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Michael A. Devine @ The Washington Examiner:

How long must President Obama investigate himself before he can tell the American people what actions he took before, during and after the seven hour attack on Americans inBenghazi?

Presidential press conference as direct examination of friendly cheap gangster witness

How tame is the Washington press corps faced by President Barack Obama yesterday? Mitt Romney was tougher on him in their third “debate”. I counted no more than one or two minimally “tough” questions asked, none competently phrased, and zero effective follow-ups. But why should anyone expect tough questions when the agenda of most of the media is to promote their modern-day liberal ideology and its current Democratic Party champion? The only real quest for the truth among most all self-described “journalists” on matters Libyan, are the efforts of photographers to capture candid camera images of Paula Broadwell’s cleavage.

Four brave Americans were killed on the American consulate grounds in Benghazi, Libya on the eleventh anniversary of the September 11, 2001 al Qaeda’s attacks on the American homeland. The evidence uncovered to date establishes that:

  • the Obama Administration’s acquiescence in Libyan government demands for less American armed force security there than in our Paris embassy;
  • threats and attacks in Benghazi months earlier that prompted several requests directed to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton weeks earlier;
  • the refusal of our government to send help to those requesting help during the 9/11/12 attacks;
  • the State Department and CIA knew the attacks were planned and carried out by organized terrorists including al Qaeda in real-time; and
  • for weeks after the attacks, Administration officials, especially including the President himself, Secretary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, disseminated misinformation blaming them on a spontaneous mob upset with an anti-Prophet Mohammed video produced by an American citizen.

Before the election the main interest of CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN in the story was in pretending a statement made by Republican Mitt Romney about unrelated mobs in Egypt hours before the Libyan attacks were inappropriate comments about Benghazi. Immediately after the election, only crickets could be heard on the matter from the press until the Director of Central Intelligence resigned citing adultery as the cause.

But, given the dead bodies, the desire to feign independent objectivity as the Fourth Estate, and the total solar eclipse-like rarity of President Obama subjecting himself to questions while not sitting on David Letterman’s couch or while sharing a stage with a Republican presidential nominee as prime target; the following question was the first one asked by AP:

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