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Don’t read below if you want to avoid being #Triggered.

Quick, I need CNN to instruct me that the leftwing media do not support antifa (in between explicitly supporting them on their opinion shows) and therefore are not responsible for their domestic terrorism.

Here’s a meme going around, which I think is true: These NPCs don’t have human empathy. They’re developmentally disabled as far as empathy, like sociopaths.

Little children gain the power of empathy through imagination and experience. They know what it feels like to be physically hurt; it makes them cry.

For a period, they cannot imagine what it might feel like to someone else to be hurt, and they laugh at other’s hurts; but eventually, the power of empathetic imagination develops, and they can see themselves in the other person being hurt, and they link it to their own memories of being hurt, and they feel empathy.

Empathy makes us human, obviously. The Voigt-Kampff test from Blade Runner could tell a robot from a human being based on the subject showing, or not showing, the physical signs of empathy for another living being.

These NPCs are very much like human-shaped robots. They’re sociopaths. They’re Replicants. They are incapable of seeing other people and wondering what terror feels like from their perspective.

And they’re proud of it. Yglesias is bragging about being a sociopath here.

I can’t “dehumanize” them. They dehumanize themselves, then openly brag about not being quite human.

The thing is, you can’t teach him empathy. He’s past the age when little children learn it. He’s a sociopath for life.

I guess since he can’t imagine the terror Tucker Carlson’s wife felt, he could only experience that feeling if it were visited on he himself. And since that’s not happening, he feels pretty good about laughing about it.

Look at this Fatboy:

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