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Obama is now saying that 500,000 people who previously had insurance now don’t have it, and that is is a lie. The number is much higher. As Andy points out, for this number to be true, every other person who got insurance from Obamacare would have had to have been one of the 4-7 million people who had it taken away from them.

But that’s what they’re willing to admit to.

Less than a half million people whose health insurance was canceled under President Barack Obama’s new law have not yet found other coverage, the administration said Thursday.However, officials said that figure could shrink in the coming days. Americans have until Dec. 23 to purchase insurance and ensure they have no gap in coverage if their current plans are among those that will be canceled at the end of the month.

The cancellations have become a nagging problem for the White House, compounding the widespread technology failures that marred the rollout of the nation’s health care law.

Since the law’s passage in 2010, President Barack Obama repeatedly promised that people who liked their insurance would be able to keep it. However, the law set minimum requirements for coverage, meaning people who obtained subpar plans after the law was passed would have to find new coverage.

More than 4 million people have had their plans canceled because their coverage does not meet the new standards. Some of those people are purchasing new plans through their insurance company or the government exchanges.

So, this is an embarrassment, yes? The law intended to insure the uninsured is instead uninsuring the insured.

Must be time for Obama to make a Speech Law.

Little problem: Most of those who had plans before had good plans, comprehensive plans.

They will now be allowed to purchase catastrophic plans… but at comprehensive plan prices.

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