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    Liberty Tree

    So many bad memories with the lunatics in charge! They need replaced by good conservative leaders no more left wing fools and no more RINO’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Beer Summit was absolutely ridiculous. It also revealed to non-political types just how wedded Obama is to old-skool campus left racialism. Thanks Skip Gates!

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    John Cooper

    Great list but the inclusion of the Senate GOP Campaign Committee sticks out like a baby ruth in a punch bowl. Those were the clowns who supported Arlen Spector over Pat Toomey five years ago in Pennsylvania, and are currently supporting Carly Fiorina over Chuck DeVore in California, Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in Florida, and only giving token support to Scott Brown in Massachusetts.

    With friends like the NRSC, conservatives don’t need enemies.

  4. @John Cooper: I’ve never heard you say one good thing about the GOP. Just as I have never heard you say one bad thing about Obama. Again, is this a coincidence?

    Who’s side are you on?

    I criticize the GOP and the Senate or House campaign committees when they do something wrong (you want a list?) just as I’ll highlight what they are doing when they do something right.

    If all you can do is tear down the GOP no matter what then you are not part of the conservative solution for 2010.

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    Mike, I agree that Cooper seems to be a bit biased against the GOP, but at this point, so am I! I have been a Repub for my entire voting life, but the morons in charge of the RNC clearly do not have their ears on! We want Conservatives to take back OUR HOUSE not more RINOs! From the research I’ve been doing, we should be focusing on DeVore, Rubio and Scott Brown. WHERE ARE MICHAEL STEELE and his performing circus???

    If we don’t all get out and do our part, then we deserve what we get. As Glenn Beck is fond of saying “question with boldness” and hold fast to the truth!

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    Old One

    The stupidity of the NRSC and the Senate Republicans is beyond fathomability. They had a chance to vote with dissident democorrupts to stop B+ Care dead in its tracks in the Senate Finance Committee and all ten republican members of the committee in lock step dropped the ball. Pat Caddell the former Carter aide labeled Senate Republicans as the party of the brain dead and aptly so after pointing out the aforementioned stupid action.
    The Senate Republicans are again proving to conservative voters they are brain dead by their actions in refusung to support Scottt Brown followed on the heels of the stupidity they displayed backing Scozzafava in NY 23. The Republican Party’s RNC and NSRC HRCC follies and their endless attempts to defame and discredit Sarah Palin are deserving of charges of treason and certainly not one atom of support from conservative voters.
    I am a fifth generation Republican voter, have a drawer full of signed thank you for your support photos from Reagan, both Bush presidents, and Mc Cain, have had several members of my immediate and extended family serve as party committe members and elected officials but will no longer support nor lift a finger as a volunteer, or contribute a penny to the Republican Party. In my prayers I ask for a swift death and internment of the Republican Party so that America can be saved from the marxist lunacy of the democorrupts and the brain dead Republican leadership and party operatives. Stopping the Democorrupts is something the Republicans have been unable to do since the Rino Teddy Roosevelt sold the Republicans to the socialists of the progressive era.

  7. @FedUp: If you haven’t seen the posts I have done criticizing Michael Steele’s early performance or highlighting the candidacy of conservatives like Marco Rubio let me know and I’ll dig up the links for you.

    I agree that we need to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire. But that doesn’t mean we should burn them at the stake which is what John Cooper seems to want to do.

    We won’t win in 2010 by adopting the Purger’s mentality.

    I have encouraged EVERYONE to get out there and support conservatives in primaries and the general election. But if some RINOS are nominated by the people in their districts, I’m not going to damn the entire GOP because of it. If that’s the price we pay to get rid of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid then it is worth it. Our countries vital interests are at stake here and we will lose if we divide our strength.

    Obama and the Dems are the only ones who benefit from some misguided “my way or the highway” attitude among some who call themselves conservatives.

    And FedUp: Just so you know, John Cooper voted for Carter. At the same point in history I was at the GOP convention in Detroit which nominated Ronald Reagan.

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    John Cooper

    Dear Mike–

    Personal attacks aside, am I to understand that you think the NRSC is doing (or did) the right thing by supporting Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Carly Fiornia, and leaving Scott Brown twisting in the wind in a race that, should he win, would deny the Dems a filibusterproof majority in the Senate? They should be pouring every resource they have into the Massachusetts campaign, especially in light of the new information that his opponent has already spend over half of her campaign funds leaving Brown with almost as much money to spend.

    Yes, I voted for Carter when I was young and just out of college. Some of us learn from our mistakes, but not the NRSC, apparently.

  9. @John Cooper: No, you are not to understand I agree with ANY of the above. Do I really need to spoon feed you my MULTIPLE posts on these subjects?

    And I am so glad you finally realized the mistake you made with Carter. While you were out voting for Democrats I was getting conservatives like Reagan elected. I’ve been fighting RINOS for decades.

    I suggest you reflect on that and consider the experience of someone who has been working at this a lot longer than you have.

    We can either unite and win elections to advance a conservative agenda or we can demand a form of ideological purity (something which apparently you have only more recently discovered) and lose.

    Your choice.

    P.S.Don’t give any money to the NRSCC if you find them lacking. I have no problem with people contributing directly to conservative candidates. That’s what I do.

    But don’t trash them when they do something right. It’s just self defeating.

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    John Cooper


    unite and win elections to advance a conservative agenda

    Exactly, and exactly why I questioned your inclusion of the NRSC which is at odds with that goal. I’ll be sending money to Brown in MA myself, even if they won’t.

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