10 Responses to “White House Coverup of First Pooch Poop on Air Force One”

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    Aw come on. There are a lot more important things to blog about. If Bo crapped on AF1, so be it, things like that happen, and it doesn’t matter if the Pres is Republican or Democrat.

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    I’d hate to be the “designated poop scooper” following the 1st Pooch around AF1 with my little plastic baggy to clean up after the mutt.

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    Potty pads come in size “HUGE.” When we travel with our dog, we carpet the floor with them and he’s trained. We worry that traveling and unfamiliar places just might, might cause him to have an accident. Even though we pay to stay, the place doesn’t belong to us and the staff shouldn’t have to be responsible for cleaning up after OUR pet. So, you PREVENT things from happening, by being at least a bit smarter than your pet.

    BO is a big dog, anyone with a nose had to immediately know what happened and taken care of it, that would have ended the story before it began. Confine him to a small area or cage him, it’s Air Force One not, Obama One.

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    Silly, I know, but I’ve been waiting for this ‘accident’ to happen, but not on air force one! The Obama’s don’t seem like the types to take ‘Bo’ along ANYWHERE, since, acquiring him in the first place was sort of, you know, expected of them?

    But I wanted it to happen somewhere really disgusting or embarrassing, say, smack in the middle of their bed, or, in front of the bathroom door in the middle of the night.

    Poor dog. Probably will end up living out his life with the servant who takes care of him if he’s lucky, but certainly, will not follow the Obama’s after they move out.

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