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Biden handed Putin to Xi

by Don Surber While everyone is distracted with Trump’s impending arrest, President Xi just called Putin his “dear friend.”Thanks to Joe Biden, America is divided while our two strongest adversaries are now united.pic.twitter.com/QxtibcD9RF— Collin Rugg...

J6 Political Prisoner Trial Update – Evidence of FBI Misconduct

Thread via Julie Kelly As everyone fixates on possible Trump indictment, a massive scandal is rocking the Proud Boys seditious conspiracy trial.   For 2nd time this month, Judge Kelly has suspended the jury trial amid evidence of FBI misconduct.   Today the...

Seymour Hersh Accuses US of Nord Stream ‘Cover Up’

By Jake Johnson The veteran investigative journalist writes that Biden administration officials have been feeding the press false stories to “protect a president who made an unwise decision and is now lying about it.”   In a follow-up to his...

Questions Without Answers About Ukraine

By Victor Davis Hanson Ukrainians, and many Europeans and Americans, are defining an envisioned Ukrainian victory as the complete expulsion of all Russians from its 2013 borders. Or, as a Ukrainian national security chief put it, the war ends with Ukrainian tanks in...




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