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The Trump Indictment: Making History in the Worst Possible Way

by Jonathan Turley: Below is my column in Fox.com on the Trump indictment. There is a report of 34 counts against former President Donald Trump, which may be count stacking based on individual payments or documents. We will have to wait to see. In the meantime, the...

Ukraine War – Russia’s Bakhmut Pincer Tightens

by Simplicius The Thinker Let’s start with Bakhmut this time, and extrapolate out from there, since Bakhmut is the current central point of the war from which everything flowers outward.   Firstly, Zelensky has just given his most candid answer in an interview,...

The Harms of Masking – Part 1

by Jennifer Sey Ever since the Cochrane review was published on January 30, 2023, there has been much written about the ineffectiveness of masking. Or mask mandates. Or both.   We seem to be caught in a tug of war: See they don’t work! vs Yes they do! Except it’s...

Stick a fork in him, he’s done

Stick a fork in him, he’s done

Game over, man. The Trump Grand Jury proceedings have been suspended for the week. Karma has caught Alvin Bragg, who is giving Joe Biden a run for the personal history embellishment award. Manhattan's new District Attorney Alvin Bragg regularly gives speeches about...




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