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The Hockey Schtick

In response to the article The Inevitability of Sea-Level Rise posted at the Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media, I asked the following simple question:

Hockey Schtick says:August 24, 2013 at 12:26 am 

Please explain why sea levels during the last interglacial were 31 feet higher than the present, and Greenland 8C warmer than the present, without anthropogenic forcing. 

What evidence suggests the current interglacial is any different?

After 5 days, no one has stepped up to the plate with a plausible explanation. The fact is that ice melts and sea levels inevitably rise during interglacials, sea levels have been rising for the past 20,000 years during the current interglacialsea levels rose at much, much faster rates in the past, there is no evidence of any human influence of or acceleration of sea levels, and natural sea level rise was much greater than the present during the last interglacial, without man-made CO2.One reply to my inquiry was posted:

Dan Rogers says:August 25, 2013 at 1:46 pm 

We are still in the “last” ice age. It isn’t over yet. All available evidence, as cited by James Lovelock in his Gaia books, indicates that the Arctic Ocean has been ice-free during each of the previous four inter-glaciation periods the planet has experienced over the past two million years or so. So just be patient Mr. Schtick. If history is any guide, there will be further warming before the present ice age finally comes to a close, and we humans will have next to nothing to do with causing it.

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