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Democrats Love Violence

While we are still reeling from this ridiculous first week of 2021, I think there is one thing we should all remember: this kind of chaos is what the Democrats love.

Yeah, they’re all on their high horses after Wednesday, pretending that they are peace-loving and the bringers of unity to the Republic, but we’re actually reaping the seeds that they’ve sown. Unrest has been the leftist modus operandi for a very long time but it has greatly escalated during President Trump’s time in office. They hit the streets and filled their diapers almost the second he was elected in 2016. And they never let up.

The media will go on for months now telling people that Wednesday’s turmoil on Capitol Hill was the only political protest violence that America has had to endure recently because lying about everything is what they do. Those of us who are reality-based remember all of the civil unrest of the last four years though. All of it was supported by Democrats at the highest level.

Matt wrote a post yesterday reminding everyone that Granny Boxwine was urging her minions to stage uprisings:

The Democrats’ past violent rhetoric is coming back to haunt them as they’re falling all over each other to blame Trump for the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday.

Nancy Pelosi, for example, is calling on Trump’s Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment or threatening impeachment otherwise.

In 2018, Nancy Pelosi told reporters she didn’t know why there weren’t “uprisings” over the issue of family separations at the southern border.

“I just don’t even know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country, and maybe there will be when people realize that this is a policy that they defend,” Pelosi said during a press conference. “It’s a horrible thing, and I don’t see any prospect for legislation here.”

Are you feeling the Kumbaya?

What the Republicans can’t do now is let the thoroughly despicable Democrats have an extended PR moment. I was very clear in yesterday’s Briefing that I wasn’t a fan of the stuff that went on in Washington on Wednesday. I had my moment of dismay over the general state of things here in my beloved country but it’s time once again to focus on the hell that the Democrats are going to soon send us to.

A permanently divided America is what the Democrats have been aiming for these past four years. Well, they’ve got it. They don’t get to say that it’s our fault.


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