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By Huck Davenport

If you have failed to realize we are living through the most significant social, economic, and political revolution in history, it can only be by a herculean effort in self-deception. So powerful is man’s ability “to thrust aside what they do not desire,” is it any wonder history is replete with catastrophes born of those who would substitute hope for reason?

On the Ides of March, Caesar, by ignoring the soothsayer’s pleas, brought about his death, decades of civil war, and the fall of the Roman Republic. Constantine XI thought the walls of Constantinople were impregnable against the sword of Allah, but on the morning of March 29th, 1453, Christendom in the East came to a bloody and unspeakably brutal end. And after meeting with a genocidal madman, Chamberlain proclaimed “peace in our time” with an appeasement that would leave 85 million dead and end the British Empire.

In the latter case, mercifully, a country with immense resources, shared values, and the unwavering moral courage needed to save the world from a tyranny hellbent on racially purifying and enslaving the globe was still standing. That nation exists today, but only in name. As Thucydides warned, it is “men who make the city and not walls nor ships without men.” Indeed, it was the men of the Greatest Generation that manned the ships that saved the world, and they too are gone, and worse, forgotten.

What makes today’s revolution different is the unholy coalescence of inconceivable powerful, yet wholly corrupt institutions; unimaginable technological capability; and the systematic indoctrination of the most depraved ideology the world has ever known.

That our institutions are corrupt and untrustworthy is beyond doubt. The CDC brazenly lied about natural immunity, masks, gain-of-function research, vaccine effectiveness, and safety; the same DOJ that eviscerated immigration law, repeatedly manufactured false allegations against a sitting president and raided his home. A New York City attorney general has indicted a former president, all while actual criminals, both on the streets and in the White House, pillage with impunity. And SCOTUS, our erstwhile constitutional protector, is denounced even by one of its own justices for “reducing constitutional law to policy-driven value judgments until the last shreds of its legitimacy disappear.”

Never before has resistance been so futile. Protestors, without trial, are simply swept away into the D.C. Gulag Archipelago. Bank accounts are summarily closed. Wrong speech, if not censored, will cost you your job, or buy you an armed pre-dawn raid to help get your thinking right. With a $175 billion annual budget, the Department of Homeland “Security” has established the greatest surveillance state ever to have existed outside of the telescreen in Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

With dissent silenced, the unchallenged Uniparty message has infested every crevice of society, including, most ominously, the very soul of the nation.

If this weren’t enough, Uniparty functionaries have embedded their pernicious and radical ideology in every classroom, every boardroom, and every newsroom with the express purpose of creating a new generation of subjects stripped of any sense of justice, any knowledge of history, and, most appallingly, any ability to reason. Thoughtful discourse has given way to temper tantrums, reasoned arguments to obscene shouting, and civility to mob violence.

The new ideology’s revisionism is a direct assault on American exceptionalism. After millennia of human slavery affecting all races, the men who built a country on the principles of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” who did more to advance freedom than any who had come before, and who sacrificed their sons and treasure to end slavery forever, are now poisoned by the original sin of having been born into a world that doesn’t meet the approval of its ungrateful 21st-century descendants, who have no conception that their own freedom was purchased with the blood of those they condemn.

Denounced as heresy are these same constitutional freedoms that have unleashed the immense power of capitalism which, in turn, exponentially improved the quality of life worldwide. No longer would life be, as Hobbs described, “solitary, poor, brutish, nasty, and short;” instead, men could expect the future to be better for their children than it was for them, and still better for their children’s children. Who can think this today?

Public schools have stopped teaching. Instead, children are denigrated for their skin color. They are terrorized by predictions of an imminent climate apocalypse taught as science by a death cult. Their innocence is stolen by debauched drag shows where every conceivable sexual act is simulated. And their heads are filled with the tribal nonsense of multiculturalism, diversity and, now, transgenderism. The absurd notion that you can change your gender, which would be laughable if not for the monstrous surgical mutilations that, reportedly, have Josef Mengele blushing in Hell.

Every second, every day, every year, it only grows worse. The tentacles of the Deep State and its depraved ideology sink deeper and deeper into the roots of society, and, unlike WWII, there is no champion of liberty somewhere across the globe that will be coming to our rescue. In fact, there is the exact opposite. Across the globe waits a sadistic, fascist regime that, like all rising powers, is determined to destroy and enslave the country it perceives as its former oppressor.

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