Polls: Show Most Muslims Do Not Believe Arabs Perpetrated 9/11

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I found this “blurb” from the US News and World Report fairly telling:

Seriously, for those of you in the appeasement camp, how can “we” negotiate with minds like this, that HONESTLY believe 9/11 was a government-orchestrated, Jewish-centric plot? How is it possible to reason with a portion of people who believe the vitriol that emanates from their imams, or a joke of a media outlet (Al Jazeera)?

For those of you on the Left that castigate and ridicule all things Christian, how do you side with a group of people more religious and fanatical in their fervor> Why do you treat this religion with kid gloves, when this group of people loathe you for your godless ways, your tolerance of homosexuality, women’s rights, pornography, etc.?

Polls: Show Most Muslims Do Not Believe Arabs Perpetrated 9/11

The Washington Post reports this morning that "many in the Arab world are convinced that the destruction of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 was not the work of Arab terrorists but was a controlled demolition; that 4,000 Jews working there had been warned to stay home that day; and that the Pentagon was struck by a missile rather than a plane." A report last year by the Pew Global Attitudes Project "found that the number of Muslims worldwide who do not believe that Arabs carried out the Sept. 11 attacks is soaring — to 59 percent of Turks and Egyptians, 65 percent of Indonesians, 53 percent of Jordanians, 41 percent of Pakistanis and even 56 percent of British Muslims."

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    I don’t hate Muslims, I just don’t know who to trust. It is kind of freaky when someone will kill someone or a bunch of someones in the name of God.

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    What’s so difficult about this?

    The destruction of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 was not the work of Arab terrorists but was a controlled demolition

    It was obvious on the day it happened, and it has grown clearer and clearer in the intervening six years. And rather than open your eyes and see what’s going on around you, all you can think of is smearing the people who can see more clearly than you can.

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    Todd Anthony


    What’s even more hilarious, (and yet sad at the same time) is that people like you (yes YOU on the Left) truly believe this, despite claims to the contrary from Osama bin Laden and wildly successful article from Popular Mechanics DEBUNKING the 9/11 conspiracy theories (www.popularmechanics.com/technology/military_law/1227842.html – 41k -)

    All because of your sick hatred of Bush.

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    O Willy, you silly. Please present your engineering and demolition credentials to us so that at the very least you don’t look completely softbrained. The most rudimentary logic would dictate that if there actually were evidence showing that the event was orchestrated, Bush’s opposition would be climbing all over it. You are the deceived simpleton here. Your denial is grounded in pure cowardice. It is difficult to take on enemies, but it sometimes must be done. We’ll call you when we’ve won so that you can come out from under your desk.

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    Cowardice my ass. Bush’s opposition IS climbing all over it. And meanwhile you are still in denial.

    It’s not cowardice, dud. Or if it is, it’s not cowardice on my side.

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    It’s not about “Left” or “Right”. You don’t have to be a “lefty” to know when you’re being lied to.

    Popular Mechanics wildly successful? Bah! Wildly successful as a propaganda splash maybe but hardly convincing.

    BBC based a “debunking 9/11” show on that Popular Mechanics stuff. The BBC piece and the PM trash were shredded together here:

    BBC vs 9/11 Truth: The Smear Begins

    and here:

    BBC vs 9/11 Truth: The Smear Continues

    And you — the liars — are not winning either.

    51% of Americans Want Congress to Probe Bush/Cheney Regarding 9/11 Attacks

    One reason why you’re losing is because none of you can even begin to explain stuff like this:

    Meet Jerome Hauer, 9/11 Suspect Awaiting Indictment

    It may require more courage than you have ever needed to summon up in your life, but if you open your eyes and look at the facts, you will see that the truth was just sitting there all along.

    It was an inside job. That’s why Bush and Cheney refused to testify about it in public, or alone. That’s why they never permitted any record of their testimony. That’s why they haven’t killed Osama bin Laden. This was never about Osama bin Laden.

    This is a war against US! You and me, dud. We’re watching our civil liberties go down the tube, we’re watching our national deficit grow beyond our grandchildren’s ability to pay for it, we’re killing hundreds of thousands of people who never did anything to us. How is all this connected?

    If you can’t even bring yourself to start trying to figure it out, you a lot of the nerve to accuse ME of being a coward.

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    Still waiting for the expert testimony, Willy. How is approving a troop surge in Iraq climbing all over evidence of 9/11 collusion? If you can’t afford mental help, your state may be able to provide assistance.

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    Todd Anthony

    How does the Left respond when Osama bin Laden confirms that “19 martyrs” died on “that glorious day?” How do they countermand that admission of guilt?

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