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by Ace

Karen isn’t about to shed the Religious Face Covering that makes her righteous and virtuous and feel like she’s a character in A Handmaid’s Tale.
From NPR:

Even With The No-Mask Guidance, Some Pockets Of The U.S. Aren’t Ready To Let Go
In western Washington — the epicenter of the first known U.S. outbreak of the coronavirus — people have adopted masking with zeal, both as a protective measure and as a gesture of solidarity around the COVID-19 pandemic.
…”Turning on a dime and stopping wearing masks, even if I’m fully vaccinated, just feels very sudden,” says Angie Kamel, while walking through Seattle’s Alki Beach neighborhood.
And some people worry that without universal mask requirements, an “honor code” approach will be ripe for abuse.
“I don’t trust other people,” said Jillian Rose, as she waited in line to get her COVID-19 shot the other day. “We’re late in the game, so think about how many other people are out there and are not going to get it at all?”

If you’re vaccinated — what the fuck do you care what other people do?
This isn’t about “health or safety.”
This is what it’s always about: Control by socialist sociopaths.
At the Atlantic, Slate’s leftwing film critic Dana Stevens isn’t ready to give up her mouth-burka just yet:

Excuse Me If I’m Not Ready to Unmask Early on in the pandemic, I vowed to set a high standard for COVID-19 avoidance.

So noble! So elevated!
And what’s this illogical woman’s rational for keeping on the mask despite “The Science” telling her she no longer needs to?
Well, she straight-up admits it: It’s part of the continued #Resistance to Trump.

The pussyhat has migrated to the mouth.

Let’s not forget that for the first 10-plus months of this pandemic the country was led by a bizarrely compassion-free would-be autocrat seemingly incapable of uttering a sentence that did not contain at least one dangerous lie. Americans were put in the position of making personal decisions that had potential life-and-death consequences for every person we met and countless others we would never even see, based on information that was constantly shifting, typically self-contradictory, and far too often coming from dubious sources.

Like from Anthony Fauci, who lied and told people masks were useless?
Oh wait no, you don’t mean Fauci.
You mean the Bad Orange Man.

We were told to inject bleach (or, even more confusingly, sunlight) into our bodies, and saw the seriousness of COVID-19 minimized.

No one said that.

We watched a badly managed crisis shut down our most cherished public institutions, the places where we gather to learn from one another and share in the joy of living: schools, libraries, theaters, concert halls. Worst of all, we saw more than half a million of our fellow citizens–our mothers, fathers, grandparents, spouses, children, colleagues, and friends–die lonely and, in many cases, preventable deaths in overburdened hospitals staffed by medical workers haggard from exhaustion.

More hallucinations — the “overburdened hospital” prediction, with doctors falling asleep on their feet due to the thousands of covid patients, never happened.
Brave Democrats like Andrew Cuomo saw to that, by diverting covid patients away from hospitals and into nursing homes.

Even those government bodies not staffed by sociopaths–the CDC, the World Health Organization–often gave contradictory advice that left us scrambling for concrete guidance. Did we really spend months spraying our groceries with Fantastik and leaving our mail in a box outside the door for two days in order to let any virus on its surface die off? Well, yes, because the articles we were scouring for advice on how to survive suggested that we do so.

Who’s this “we,” you neurotic hysteic?

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