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    Well done Mike!
    G-d knows about retribution. Justice will be done because of the way the Liberal media has treated President Bush. He has done more for Africa than any African or American polititian but the Liberal Obamista Media would die before ever admitting that.
    If Obama is going to make Haiti a political arena, we as conservatives are going to push back his progressive agenda.

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    This is no more O’Bama’s fault than Katrina was Bush’s and I think you know, I’m no O’Bama fan.

    Things on the ground are what they are and it has nothing to do with who our President is.

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    tell you what, let the world sent help. let them join in sharing the cost of this endeavor. about time!

    let them complain about obummer all they like also, however they have to stand in line for that.

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    Nicky P

    @Davey, Great, it was one thing when our last president just hated Blacks, now our current president just hates Americans……maybe out next president will just hate all of humanity.

    @URI, you’re absolutely correct about Bush/Africa. The former prez would have been a more appropriate recipient for the Nobel and I believe that the head of South African Red Cross even advocated to the committee on his behalf.

    @Mike, I’m sure you’re going to roll your eyes at what I’m about to suggest, but, while I don’t agree with Naomi Klein’s politics, her concept of “Disaster Capitalism” is actually a very interesting thesis, and I think there’s way to understand it that she didn’t intend….that is, how leaders use situations (Katrina, and now possible Haitii) to advance Statist agenda, as well as free-market ones.

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    All they have to do, is get CNN, etc., to send reporters down there in the middle of it, and show people begging for help, food, etc., who have been without it for days . Put the desparate faces on TV…where is our help…we need HELP. Have Hatian ministers, etc., on TV interview with CNN saying they have people dieing in the streets while rations are being stockpiled only blocks away. etc., etc.

    Then shoot footage of all the supplies being stockpiled at the airport with US soldiers guarding it, and arriving planes carrying supplies being diverted away because there is no more room for them to land. Then follow up with specials, etc., run 24 hours a day 2nd guessing everything that happens, etc.

    Asking why needed supplies are being diverted to other countries, why the supplies on hand are sitting at the airport and not being distributed, etc., etc.,? Why are people being told to go to over-run places that are not adequately stocked with provisions, toilets, etc. And why is it taking so long to fix all that? Why, Why, Why??

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    Calling Haiti “Obama’s Katrina” is beyond idiotic. The reason Katrina resonated to loudly was the combination of vast government ineptitude and Baghdad Bob-like self-congratulations by the Bushies as US citizens died. Haiti has nothing to do with governmental ineptitude and they are no US citizens in harms way. If we did nothing at all in Haiti, it still would not be anything like Katrina.

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    To be honest, I don’t think anyone should use events like this for political gain. Sure, the Katrina hurricane could never amount to the recent Haitian earthquake in bloodshed, but they are both terrible tragedies that shouldn’t be exploited as a weapon for politics. We can all do better than stooping that low.

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    As I pointed out above..there is PLENTY of vast “ineptness” going on right now in Haiti because of the enormity of the disaster, as there is in all disasters. That’s why they are disasters. Duh. It’s just not being covered the same way, nor is it blamed on Obama….yet. Our “allies” are starting to crack though, with France being first out of the gate to “blame” the US for turning away their flights to the airport. When they start showing the dieing people begging for food and water…and the supplies sitting at the airport under US guard/control things might start to change.

    Maybe CNN could spare a crew to go out to some area that is entirely in crumbles and ask “why” the US has not yet delivered food and water to the people dieing there?? Give me a break. After Katrina, you’d have thought given the coverage that Pres Bush “caused” the hurricane, by promoting global warming and that the only reason he “delayed” sending in help was because he hates black people. Things going well…in a disaster area…is a relative term. I’m quite sure when Obama visits Haiti to show his support…there will STILL be people dieing, and vast problems still on-going….despite the fact that they say every day that things are moving forward and progressing well….”given the circumstances”.

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    The disaster of Katrina WAS political. Nagin and Landreiu, at the behest of the Party, did NOTHING those first couple of days ON PURPOSE – so that what resulted would take place: excoriation of Bush and the Federal government. Nagin and Landreiu did what they did to New Orleans for political reasons, and IT WORKED.

    The Federal Government asked three times: “Can we send in the help you need?” and each time both the governor of the state and the mayor of the city said, “Nope. We’re good. Don’t need your help. Stay out of NOLA and Louisiana.”

    On the third day in, Nagin and Landreiu, on cue, screaming: “Where was Bush? Where was FEMA? We neeeeeeeedeeedd you and you weren’t there!”

    On the fifth year out, NPR still can’t go two hours of programming without mentioning Katrina in order to bolster hatred for Bush and love for Karl Marx.

    We can expect that, since this worked so well, and most of America still believes the B.S. about Katrina and where the fault for disaster lies, the next time there is a Republican president and each time thereafter, whenever there is a looming disaster in a major American city, that the Democrats who run the ghetto/plantation in that city will also do nothing, in order that the Democrats have a topic for their politicians, talking heads, and NPR to milk for the next decade in the service of Marxism.


    And I’m not being hyperbolic there – I seriously believe that they, and their Party, wish to this day that more people had died so that those deaths could also be placed by their quite-effective propaganda machine on the hands of Bush.

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    Aye C. @ #13

    What you have done there, is nothing short of a perfect display of the phenomenon known in tech-savvy and online circles as “PWNAGE”.

    B-Rob, this means you’ve been PWN3D! Congrats!

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    “There are 45,000 American citizens in Haiti,” Mills said.

    I heard 200,000 dead and 1.5 million turned homeless from Yahoo News. Maybe I am wrong and the true number has yet to be discovered, I don’t know.

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    Aye Chihuahua



    The 45,000 number was strictly related to the number of Americans trapped in Haiti.

    The number of dead / homeless overall will, most unfortunately, dwarf that figure.

    By the time all is said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a figure somewhere closer to a half million dead.

    Much like the tsunami, we will probably never know with certainty what the true number is.



    He tossed me a slow, hanging curve ball.

    I couldn’t help but peg it.

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    B-Rob said; “The reason Katrina resonated to loudly was the combination of vast government ineptitude and Baghdad Bob-like self-congratulations by the Bushies as US citizens died.”

    Your so called “self-congratulations” by Bush weren’t meant for his administration, much like how the “Mission Accomplished” wasn’t meant to indicate that the military was done in Iraq. The praise was for all of the people doing work in response to the hurricane, and they most certainly deserved it. Speaking of being beyond idiocy, having read almost all of your comments since you started blogging here it would be safe to say that you set the standard for idiocy. May I reiterate that members of the United States military and the National Guards of multiple states including U.S. territory Puerto Rico began mobilizing units to deploy to Louisiana the morning after the storm began to settle, only to wind up having to wait on the Louisiana State Borders because the Governor wouldn’t permit them to enter?

    And don’t attempt to perpetuate the fallacy that the military and state militias didn’t bother to mobilize that early because I know better than that. During the most intense part of the storm, my government and economics teacher was watching hurricane on the news with my class the entire period because he was told on the phone by an officer the night before that his battalion will be deploying to New Orleans very soon, and he wanted to see the damage that he and his California National Guardsmen would be facing when they arrived in New Orleans.

    I could never forget it, because he was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had and his substitute for almost two weeks was the most monotone and boring one I’ve ever had. My class and me were dreadfully bored waiting for our teacher to return so that way he can tell us about his experiences. Among the other military groups my teacher said he was going to deploy with to New Orleans include; Fairmount Parks 1/158th Combined Tactical Arms Company B, Four marine corps CH-46 squadrons from Twenty Nine Palms, and members of the Puerto Rican National Guard.

    Upon returning, my teacher spent the beginning of his first period with us back telling us what he saw and about his experiences. All around campus, he found fallacies in what teachers were telling their students in the classroom. For one, he had to set the record straight that the military wasn’t slowly responding to the hurricane, but it was the Louisiana Governor who wouldn’t let them into the state. He also mentioned that this wasn’t the only obstacle in the way of the military groups deployed from California.

    While they were heading into Louisiana to deliver relief efforts and supplies, my teachers battalion got into a scuffle with the New Orleans Police Department. The National Guardsmen caught the dirty cops attempting to steal supplies from the building that they were using as a resupply post and they were holding up the owner of the building who permitted my teachers men to use his property for storage and shelter. The dirty cops didn’t want to give up so easily, so the California National Guard had a stand off with them guns drawn, worried but ready for the worst outcome. Shortly after, the cops saw the Marines from Twenty Nine Palms rappelling out of their CH-46s about 200 meters from the building through the window.

    My teacher told the dirty cop in charge that those Marines were with his Guards, that they were the best of the Corps and were still fresh from Iraq having recently finished their tour in there about 5 weeks prior. The cop ordered his men to leave the building and they scattered like cockroaches. Anyway, to reiterate what I had said earlier, those alleged “self congratulations” from Bush weren’t for his administration. They were for people like my teacher who really did a good job in response to the Katrina disaster in Louisiana and all the other states that were hit. Faced with challenges from possible disease, conflict, and the usual politics of Louisiana, my teachers California National Guardsmen and the Marines pushed hard to help the people hit by the devastating Hurricane Katrina.

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    Aye said; “The 45,000 number was strictly related to the number of Americans trapped in Haiti.”

    Thank you Aye, it’s just when you showed the number of Americans trapped in Haiti, I got motivated to look for more statistics on the earthquake in Haiti since I have only been keeping track of it sporadically. Anyway, 45,000 is a big number. I hope they make it back home to their families safely.

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