Eric Boehlert Whines & Whines Some More

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Eric Boehlert wrote a weak screed against some of us right bloggers yesterday, a wailing, crying screed that I overlooked because, well, I try to steer clear of Boehlerts crap since he finds it difficult to tell the truth most of the time.

In a nutshell it basically comes down to him crying that the right bloggers didn’t cover the Bilal Hussein release, along with 300 others, in a amnesty deal. He begins the article with the Jamil Hussein story like so:

When I wrote last year that warbloggers like her would have to find a new Iraq-based media conspiracy to chase in light of how spectacularly their then-beloved controversy surrounding the Associated Press and its allegedly fictitious source, Jamil Hussein, had imploded, I never thought she’d take my advice literally. I was making a rhetorical point.

Of course he fails to mention the fact that the AP had always maintained their “source” was named Jamil Hussein when in fact he used a pseudonym the whole time (real name Jamil Gulaim Innad al-Jashami) and was outed by Bob Owens and myself. His 50 plus fabricated stories, including the burning six story, were never proven by the AP to have any basis in fact. Instead they insisted he was real and that his name was Jamil Hussein. It was NOT. To this day Jamil Gulaim Innad al-Jashami claims he is not the AP source. So “imploded?” I think not.

As for the Bilal Hussein story he writes:

And Malkin wasn’t the only warblogger who was suddenly hit with a colossal bout of amnesia, as a collective “Bilal who?” enveloped the right-wing blogs last week. For instance, the site Flopping Aces excitedly covered the public charges leveled against the “scumbag” Hussein last November. But then, in the 48 hours surrounding Hussein’s release, Flopping Aces forgot to update readers about the photographer’s freedom. How queer.

Yup, I didn’t cover the release. Most of my readers know that when I am interested in a story I do multiple posts on it as news comes out. For the Bilal Hussein story I did two whole posts that pretty much just pointed people to Michelle’s stuff since she was way out in front of all of us. But what I do find curious is that in all of Boehlert’s crying he “forgets” to mention the 300 others released the same day in the amnesty deal which completely undermines his assertion that Bilal was innocent somehow. How queer.

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    As I said in reply to a drive by troll on a previous thread:

    Amnesty is not innocence.

    To have amnesty granted, the person had to be guilty of the crime. Otherwise it is aquittal/dismissal.

    The left is full of glee that this scum has amnesty. Yet they fail to admit he really is a terrorist hack who may only be freed due to the new Iraqi Amnesty law? A terrorist tied to, and defended by, the AP.

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