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By Sister Toldjah

I don’t know how many other ways it can be said that President Biden royally screwed the pooch with the bitterly divisive speech he gave in Georgia Tuesday where he told people that if you don’t share his views on changing the Senate’s rules on the filibuster as well as federalizing elections that you were no better than racist Democrats from days gone by like Bull Connor, George Wallace, and Jefferson Davis.
Republicans are saying it. Democrats are saying it. Even the Democrat apologists in the MSM are saying it in the context of Biden having a brutal week politically-speaking.
Short of going old school and directly telling Joe Biden “dude, you totally ****ed up,” it doesn’t appear that the current Oval Office occupant nor anyone in his administration is going to get it. This was made even more evident during today’s White House press briefing when Fox News reporter Peter Doocy point-blank asked press secretary Jen Psaki what happened to the guy who promised to be the uniter in chief, who said during his inaugural speech that we can’t make progress if we view our political opposition as the enemy?

Psaki gave a mind-blowingly wacked answer, telling Doocy that Biden was not “comparing them as humans, he was comparing the choice to those figures in history and where they’re going to position themselves as they determine whether they’re going to support the fundamental right to vote or not.”

What absolute hot garbage.
First off, everyone supports the “fundamental right to vote.” At issue here is not the right to vote, but federalizing elections which among other things would make it much easier for voter/election fraud to take place. So no, I’m pretty sure that not a single Republican nor Democrat who isn’t going along with Joe Biden’s agenda currently is worried that they will “go down in history” as someone who “opposed voting rights.”
Secondly and far more importantly, the racist Democrats Biden referenced were some vile people who said and did horrible things about and to people who didn’t look like them. That is not remotely similar at all to disagreeing with Joe Biden (who in the past has bragged about breaking bread with segregationists), Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi on the specifics of what they’re trying to do with the so-called “voting rights bill” that in reality would be a massive, unchecked power grab for Democrats if it went through.

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