The Great Obama Con

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Ace notes that it keeps getting better with the nutcase that Obama so looked up to and admired for 20 years:

Concluding, Mr. Wright said: “We started the AIDS virus . . . We are only able to maintain our level of living by making sure that Third World people live in grinding poverty. . . .”

And Mona Charen believes Obama has pulled the greatest con seen in a long time:

His entire campaign has been about “coming together,” a post-racial consensus, etc. Any mention of his middle name was immediately condemned as ignorant fear-mongering. He has played the role of racial unifier with great skill and finesse.

But there is a great deal of evidence out there that he is anything but. The Reverend Wright is exhibit A. Mrs. Obama is Exhibit B. But there’s lots more. Here is a piece by John Batchelor about some of Obama’s other connections. For example:

William Ayers is the second Chicago figure to consider in the political profile of Mr. Obama. William C. Ayers, known as Bill Ayers, is notorious as a terrorist bomber from the 1970s who, on September 11, 2001, in the New York Times was quoted as finding “a certain eloquence in bombs.” Now, at 62, Mr. Ayers, a former aide to the current Mayor Richard M. Daley, is an established professor of education at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Importantly, Mr. Ayers and his wife, the equally notorious Weatherman terrorist Bernardine Dohrn, hosted a crucial meet-the-candidate event in their Hyde Park neighborhood home in 1995 when Mr. Obama, also a Hyde Park resident, was sounded out by vital citizens, among them the retiring state senator Alice Palmer for the 13th District.

Obama’s book is strewn with hints of his far left sympathies, as when he tells an African cousin who complains about the hardships of life in Kenya that things are no better in America. Or when he suggests that the lives of poor black young men in the inner city are blighted by white racism. He never says it explicitly, but it’s there.

He has been very friendly with Rashid Khaladi, the fierce anti-Israel professor who took Edward Said’s post at Columbia.

My own theory, FWIW, is that Obama acquired his far left views at least in part to make himself as authentically black as he could to compensate for having a white mother.


One can have sympathy for his psychological predicament . But that sympathy certainly does not extend to electing him president of a country that I sincerely believe he does not love.

And she is right. There is a growing amount of evidence to indicate that this man has been steeped in hating everything this country stands for, which is a common quality amongst those on the far left. Its quite something to have someone like that in the Senate, quite another thing to have that person running the country itself.

This mentor of Obama for 20 plus years is a racist. How in the world could people come to the conclusion that a man indoctrinated into this world of hate could somehow “heal” America’s racist past? That he will “change” this country for the better?

I’m sorry, a person doesn’t immerse himself into such a racist world as Wright’s without absorbing some, or all, of the hate and racism he preaches in that world. As Mona writes about above there are many clues in Obama’s books.

when he tells an African cousin who complains about the hardships of life in Kenya that things are no better in America. Or when he suggests that the lives of poor black young men in the inner city are blighted by white racism.

Or when he uses the racists sermons as a basis for a major speech.

Mona Cheron may very well be right. Obama has pulled off the great con.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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  1. 2


    Don’t you dare question his patriotism!
    Or ears!
    Or middle name!
    Or his ties to Islam!
    Or his racist church!
    Or his lack of experience!
    Or his connections with crooks!

    He’s for change ya know!

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    Wow, Yowee, watching Bush talk about the economy results in a very obvious Mainstream Media political theme. As I was pondering Bush’s talk about the Federal Reserve on cable news, all the stations, the Fed as being independent all the while, only Andrea Mitchell knows how independent they are not, and so does MSNBC, channel changing watching all of them broadcast the same thing, but not really saying how much about what the Federal Reserve put up to bail out Bear & Sterns?

    Very interesting curiosity, a bail out right before our eyes and no mention of the value. And, again in Gods green world as Medved would say, another instantaneous Title Funding program for the rich guys Medved wouldn’t say, isn’t a free market money system great with your money? We are the Bears and Stern who don’t mean no trouble; we are just here to play the trillion dollar shuffle. Sheesh, America, then you turn the channel and Obama’s Revered friend is hollering “THE WHITES ARE LIARS” sure is the truth an’t it. The blacks will vote for Obama for sure, but those Red State cross overs to be sure have now changed their minds about being an Obama-kins.

    I would even bet some of the regular Obama delegates are going to run from this guy, Sheesh he is one thousand times scarier than Allen Keys. Obama’s Uncle would rate as one on Keith Olbermann worst person of the w-o-r-l-d. LOL. All Clinton has to talk about is Obama’s “Unity and Faith you can believe in” needs clarification. LOL. Sorry but Uncle Obama is an absolute disaster and will last till November.

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    Bronze… I can’t agree. On the Democrat side, I look at where the greatest danger is, and want it as far away from the Oval Office as possible. You can’t look at Obama and say, if he’s the nominee he can never get elected… either candidate can get elected… scandals notwithstanding.

    So, if a Democrat is in the White House come 2009, I’d much rather it be the Clintons again, than Sen. Obama. We managed to survive them once, and this time it’d be hard to dismantle the military as much as they did before, and there’s no unknown burgeoning tech industry for them to encourage over-investment in, and working up overexpectations of… again. She’d give lip service to “ending the war”… but most likely let the military finish their task. She’s got too many hooks in her from various corporations to have a totally free hand in ruining the economy. The worst we’d see is a systematic destruction of the health industry… and I fear we’ll end up seeing that anyway.

    If there’s a President Obama, expect the US to flip all over the world… see us lean on Israel to give up anything any “palestinian” wants…. watch us buy off Hugo Chavez, and Cuba… get chummy with Iran and bomb Pakistan until they become an Islamic theocracy.

    yeah… you can’t guarantee an Obama nomination will mean a McCain presidency… I’d rather keep him as far away as possible.

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    Newt and his boys were pretty complacent in the downsizing of the military. Congress set the budget Clinton just approved it.

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    Looking at Obama statement tonight, I have to say, looks like Obama was hoodwinked and bamboozled by his spiritual advisor and pastor. Not sure someone who is that easily hoodwinked and bamboozled would make a good candidate for President of the USA.

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    My favorite Zorro Quote

    [blockquote]Bush will resign as president when debate opens up about his close business partnerships with the Bin Laden Family. It is very fundamental knowledge that the Bush family is and has been very close business partners with the very rich Bin Laden family and Investment Group, a large part of the several families that rule Arabia. The highlight of all this poisoned policy partnership is Osama Bin Laden one of the relational sons is the chief master mind of 911. [/blockquote]

    It is over one year old but a goodie. I think Bush is the worst president of my lifetime, but this type of delusional rant always makes me giggle…

  7. 12

    luva the scissors

    he has to denounce the crack pot, id he doesn’t, then he looks like he is just like his pastor. it is really sad that so many people are following obama like he is a rock star, and deserves such a following. makes me very scared for the future of this country.

  8. 15


    Greetings all, this is my first post here at Flopping Aces.

    I have to agree with Eddie, while in the end we are all hoping that McCain is our next President; having Hillary Clinton as the dem. nominee is like hedging your bets. I’d rather have the “devil you know,” than the devil we don’t. Clinton and her husband are a known quantity, we’ve seen their act before, and they are beholden to enough interests out there that they won’t be in a position to wreck too much chaos on the nation.

    Obama on the other hand is the stealth candidate for the radical left (witness the groups that back him versus those that back Clinton). He talks so much about “hope” and “change” in his speeches, that for all the rhetoric there is very little substance, no “road-map” for where he plans to take the country. If he’s not talking about it, then he must know in his heart of hearts that it isn’t something that more than half of America would be in favor of. For example, if I may conjecture, I suspect his foreign policy will resemble that of a frightened ostrich – ass in the air, and head in the ground. But, that’s just my international relations degree speaking.

    As a final thought, shouldn’t the fact that the mass media is simply falling all over itself to anoint him the second coming make our collective skins’ crawl? Seriously, Saturday Night Live isn’t exactly the most conservative program out there, and even they made parody out of it! Just my two cents on the issue.

    Thanks for maintaining this site Curt, and keep up the good work!

  9. 16


    Yes Richard, sorry to shock. But Bush made government bigger and more intrusive than either of those idiots (neither of whom did I vote for).

    Bush spent more money than either, ran up more debt than either, used government payola than either. I could go on. If you call him on his non Conservatism around here they just roll their eyes and call it BDS because they can not intelligently argue otherwise.

    Stick around, you’ll see.

  10. 17

    Doc Washboard

    As far as I’ve been able to discern here, any negative comment about Bush is perforce BDS, and any comparison of what Righties have done to what Lefties have done is automatically “moral equivalency crapola.”

  11. 18


    “I still have hope —— that McCain will turn out to be conservative afterall.”

    bill-tb: If you’re wanting a true conservative, you may well have to look elsewhere. I don’t believe there’s a real conservative left in the Republican party (I could be wrong but they’re a rare breed), and I know there’s none left in the Democratic party. The GOP has turned its back on those we know as being conservative, e.g., Alan Keyes, Judge Roy Moore, and/or Ron Paul (not sure that I ever believed he was a conservative despite what he said), and those that were conservative were basically turned out of any debate that took place.

    Most conservatives left the republican and democrat parties for a third party, and if you’re going to vote for any of them, you’ll want to make sure you switch your party affiliation before the election, i.e., if your state so requires. . . .

  12. 19



    Sometimes that’s true Doc, but other times it’s not. Ultimately, President Bush is the President, but he’s only 1 man in the govt, he’s not a God, he’s not a King, he can barely read a teleprompter, and he’s a lame duck; i.e. the Democrats’ Congress has more power than he does. In light of all that, it’s fine to fingerpoint to the man, but for people who are more interested in learning from history and solving problems, it takes more than fingerpointing (bds).

  13. 20



    If you call him on his non Conservatism around here they just roll their eyes and call it BDS because they can not intelligently argue otherwise.

    Oh please, we have argued with you many times with plenty of our own facts and beliefs. I do recall our arguments against McCain were met with the same disdain afterwhich you labeled it MDS.

    Your in good company with Doc Washboard…..can’t wait till Philly Steve comes to defend ya then your circle of liberals will be complete.

  14. 21


    Here is a Steve Sailer post from VDare that lays out the case (as known to this date)
    case concerning Rev Wright and Obama one has to read the entire post to get all the benefit of his many links. The part that is really scary is>

    ” A year ago, March 1, 2007, Rev. Dr. Wright made an angry appearance on the Hannity & Colmes show on FoxNews. It represents one of the few times when someone very close to the old Obama has been directly challenged. The telecast attracted little attention—the discussion quickly devolved into almost incomprehensible crosstalk—but a careful reading of the transcript reveals much about the ideological underpinnings that helped bond Obama to Wright’s church for the last 20 years.

    Sean Hannity began by asking Wright about the “Black Value System” espoused by Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ. Wright responded:

    WRIGHT: The black value system, which was developed by the congregation, by laypersons of the congregation, 26 years ago, very similar to the gospel (INAUDIBLE) developed by laypersons in Nicaragua during the whole liberation theology movement, 26, 28, 30 years ago, yes.

    What exactly was going on in Nicaragua 26 to 30 years before this debate in 2007? Well, 1977-1981 were the years of the Marxist revolution in Nicaragua. The Soviet-allied Sandinistas made use of the “liberation theology” promoted by leftist Catholic clerics of the Jesuit and the Maryknoll orders. In fact, three radical liberation theology priests served in the Sandinista cabinet. During a dramatic 1983 visit to Managua, Pope John Paul II had to speak out sharply against liberation theology. He later suspended Marxist priests serving in the Sandinista regime.

    So, the black liberation theology of Obama’s church is, according to Obama’s minister, “very similar” to the “liberation theology” espoused by old Marxist revolutionaries in Nicaragua.”

  15. 22

    Doc Washboard

    Did you know that the theological arguments that underpinned slavery in the United States spring from the very same religion that [name your favorite Christian minister] espouses?

    “[Slavery] was established by decree of Almighty God…it is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation…it has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization, and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts.” Jefferson Davis, President, Confederate States of America

    bullet “The right of holding slaves is clearly established in the Holy Scriptures, both by precept and example.” Rev. R. Furman, D.D., a Baptist pastor from South Carolina.

  16. 23

    Igor R.

    Machiavelli, I don’t think Obama’s foreign policy is likely to resemble that of a frightened ostrich. Obama, in spite of his rhetoric, has targetted the United States for complete destruction as a society resembling anything that it is today. Let’s look at the facts once again. In a campaign commercial he has outligned a plan to destroy multiple advanced capabilities of the US military. He went to Kenya and campaigned for his Sharia-promoting cousin that is currently actually imposing Sharia on all of Kenya. He outlined a plan to transfer close to a trillian extra dollars to the UN for some generic poverty-eradication. He outlined plans for the biggest tax increase in US history. He wants to legalize the illegals, meet with the Islamics to understand why they don’t like the US. He has been friendly with two of the worst terrorists in US history, shady business men of Middle Eastern extraction and radical Middle Eastern academics. As a state Senator he introduce legislation that promoted Islamic causes. He appeared at fundrasers claiming the Israelis to be terrible oppressors. In an interview to NYT he read a Koranic verse in Arabic that he knows as a student of Koran to be equivalent to declaring himself a Muslim.

    This man represents danger to the US never experienced since the rebellion against the British. To the extent that he let his guard down (or it was let down for him by exposing this hate-mongering, America-blaming pastor) he has the mindset of a typical, third-world enemy of the United States. Frightened bird? Hardly. More like a dangerous parasite about to destroy the United States from the inside.

  17. 24


    Igor, no doubt I’m of the same mind on your point that an Obama presidency would be a disaster for the U.S. and (at least from my point of view) the World in general.

    The scared ostrich symbolism was meant to stand for Obama putting our head in the ground, thus preventing us from seeing or hearing the threats that are out there; while at the same time putting our ass in the air, making us more vulnerable to attack by those that would wish this nation harm. Just wanted to clarify my thinking for those who might read my post.

  18. 25

    Igor R.

    Machiavelli, I understand. I just like to emphasize that Soros didn’t pick Obama out of obscurity and personally supported him with contributions (only one of a handful of politicians to receive such support directly) because Obama is naive. Obama is a clear and present danger, and unlike the likeminded “folks” he is very controlled when faced with a potentially hostile audience. He is a dangerous and calculating enemy of America. Any glimpses of his real mindset, like his wife’s statements, his “pastor’s” rants, his parents’ and close relatives’ behavior patterns, and whatever he does say about his plans for the country should be used to expose this human retro-virus that wants to infect the very immune system of this country all the while covering his plans up with hope and change.

  19. 26


    IMO, the involvement of George Soros in Obama’s rise to power has been very much overlooked.

    “It is well-known that George Soros, the hedge-fund manager, major Democratic Party donor and anti-Israel crusader, has been a generous contributor to Barack Obama. But relatively few people realize that a loophole in McCain-Feingold allowed Soros his family members to be particularly generous in support of Obama’s Senatorial campaign.”

    Adding to the Soros support, we see a lot of millionaire hedge fund operators, such as shown in this Report

    “In supporting Obama, Jones, a commodity trading guru who founded Tudor Investment Corp., a hedge fund company with $15 billion under management, is in league with fellow hedge fund billionaire George Soros.

    In March, Soros switched his allegiance from Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) to Obama, the Illinois senator vying with Clinton for to become the Democratic nominee for the 2008 presidential election. Soros, who has an estimated net worth of $8.5 billion, has supported Obama since his 2004 campaign to become senator of the Prairie State. Clinton had long relied on the support of Soros.

    In addition to Jones and Soros, Obama has been adept at drawing support from other big name people from the hedge fund industry. Orin Kramer, Boston Provident honcho, as well as Eton Park Capital head Eric Mindich, are also backing Obama. Kramer is said to be one of the top moneymen for Obama. Mindich, meanwhile, is revered as the Goldman Sachs prodigy whose hedge fund startup launched at $4 billion.”

    IMO, Someone thinks there is going to be a lot of money made by getting Obama elected. I wonder what it is that is planned that will make them all richer?

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