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It is important to remember the DNC and RNC are private clubs. Their rules and processes have have no direct connection to the administration of government. They are completely private organizations with the ability to make their own rules, membership terms, conditions and agendas.  You’d be surprised how many people do not know that.

Because they are private clubs it is always laughable when politicians talk about “campaign finance reform”.  Quite simply if either club -or both- wanted to put limits or restrictions on the financial side of their club membership or activity, they could; easy peasy. Those rules have nothing to do with government; the clubs make the decisions not to do so.

In the latest CNN/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll of Iowa Democrats, Joe Biden leads the pack with 27%, followed closely by Bernie Sanders with 25%.  The rest of the field, or potential field, is in the single digits.

Now, let’s get down to business….

Remember, the DNC is a private club.  They set their own member rules, bylaws and regulations.

The DNC is a private club, they do not need to allow anyone to become a member.  The DNC controls the terms for membership.

[The RNC is the same]

Most voters have no idea about how the RNC and DNC being private clubs plays into U.S. elections.  Let’s talk about the open secret.

Like any club, there are dues or fees associated with being a member.  However, the primary currency for members to receive support from the DNC club does not revolve around direct payments to the club.  Instead, the club membership agreement is based upon a much more valuable currency of data gathering.  The citizens, or individual voters, represent the data the club needs to collect.

Private companies like: Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon have business models that are dependent on data collection.  The data is you.  Your data is valuable.  When they have your data; your phone number, address, email, bank account, ip address, geolocation identifiers, pictures, vehicle location etc. they then have control over your profile.  In essence, they know you… and they know your contacts… and your family… and your friends… and your work…. and your dentist… and your diet… and your secrets.

If you use your phone a lot, most people do, your phone holds a lot of your data.  When you plug your phone into your computer the operating software downloads your phone data and transfers it to file sharing systems for transmission via the internet.  Log on to a wifi network and the router automatically uploads that data to the host.  If you plug your phone into a vehicle enabled with GPS or Bluetooth tech the same thing happens; the car downloads your phone data and then transmits it to the vehicle data-center.

Rental car companies make just as much money selling the uploaded phone data of rental car users as they do from the traditional business model of renting you the depreciating car.

In the business realm, the assembled profile allows the data owners to track you and influence you toward purchasing decisions.  You, that is your ‘data profile’, then becomes a commodity; a currency of sorts.  As a commodity the business can sell your data to another business who aggregates thousands, perhaps millions, of other profiles.  Take a picture with your phone and voila, you’ve just shared data with the provider.

Your data is valuable.

The currency of the private club (RNC or DNC) is based on this model.  Data is the trade-able currency for club membership.  If you want to be an important club member; if you want the support of the club’s leadership; well, gather more data.  Gather a lot of data and that data file is worth a great deal to the club management.  They too want to influence your decisions.

Enter Bernie Sanders….

Bernie is a great capitalist.

Bernie is perhaps the greatest capitalist on the left side of the ledger.

Bernie Sanders as a political candidate is a great harvester of data.  What makes Bernie’s harvest so valuable is the type of data profile he is harvesting.   Bernie is harvesting from a key audience.  For whatever reason, the valuable audience loves Bernie.  Jane and Bernie love the value of the audience data.  Yum.

Bernie and Jane know their how to exploit their business model for their benefit.  The DNC club loves that Jane and Bernie know how to harvest.  The club pays Bernie and Jane a premium because their harvest product is full of healthy young data nutrients.

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