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White supremacy, domestic terrorism, and violent extremism are all on the rise, according to the FBI, the news media, and top government officials. They point to the January 6 Capitol riot, the Patriot Front white supremacists who recently marched in Washington D.C., and yesterday’s crash into a security barrier near the White House of a U-Haul truck carrying a Nazi flag.

But there is no evidence that white supremacy, domestic terrorism, and violent extremism are actually on the rise. By filing multiple January 6 cases rather than a single one, FBI inflated the statistics, as we documented yesterday. Little is known about the almost entirely masked participants of the Patriot Front, which did not respond to our request for an interview. And the crash of a 19-year-old man with a Nazi flag into a security barrier is as likely to have resulted from mental illness as political radicalization, as is often the case.

Nobody doubts that there remains domestic violent extremism in America. “In the last decade, there have been 77 racially motivated homicides associated with white supremacy,” noted FBI whistleblower Garret O’Boyle, pointing to a recent FBI report.

Perhaps the Patriot Front is a genuine, rapidly-growing white supremacist organization. And perhaps the investigation of the U-haul crash of the 19-year-old man will reveal a broader neo-Nazi plot.

But it’s also clear that the FBI, the news media, and politicians are grossly exaggerating the threat of white supremacy, domestic terrorism, and violent extremism. Seventy-seven racially motivated homicides or violent crimes, noted O’Boyle, are just “seven a year. That’s not some sort of huge epidemic of white supremacy that’s going on.”

It’s hard not to be suspicious of yesterday’s U-Haul crash. The law enforcement who arrived at the scene of the U-Haul crash, against protocol, carefully laid out the Nazi flag as though trying to create a photo-op.

The “Patriot Front” is weirdly mysterious for a group supposedly committed to building a movement. “These guys were arrested and processed without ever taking off their masks or their backpacks,” noted an FBI whistleblower who asked to remain anonymous. “It’s like they’re in character and the cops already know their identity. The government has put monikers on people and organizations I know to be false, so I don’t take their word for anything.”

And it is particularly hard not to be suspicious given revelations that federal and local law enforcement may have had hundreds of undercover officers and confidential informants present at the January 6 riot.

As for discrimination, surveys of public opinion show that tolerance for racial and sexual minorities is at an all-time high in the United States.

As such, what’s increasing isn’t white supremacy and domestic terrorism, but rather disinformation about them. Yesterday we described how President Biden, the FBI, and the mainstream news media are exaggerating the threat of racism and violence as a strategy to discredit, demoralize, and demonize conservatives.

Today we present strong evidence that the FBI is targeting and investigating Americans who hold other disfavored views, including around Russia and animal cruelty, as well as those individuals who plainly suffer from a mental disability or illness. “The threats we have under DVE [Domestic Violent Extremism] are almost all conservatives,” FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin told Public, “but now there are some leftists. We’re all on the same chopping block.”

Yesterday, whistleblower Steve Friend described how the FBI considered opening an ISIS terrorism case on a mentally ill adolescent girl without sufficient predication. It turns out it was not an isolated incident. O’Boyle saw a similar case in which the FBI investigated a mentally ill young man in his late teens or early twenties. “The SWAT team even showed up,” O’Boyle said. “That seems like a pretty heavy-handed tactic.”

The FBI investigated members of a Berkeley, California-based animal rights group called Direct Action Everywhere (DxE). In 2017, the FBI investigated DxE under the pretext of “domestic terrorism” after activists stole two dying piglets from an industrial pig farm.

The FBI recently investigated the African People’s Socialist Party because members of the organization received a small donation from a Russian national and failed to register as foreign agents. Now, the Department of Justice is charging four members of the group, including its 81-year-old leader, with sowing discord and spreading Russian propaganda. They could go to prison for 10 years.

Last week, the House Select Subcommittee Report on the Weaponization of the Federal Government noted that the FBI has been systematically reclassifying cases as DVE and attempting to manufacture DVE cases. The Subcommittee discovered that the FBI is “manipulating its case categorization system to create the perception that DVE is organically rising around the country.”

Seraphin said that for 2022, the FBI predicted that they would disrupt 600 terrorist operations but only disrupted 397. Even this figure is probably inflated. “You have to believe that the FBI disrupted a terrorist every single day and twice on Sunday for that to make sense,” Seraphin said.

Why is the FBI intentionally inflating domestic terrorism cases, padding statistics, and violating the privacy of millions of Americans? Public investigated the troubling trends and incentives that have turned the FBI into a domestic spy agency.

The FBI’s Pathological Abuse Of Power

As it attempts to hunt down non-existent cases of domestic terror, the FBI is also illegally spying on millions of Americans through willful abuse of FISA, the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Section 702 of FISA allows the FBI to conduct warrantless searches on Americans suspected of communicating with foreign targets. Last Friday, a newly unsealed FISA court document revealed that the FBI conducted 278,000 improper searches in 2021, a blatant Fourth Amendment violation. As the anonymous FBI whistleblower told Public, FISA is a broken system that allows agents to change the details of a case before it is reviewed.

This opens the door for agents to falsify documents in order to misuse FISA. “Unscrupulous actors within the organization or within the DOJ could fundamentally change the facts pertinent to the FISA case,” he said. “And when it goes before the court, no one was the wiser.” According to the anonymous whistleblower, who was part of a team tasked with revamping FISA, “There was no oversight.”

Additionally, the FBI can still use the National Security Letter (NSL) provision of the Patriot Act to investigate Americans without alleging any criminal activity. “Secret subpoenas, bank records, phone records, toll records, anything unencrypted, Google warrants, travel – you name it,” Seraphin said. “Pretty much everything you can think of.”

Through NSL, the FBI can open investigations that continue indefinitely without evidence of criminal acts as long as the FBI alleges a threat and updates the paperwork every 90 days.

FBI has in place perverse incentives for its employees. O’Boyle recalls that professional benefit was a motivating factor for a Title III domestic terrorism investigation. (Title III is the FBI’s criminal wiretap regulation.) “There hasn’t been a Title III and a domestic terrorism investigation for at least five years,” O’Boyle said. “So they all make it into this big deal.”

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