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by Ace

The white leftist woman’s white leftist simps also got violent with Larry Elder’s people as they attempted to protect him.
The media is almost entirely embargoing it. The only mention in the national media came in a NYT story about Kumala Harris campaigning for Newsom. The racially-charged attack on a black gubernatorial candidate was only mentioned in paragraph 14 as some disposable color and flavor.
No mention at all in the Washington Post or at the LA Times, which has encouraged this type of attack by running story after story claiming that the black candidate is really a White Supremacist with a tan.

Update: f’d up says that Chris Plante found it on page 10 of the Washington Post.


CNN did give the racist attack on a politician a five second mention, a single time.



Hey, it’s not as serious as a garage-door pull-rope at NASCAR, after all!

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