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The World Health Organization, which worked hand in hand with China to spread disinformation about the coronavirus, says that it’s not its fault if a million people will die because the WHO gave the world “enough time to intervene.”

The WHO’s logic is impeccable. Apparently, its leaders think because they declared a “Global Health Emergency” on January 30 that nations should have locked down, shut down, and sheltered in place immediately.

Meanwhile, the WHO had people on the ground in Wuhan who knew how bad it was in China and how bad it was likely to get once people exposed to the virus left China to go home.


The agency declared Covid-19 a global health emergency on Jan. 30 when there were only 82 cases outside of China and zero deaths, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said during a press conference on Friday. “Meaning, the world had enough time to intervene.”

“Me and my colleagues believe that,” he added. “To declare a global emergency in that situation I think it says it all. It says it all.”

What it says is, “I’m a bureaucrat and I’m covering my behind.” And the WHO also declared a global health emergency in 2009 during the Swine Flu and 2014 during the Ebola crisis. I don’t recall nations “intervening” by shutting themselves up behind closed doors.

Tedros also emphasized that WHO sent a team of scientists and infectious disease experts in February to China when there were “many unknowns” and the outbreak “was raging.”

“We didn’t waste any time. We didn’t want to waste any time,” he said. “I remember then people advising us then not to travel to China because this virus is new … and we said, ‘No, we go.’”

The outbreak in China had been “raging” since early January. Unfortunately, the Chinese Communists forgot to tell anyone, and WHO graciously played along with them.

Tedros also said the agency had warned developed countries early that the virus would “surprise” them. “It did. We said that,” he said on April 20. “Let’s stop additional surprises.”

“Told ya so” is hardly a defense. And warning industrialized nations that the virus would “surprise” them is about as vague and nondescript as it gets as far as warnings go. After all, we’re not talking about presents for Christmas. We’re talking about a million lives at risk.

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