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by Jim Hoft

The 174 Year Old State of WI Added 29% of Their Entire Voting Population in Only 10 Months.
29% Of Wisconsin’s Entire Voting Population Was Added in 10 Months of 2020
In the 174 year old State of Wisconsin, 29% of their entire voting population was added to their voter rolls in only 10 months. Almost a third of their entire voting population was added in the months leading up to the 2020 election. No one has been arrested or prosecuted. In fact, most who received the 80+ investigative subpoenas didn’t comply. They will face no repercussions because WI Speaker Robin Vos feels the investigation should close down at the end of April.

According the 2021 Legislative Audit Bureau report (pg. 20), WEC collected 957,977 new voter registrations between 1/1 and 11/3 of 2020. About half of those registered online. WEC also reported they had 3,306,906 active registered voters as of January 1st, 2020. These 957k new registrations in 2020 represent a massive 28.97% increase over that active voting population. The Zuckerberg disguised Get Out the Vote effort was collecting an average 21,800 new registrations every single week. These are astronomical numbers for Wisconsin.



The Wisconsin Special Counsel investigating election fraud is headed by Michael Gableman. He’s asking people to contact Robin Vos’s office and request the investigation continue. He provided contact information of 608-266-9171 and Be courteous, but courageous. Demand they extend the contract at least 6 months. Ask they provide substantial funding this time. Mr. Gableman was purposely hobbled with a measly initial budget of $600k.


Professor David Clements hosted a stunning presentation “Election Fraud by Cruise Control“. Data specialist Draza Smith and software engineer Jeff O’Donnell show rampant election irregularities. After a year of this type analysis, they now provide 8 steps on “How to Steal an Election” (at 55min, 50secs). They believe these are the most likely steps used to steal the 2020 election The first and last steps require voter registration manipulation. Step #1: Inflate the voter rolls as high as the population.  Step #8: Clean up the voter rolls as much as possible while no one is looking.

It’s no mystery voter rolls are stuffed and purged around elections. Most election jurisdictions provide voter data once a month which is scrubbed in between. There’s no way to learn of the massive changes made in those weeks between releases. Most State’s don’t offer and won’t allow you to request or purchase voter files for a specific date. You can’t get voter files for each of the 15 days leading up to the election, or the 15 after. You can’t get a voter file specific to election day, or for each day ballot counting was conducted. Until voter information is provided affordably and frequently to the public, we will have registration fraud.
One easy and fast solution would be to force jurisdictions to provide voter files for every day residents can vote. If voting starts 3 weeks before election day, then a voter file must be created for each and every one of those days leading up to election day. Voter files would also be created every day after the election until all ballots are counted and verified. This would be done for both primary and general elections. Only then could the public fully analyze what registration changes are made. But the left has been fighting ferociously to prevent registration transparency.

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