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    Sorry about diversion, but if it brings me up to speed I do appreciate the info. Also, even if links are old, sometimes one can still get them with “wayback” and key words can be searched to uncover other sources of the same info. That’s one good thing about internet redundancy.


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    I see, looking thru the archives, that FA was as blissfully unaware of me at Sea2Sea as I was of you guys

    Unaware….but not for long =)

  3. Curt said “Unaware….but not for long =)” Reminds me of an episode of Futurama but if I share that one this thread will veer seriously off course.

    I’m not sure why the Dubai Ports Deal got inserted into a thread on the declassification of memos related to foiled terror attacks but I’ll go this far.

    My last comment on that subject from the link Mata supplied:

    “Now that this deal is dead. What new Democrat manufactured hysteria will rise to take it’s place? Stay tuned!”

    How many more episodes of Democrat manufactured hysteria have we seen since then? Someone want to make a list?

    OK… can we get back to topic now?

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    @Mike’s America:

    Can’t afford the paper to write it out on. It would be far easier to make a list of what they haven’t manufactured hystaria on, like….

    …. uh, ….. I’ll have to get back to you on this, I’m sure I can find SOMETHING!

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    Hard Right

    Triz, Bush inherited blind intelligence agencies and a gutted defense system. He corrected that and as a result obama is sitting much better than Bush was at this time in his presidency.

    However, not only is obama dismantling that defense system, he’s making it a point to publicly project weakness to our enemies. This makes us much more likely to be attacked. Even though Bush had no time to make changes, you blame him for 9/11 which is staggeringly hypocritical considering clinton had 8 YEARS! True to form not only are you incapable of seeing this, you whine about obama being held to a double standard. If it looks familiar, it is because it’s the very double standard you held Bush to. So AFAIC you can suck it.

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    Aye Chihuahua



    ahahahha!! So you boldly state that Obama will refuse to declassify them, yet in your actual post you offer absolutely no evidence, no quotes, other than simple idle speculation. What world do you live in where your predictions translate into fact? What the hell kind of blog are you running here? Are you going to make an apology if he ever does release the memos? Of course you won’t!

    @Grace Nearing:

    Stephen has a point. It’s always risky making predictions like this. For all you know, the memos may be declassified and released within the next few weeks. Then what? Will you amend this post? There’s more than enough to work with using Obama’s actual statements….

    Well Stephen and Grace, the ball is in your court now.

    Obama has refused to release the memos just as Mike said that he would:

    The Obama administration has turned down former Vice President Dick Cheney’s request for the declassification of two CIA reports on the effectiveness of the Agency’s detainee program, THE WEEKLY STANDARD has learned. A letter dated May 7, 2009, from the CIA’s Information and Privacy Coordinator, Delores M. Nelson, rejected Cheney’s request because the documents he has requested are involved in a Freedom of Information Act court battle.

    “In researching the information in question, we have discovered that it is currently the subject of pending FOIA litigation (Bloche v. Department of Defense, Amnesty International v. Central Intelligence Agency). Therefore, the document is excluded from Mandatory Declassification Review,” Nelson wrote in the letter to the National Archives, the agency responsible for handling Cheney’s request.

    The question now is, will you come back here and make an apology for your erroneous predictions and your haughty attitude?

    Probably not.

    I won’t hold my breath waiting on you.

  7. @Aye Chihuahua: Thanks for that update Aye. I don’t expect we will hear anything from Grace, but if we do I expect she’ll just insist Obama had nothing to do with the decision.

    Yes, how convenient for Obie that some CIA functionary can cite: ” Executive Order 12958, as amended, which was signed and executed by the President on March 25, 2003. Under section 3.5.(a)(3)” which says:

    Sec. 3.5. Mandatory Declassification Review. (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, all information classified under this order or predecessor orders shall be subject to a review for declassification by the originating agency if:

    3) the information has not been reviewed for declassification within the past 2 years. If the agency has reviewed the information within the past 2 years, or the information is the subject of pending litigation, the agency shall inform the requester of this fact and of the requesters appeal rights.

    It’s entirely possible that if Obama wanted this info released he could over-ride that restriction. After all, he has the final say as to declassification.

    And with libs still insisting that the documents Cheney cites prove waterboarding didn’t save lives we have no way to know for sure.

    Unless of course Obama were to declassify the documents.

    Hence, my original conclusion stands until proven otherwise.

    Of course Cheney could appeal this decision and I hope he does. What a shame Obama doesn’t support Cheney’s efforts to get the truth to the American people.

    I’ll post more on this soon.

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    Oh, let’s not make a judgement call based on circumstances that are unfolding before our eyes, it might be wrong even though it wasn’t even a long shot.

    My instincts were telling me he wouldn’t release the other memos, Obama wants to prove he isn’t Bush, period.

    This has been nothing but a political stunt that didn’t play well for the present administration, apparently there are some out there that can’t figure it out.

    By not releasing the rest of the information he has proven that uniting the country is not a priority, chooses to leave the loose ends untied and leaves plenty to squabble over till when? Idiot!

    I once heard one of my sons proclaim….”bat rastard” I think that term may be appropriate at this time.

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    Get ready, Steven and Grace are getting ready to appologize…

    ….. any moment now …..

    ………… don’t fall asleep waiting …………

    ………………. stay tuned, any moment now …………………….

  10. @Aye Chihuahua: Glad to hear Cheney is following up on this.


    From Politico:

    White House press secretary Robert Gibbs is blaming an executive order signed by President George W. Bush for the denial of Vice President Dick Cheney’s request for declassification of two memos he says show that important intelligence was obtained from aggressive interrogation techniques some have described as torture.

    “The CIA is the agency that has jurisdiction over this,” Gibbs told reporters aboard Air Force One as President Barack Obama returned from a trip to Arizona and New Mexico. “They made the decision, in all honesty, based on an executive order from the Bush administration, which under the type of request that Vice President Cheney made, precludes these being declassified because they’re part of ongoing litigation. The executive order updated in the Bush administration precludes their release.”

    The CIA’s denial cited two pending court cases seeking the Central Intelligence Agency memos in question. A spokesman for Cheney has said that the former vice president plans to appeal the refusal.

    While Gibbs is correct that the order exempts the documents from automatic or “mandatory” review while litigation is pending, there is no legal obstacle to the Obama administration declassifying the material either on their own initiative or in response to the litigation. Indeed, that is precisely what happened with the four Office of Legal Counsel memos about the interrogation program that were released back on April 16.

    In other words, the lib cop out position that this is exclusively a CIA process is WRONG. Obama could give the order today to get those memos released.

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