The Whispered Words, “Stand Down” Are Now Entrenched In America’s History and Shame

Lest we forget, on September 11, 2012, America was attacked by radical Islamists once again. Four Americans were killed, including our ambassador to Libya.

Our president, Barack Hussein Obama and secretary of state, Hillary Clinton made every effort to blame the attack on an American videographer and the freedoms available to him through the First Amendment; Secretary Clinton promised the parents of the slain that the film maker would be imprisoned. Hunting and killing the terrorists seems to have never been a consideration.
The infamous video, that no one besides the administration knew existed, caught the bulk of blame for al Qaeda’s assault on America. Consequently, many Americans and people of the world believe: America’s misbehavior and Third World suffering is the primary reason, the radical Jihadist feels compelled to commit atrocities against America, reasoning supported by many of our university academics, Democrat politicians and religious radicals like the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Hate speech, racism, and Islamophobia; supposedly, these collateral byproducts of our First Amendment, compound the resentment of the Muslim World, if only we would open-minded and allowed Obama to harness this freedom of speech, our troubles with Islam would come to a peaceful conclusion.

Our executive leadership has assumed the role of supreme apologist for all injustices, real and perceived, to Islam. So great is our collective guilt, we will no longer defend our diplomats who come under attack. The three A.M. calls of desperation will be answered with indifference or not at all, so overwhelming is America’s guilt. Indeed, so overwhelming is our guilt, America will advertise apologies to the Muslim world on TV and beg forgiveness.

Our president and secretary of state apologized so meaningfully and profusely over the video in question, the Muslim world erupted into a frenzy of multiple riots, and dozens of people were killed. Thus through the policy of appeasement and apology, death to innocents is the result once again.

The Boston Marathon atrocity also attracted Leftist apologists like flies to carrion, as they struggled to fault America for the bastards Tsarnaev feeling as if they had no alternative but to strike back at America. Again, it is our fault that we ruined the lives of these young men, and we must change to avoid such catastrophes in the future.

In the enlightened Age of Obama, we must be ready to abandon our ally Israel to face armageddon and distance ourselves from traditional Arab allies in the Middle East. Therefore we effectively retreat from our mistakes, our interests, and our allies, to make nice with our former enemies, al Qaeda. It is to our advantage to be seen as weak and ineffectual, for then our enemies will have no reason to hate us and eventually, to destroy us. The image of America standing alone as a pathetic paper tiger is intriguing to our Commander in Chief, but more intriguing to our enemies.

Unfortunately, our enemy doesn’t want to peace in our time: it is an unwritten tenet of their ideology, to destroy us and Western Civilization. Weakness within our leadership and our compromised military is perceived as an opportunity to exploit, and policies of apology and appeasement confirms our weakness. Radical Islam is not soothed by weakness: they are emboldened.

A willingness to let Americans die rather than take a chance of offending the feelings of terrorists and to have Secretary Clinton scream, “What difference does it make?” has destroyed the image and credibility of the leadership of a superpower and by default awarded those same attributes to al Qaeda.

Yet, the Obama Administration is currently on thin ice to defend a cover-up whose sole purpose was to maintain the illusion of victory over al Qaeda, the same group it seeks to build an alliance with. Unfortunately, the country has been wondering about the president’s incompetence or inability to make hard choices during a critical emergency is more damning than the ever changing lies and endless finger pointing to maintain a precarious web of deceit to keep the coverup alive and hide the incompetence of our president and the Secretary of State.

The cornerstone of the president’s reason for the attack and the thrust of blame has been destroyed the former Chief of the CIA. Here is one man who seeks to salvage traces of his honor and dignity by telling the truth. Our president and former Secretary of State are content with lying if it suits their agenda or purpose, and neither one has hesitated to lie in the past, but the past lies have dealt with political corruption and the theft of billions. Benghazi involves lying about the deaths and the culpability of four Americans and the unwillingness to come to their aid.

Americans have a right and a need to know the truth from a regime that tends to resemble an Orwellian nightmare more and more with the passage of time. Sadly, we will continue to hear the orders to “Stand Down” being whispered by those who were in charge for the remaining lifespan of the Republic; yet, we stand aghast at their desire for the dissolution of our freedoms and their insatiable desire for control and power.