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King Shamus @ The Conservatory:

Welcome To The Golden State—Of Absurdity.

The Cal State University system has now announced that most campuses won’t be accepting any new students for the spring. And only non-California or international students for graduate programs. Because money.

Cal State leaders have told the university’s 23 campuses they will not be allowed to admit California graduate students for the spring term, which starts in January. Budget cuts made the system in the coming spring term unable to afford residents’ heavily discounted education, campus leaders were told. 

But nonresident students — who pay considerably higher fees — remain welcome, at least at some campuses, and that has become an issue leading some rebellious graduate schools to turn away the non-Californians — and the financial windfall they would bring in.

So a state university system has decided to exclude the very students it was created to support. What exactly are California taxpayers getting for their taxes that go to the CSU system then?

I snagged this from Maetenloch’s awesome Overnight Thread at Ace’s place.  Read the rest.  Now.

If you’re like me, you’ll have to read the article a few times just let the epic doucherocketry sink in.  Then you’ll dig deeper, hoping it somehow gets better.  It doesn’t.  It gets worsererer.

Facing uncertain budget prospects, California State University officials announced plans to freeze enrollment next spring at most campuses and to wait-list all applicants the following fall pending the outcome of a proposed tax initiative on the November ballot.

The university is moving to reduce enrollment to deal with $750 million in funding cuts already made in the 2011-12 fiscal year and position itself for at least an additional $200-million cut next year if the tax proposal fails.

The move is a high-stakes gambit that could deny tens of thousands of students access to the state’s largest public university system; it also pressures voters to support the tax increase. That proposal, backed by Gov. Jerry Brown, is intended to avoid so-called trigger cuts that will dramatically affect the state’s public colleges and universities.

Shorter Jerry Brown:  “Hey California, nice state colleges you’ve got there.  Would be a shame if anything happened to them.”

Amazing, really.

Ya know how in a lot of movies, there’s always somebody who says, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists!”?

Well, if the people on California have any brains, that’s just what they’ll say to their hostage-taking governor.

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