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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

Let’s get a couple things out of the way right off the bat:

  • Yes, this is an invasion
  • Yes, this is a policy choice
  • Yes, this will fundamentally alter our country and society

Now with all that business cleared out of the way, here’s just a tiny taste of what it’s like to live on the border:

Welcome, Men of the World

As you can see from the video, it looks like a great majority of the “refugees” are single, military-aged men. None appear to be too outwardly destitute.

But keep in mind – the group in the above video already cross the border. Fox’s Bill Melugin reports that the footage is from inside Brownsville, Texas.

So much for Biden’s auxiliary military forces, eh? According to legend, Biden finally broke down and decided that maybe an ounce of sovereignty was in order.

Of course, all that becomes meaningless if anyone is just allowed to waltz across the border, easy as you please.

It also doesn’t matter much if the plan is to “expand legal pathways” into the country in conjunction with Mexico, as Biden is doing.

And of course, that doesn’t count Biden’s solo efforts in this realm.

As to why hundreds of unvetted military-age males are allowed to come and go as they wish, well you already know the answer to that question.

Yes, It’s Invasion

We know the left loves to play word games. Erasure of definition is a very powerful, crucial tool of Marxism.

What is happening at the border is an invasion, plain and simple. Change the coordinates to any other border in the world, and imagine literally millions of people streaming across with almost no resistance.

That is what’s happening on your border.

In Fiscal Year 2022 – just one year mind you – there were 2.76 million known border crossings. As even NBC News points out, that is more than a million over the previous record.

The House Homeland Security Committee notes that since Biden took office, there have been over 1.2 million known gotaways.

A “gotaway” is someone who crossed the border illegally and escaped any sort of capture.

Again – known gotaways. That’s how many people they know snuck in cleanly. How many unknown gotaways have there been?

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