fees and trying to find a good job so to do better we must come up with a better plan other than a felon knocks you from being a contribution to society.

  28. 782


    With all due respect to the criminal critics who happened to make it before the Government opened even the most minute criminal activity records bare to the public. In my far past If I went on an interveiw, I got the job. I don’t think it’s fair to expose activity of those who has only hurt them selves. I feel it was designed to fill the prisons because prisons are businesses now and any individual qualifies, even if they steal a bag of chips. This certainly happened by design to make sure the prison jobs are forever filled. It’s a dirty shame. Shame on our so called honest and righteous leaders. They’re government gangsters.

  29. 783


    Foreigners have representation. This Government profits from their individual countries and also they don’t have to pay top salaries to them. They are the citizens and we as Americans will be the vagabonds living on the streets with our children, seeking comfort from the drugs that are allowed to over run our communities while our children are shuffled off to foster homes to be physically and phychologically abused. When the abuse is found out, what happens to those people? They go to jail. This is a well planned and repeated cycle.

  30. 784

    Kimakra Nealy

    In the beginning I believed that the background record would not make much of a difference. But then I notice that it affects the hr whose of the first impressions is awareness whether of the actual barrier or if the decision to hire me during the initial pre view . My view is that they placed ban deliberately. To go a bit further freedom is deeply comprised in America. Nowadays We should be moving further yet no none pretty much seems to care about the life consequences if the work ban against felons. It is safe to suggest had it be been best sentence any convicted felon to a life term inside of an institution. Reasons being if an individual do not work then the government takes up the financialresponsibility anyways. Truth be told felons have committed suicide been murdered, and have died from illness due to chronic homelessness. And but if not fur this Un godly consequences of the ban on felons after many many years eventually crime would either no longer exist for people will fear bein breaking laws or eventually low income people will organize to overthrow the government abd foreigners will realize that America does not love its citizens equally. I think the impact of negative office outcomes is just the beginning. Give it up for the hiring recruiters and hr departments. !!!!! Rah rah rah.

  31. 785

    Kimakra Nealy

    Kimakra Nealy is aka “notonmyown” . But being charged with robbery in 1992 makes the time frame questionable. Many companies go back 5 to 7, so it becomes questionable if the charges were over 5 to 7 years but were violent in nature and/or involved theft.

  32. 786


    This story is ridiculous. Who made you so right in your ways that you think you can look down on others. Shame on you. You want to be helpful? Say something helpful not self righteous.

  33. 787

    B. Fallon

    Now that President Obama is bring attention to the criminal justice system. We created a petition regarding the background checks to abolish them. I am unable to get a job because of something that happened over 20 years ago. Please sign the petition. Thank you.

  34. 789


    This law will not. In order to work only if law enforcement is able
    to get the information. This law is so watered down, does no do
    a thing

  35. 790

    Gary bailey

    Just would to say I’m glad no honored to have a president like Barack Obama. As a ex felon myself i know that it’s nearly impossible to find a job that you can make a living off of. Yes you can find a job. However, chances are its a minimum wage job. You cannot get by on minimum wage especially if your living in California. Now with the new health care laws employees are required to provide benefits for full time employees. I can tell you its a fact that employees are limiting their full-time employees and are staffing more employees at part time to avoid paying benefits. This is a bit insane because the opportunity to barely get by with a minimum wage job is nearly none insistent. Hopefully we can find a solution to this. It would be of great interest to be able to employ exfelons in stable paying jobs. I say this because I know if a exconvict cannot find a way to get by financially he or she might just go back to old ways.

  36. 792

    is that me?

    @Gary bailey: there it is… right there… that comment about how a felon will go back to their old ways.

    That generalization is part of the problem for felons. It’s nonsense. It might apply for some felons, but not all. I’ve been convicted of 3 felonies and none of them have to do with getting money or making a living of crime! Two of them don’t even have a victim!

  37. 793


    man who ever said why give felons a chance when they will go back to getting into trouble that’s so not true because I did 2 years in prison and I’ve been doing wonderful so you need to get your facts straight thanks and yes all felons deserve a second chance so please take that else where

  38. 794


    @is that me?:
    Well evidently there were three, were they the same?
    If so then the statistic does apply to you
    And they were felonies
    Just because there was no theft or victim doesn’t mean your not endangering the public
    Felony drug possession yep supporting them dealers is a public service
    Felony DUI yep wanna be on the road with you
    Felony gun possession yep whoever sold it to you is a model citizen
    Since you’ve got three it just shows you didn’t smarten up after the first mistake which makes the initial point

  39. 796

    is that me?

    @Matt: Now you’re just being difficult (in my opinion). That sort of reasoning is not rational. Old people driving are a danger to the public too… and so is driving and texting (especially), and 90% of all drivers here in Miami are dangerous and many people use drugs too, that have never been arrested.

    Back to the point… there’s a strong implication behind the statement “…of returning to one felonious ways, if one can not find a job”.

    That implication is… You are going to steal money or property from someone else or embark in the illegal sale of something.

    The issue is throwing murderers, rapists, etc into the same boat as (let’s say) someone caught with with a bag of cocaine the size of a penny.

    I think it’s malicious to put such a broad label on individuals who differ greatly. It’s as malicious and irrational as saying “All whites… or all blacks.. or all Cubans)

  40. 797

    is that me?

    @Notownmyown: ….about who will be reading this post.. so true!

    I agree that explaining the past history is hard, when in fact the person has changed. Even when I’m alone pondering about the things I used to do, all that comes to mind is “WTF was I thinking!”

    Treating a personal who has changed, like they are still the same person in the past is like continuously issuing a restaurant health violations even though the fixed the problem.

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