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Moe Lane:

We have a bit of a tradition in this country: it’s one that sprang up when the Iranian regime decided to make the Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying theocratic nutjob Mahmoud Ahmadinejad its public face.  Essentially, this tradition was to make it clear that while it was reluctantly understood that the realities of having United Nations HQ in NYC meant that sometimes we’re forced to let representatives of regimes that we despise come by and stink up the country for a while, it doesn’t mean that we want to make them feelwelcome.  Because they aren’t.  So, when it coems to Ahmadinejad… we walked out on him in 2011We walked out in 2010We boycotted in 2009We left behind a single non-diplomat note taker in 2008We left behind a single non-diplomat note taker in 2007And 2006And 2005.  We have, in fact, been formally walking out on, spurning, and otherwise generally showing our public disapproval for aforementioned Jew-hating, Holocaust-denying theocratic nutjob since he was assigned to his position.

Times change.

“US Officials Stay Seated For Ahmadinejad’s Speech, Israel Walks Out” is how Breitbart put it. I’ll put it as Obama administration embarrasses us on the world stage.  Again.

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