11 Responses to “Fake Doctor Gets Front Row Seat at Dem Town Hall Meeting”

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    Hate all you want, just know that when she is elected President, you can always leave the country. i will be happier than a dog with a bone.

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    Old Trooper

    Ms. Jackson Lee has a constituency that is “entitled”, believe that reparations are due and enough said on that. In my opinion the Black Congressional Caucus fosters that mentality and until it is disbanded for being a Racist Group we will be stuck with Ms. Lee in Congress and her special interest involvement in everything that promotes Racism because it is Her Power Base.

    On the fake Doctor, the MSM will not waste two seconds on that scam. These phonies need to be exposed for what they are but don’t expect the Alphabet Networks to do it or print media either.
    Folks like Ms. Lee are professional ethnic victims and have no other virtues or values. Racism will continue as long as opportunists like her are able to promote their agendas without being called out on it. As long as special rules exist for 15% of the population the Democrats will keep Black Citizens on their plantation and phonies like Ms. Lee will have a seat in Congress. The Race Card is all they have and apparently all they need.

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    I’ve driven through Sheila Jackson Lee’s district in Texas. It sucks. It’s a by-product of LBJ’s “Great Society”. If her district is the “Great Society”, then I don’t want anything to do with it.

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    Smoke and Mirrors. They will us any and all the magicians tricks to mesmerize the people. Soon I expect Gibbs to be replaced with a Hypnotism Czar.

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