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To the woman who passed me on the highway the other day. Thank you for the stare. Was the stare part of your “Virtue Signaling” to a deplorable like me? Yes, I noticed the bumper stickers on your newer Subaru.

Nice bumper stickers by the way. RESIST and Make America Green Again

May I ask you a few questions? Just what the hell do you mean by resist? I take it you don’t care for the POTUS. Tough. Our country is a representative democracy. You win some, you lose some.

Resist? What? Are you not paying income taxes? Did you walk out of Nordstrom’s without coughing up your sales tax. Did you tell the State of WI to buzz off you’re not paying state income tax? After all WI is run by Republicans and our state voted for Trump.

Resist? Like the Democrat State Senators who ran away from WI to Illinois and hid like children who didn’t get their way.

Resist? You mean bring a gun to knife fight as our former president once muttered?

Did you stare at me because of my 20 year old truck with the NRA sticker on the back? Funny how you believe in “Freedom of Choice”. Which by the way is not in the Constitution but my rights to own guns are. Why is it always “choice” for the things you approve of? While it is not freedom of choice for those who do not agree with you?

Your moral superiority is nauseating.

The bumper sticker, “Make America Green Again”. Did it make you feel good to place it on your bumper? What does it mean? Funny that sticker wasn’t on the rear flank of your horse as you plodded your way down the highway.

So are we to do away with highways? Cars? Power plants? I bet our country is greener now than when you were born.

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