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Eric Bolling:

Imagine this folks… A journalist’s big moment… Finally arrives… All the tests… All the research… All the homework… The years in journalism school…

And there you are… You find yourself face to face with the President of the United States: The Government is closed; we’re on the verge of economic catastrophe, and you have 5 minutes and a chance to ask the President whatever you want… C’mon reach back… Clocks ticking, Games on the line, Go deep…

For Diana Williams of ABC News…The moment went like this:

“My daughter asked me to ask you, what is the coolest thing about being President?”

Wow hard hitting journalism Diana!  I didn’t go to journalism school but allow me to offer you a tip: Turn on FOX News before the next time you have the Commander in Chief one on one… Jot down the questions we are asking and topics we are debating… But don’t expect to see President Obama answering from a FOX studio… He knows I wouldn’t ask him how “Cool it is to be President” with my time…Nor would any of my colleagues, I assure you.

Then there’s my old Twitter adversary Tommy Christopher. Tommy blogs for Mediaite, A media watch blog… I  love Mediaite… It’s a great media blog… But this week, the little blogger takes the award for dumbest question of the year… At the White House Press Briefing Tommy asked Jay Carney:

Is there a chance the President would be willing to delay ObamaCare for a year if Republicans would agree to delay heart attacks for a year?” Tommy… Dude… What kind of a jackass comment was that?

But I get it… The liberal media can’t help themselves… They have a huge crush on the President. He can do no wrong. “How cool is it, sir?”…. “Delaying heart attacks?”  Are just ways the liberal media show their affection for the President.

But why not ask the tough questions of the President? … Why not ask him how he can claim to have “Cut the deficit in half” when he only really cut *HIS* own deficit in half… The same deficit he himself first quadrupled over his predecessors?  Why not ask the President where are all the drops in insurance premiums he promised once ObamaCare arrived? And, by the way sir, how the hell did you spend $634 million of our tax dollars on a web site that can’t even stay up and running… And you had four years to prepare for?

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