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I’m going to tell a story. Take from it what you will.
In 1973, the SCOTUS decided to impose their will on the people of the country. Some thought it was a great thing and avoided the messy democratic thing. Others were pissed off. This led to a major fracture in American society. The wound never healed.
19 years later realizing the shaky ground they were on the SCOTUS tried to “fix” and “strengthen” the total clusterfuck they made back in 1973. In the end all they did was create clusterfuck ver 2.0. The 1992 ruling opened the flood gates of attempts by the people in many states to overturn the 1973 clusterfuck. Since the federal courts were now the only one able to decide or even understand what their clusterfucks said and knowing what shaky legal ground they were on, the dems invented a litmus test for approving federal judges. They used this test to Bork any judge they thought would undo the the SCOTUS screw up. But that wasn’t good enough they needed to not only make sure the 1973 ruling stood but they also saw a way to do an end around the whole democracy thing and rule by judicial fiat. They racked up “wins” using this method. Wins they would never have been able to secure at the ballot box. So naturally they wanted more power. They wanted it all.
However, there was a slight problem while the judicial filibuster could be used to protect the 1973 ruling as well as other rulings they loved, it also allowed the opposition to stop their total take over of the federal courts. This was unacceptable to the man that wanted to fundamentally change the country and didn’t have the votes to do so. His plan was to use the federal courts to get a lot of that fundamental change. He wanted to pack the lower courts with people who thought liked him and use judicial rule where able for a host of issues to fundamentally change the country. To get around the fact that the filibuster could stop his dreams. He and the majority leader in the senate at that time hatched a plan they called the nuclear option. They would simply change the rules of the Senate sot he minority could no longer stop a judge they didn’t like from being confirmed. They enacted their plan and did away with the judicial filibuster. Then they lost an election or two and the people that they were trying to browbeat into submission had the power to appoint judges that viewed the constitution not as something to get around but as something to uphold and appointed judges who thought the same.
With no judicial filibuster they were able to do this quickly and due to unforeseeable events the opportunity came to appoint several to the SCOTUS. And thus, after 50 years the clusterfuck was cleaned up and sent back to the States to let the people not 9 judges decide. How that turns out is up for grabs, freedom is chaotic, but I would imagine the outcome will be 1000 times better than it was when 9 people decided the fate of 60+million humans was to never draw their first breathe.
Finally, understand none of this would have been possible without the dems overreaching. Without Obama and Reid trying to have it all, the overturning of Roe would never have been possibly. Who knew that when Obama said he wanted to fundamentally change the country. One of those fundamental changes would be the overturning of Roe?
Hubris gets them every single time.


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