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If you were wondering why I didn’t mention the story, even to do what Nice Deb and some honorable others did, which is to point all the ways in which this “story” seemed like bullshit from the start, it’s because almost all of these bullshit stories turn out to be bullshit, and they will be exposed as false within 24 hours.

And I refuse to waste my time, or more importantly your time. (Oh, why am I lying? I was honest the first time: most importantly, I don’t want to waste my time.)

It’s been about 379 times that “The Walls Are Closing In on Trump” and “If this is true, it’s all over for Trump.”

Even a former hardcore NeverTrumper wrote to me today pointing out all the typical pussies and dimwits who claim they’re Totally Totally Immune to Conspiracy Theories but spend all day pushing the left wing’s favorite conspiracy theory, one written by Hillary Clinton’s Chief Conspiracy Theory Architect, Syd Blumenthal.

And I’m not just saying that — reports from the Clinton years noted that Syd Blumenthal rose as a courtier because he knew how to appeal to Hillary Clinton’s self-justifying, self-pitying persecution complex, by dreaming up conspiracy theories for her to believe in. He invented the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, after all.

He also wrote the first drafts of what we now call the “Steele Dossier,” though Steele seems to just have mostly rewritten Blumenthal’s original reports and slapped his name on top of them to give them the veneer of credibility. (Or, at least: the veneer of having not been written by Syd Blumnethal.)

Other reports were written by Cody Shearer — and take a gander at the sorts of “sources” he pushed into the media in the past.

But NeverTrump, which claims to be “The Intellectual Wing of the Conservative Movement,” can’t help falling every time for conspiracy theories that would have made Richard Mellon Scaife blush in embarrassment.

It amuses me — astounds me, really — that people who pat themselves on the back so vigorously for being about the conspiracy theories of Alex Jones (and call for him to be deplatformed to engage in what turns out to be an actual thoughtcrime) are so eager to promulgate the conspiracy theories that flatter their egos and their sense of the world.

So anyway: The BuzzFeed story about Michael Cohen claiming that Trump told him to lie about a building project in Russia (which is weird, because Don Jr. testified about two such projects in congressional testimony, so why direct a shyster to lie?) is total bullshit.

Please go out there and congratulate John Podhoretz and the translucent soybag Alex Griswold for being So Super Smart to fall for yet another leftwing/NeverTrump fake-news con yet again.

BTW: “The Intellectual Wing of the Conservative Movement” doesn’t seem all that smart, really. They seem to have failed to notice that one of the two “reporters” on this story is an old left-wing fever-swamp favorite, Jason Leopold, who claimed he had it locked-down solid and double-checked that Karl Rove had been secretly indicted in the Valerie Plame non-matter.

So now he’s once again pandering to his fever swamp base once again and promising a Very Merry Early Fitzmas.

And of course the Intellectual Wing of the Conservative Movement falls for it just like the fever-swamp left-wing does.

But don’t draw any conclusions from that! Just because they constantly cite the left wing, defend the left wing, repeat the left wing’s talking points, drink with the left wing, go on the left wing’s TV shows… don’t you dare suggest that they might have something ideologically in common with the left wing!

They’re just smarter than you — and as their left wing palz say, “Reality has a liberal bias.”

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