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by sundance

The people who control the current White House occupant have released a statement [SEE HERE] setting the stage for the federal government to trigger a DOJ investigation of Kyle Rittenhouse.  The Obama crew is leaning forward to trigger AG Merrick Garland by expressing that Joe Biden is “feeling angry and concerned“.
As the ideology is expressed, Rittenhouse should be investigated because he violated the civil rights of the “protestors” in Kenosha, Wisconsin, when he interfered with their constitution right to free speech.  That’s why they call riots, protests.  All violence the leftists support is ‘speech’, and all speech the leftists do not support is labeled violence.


The recent precedent for this approach was established by the same White House team when Obama instructed former AG Eric Holder to investigate Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson in the aftermath of the Mike Brown shooting, and the decision not to press charges.
The leftists in control of the Communist Democrat party, never accept defeat.  Instead, they exhaust every attack angle turning to their Lawfare practices and use the full weight of the federal government, unlimited resources provided by taxpayers, to target their opposition.  Main Justice then instructs the FBI.
[Insert similar targeting examples of James O’Keefe and Steve Bannon here.]  
As Americans are now fully aware – the FBI are the fully controlled federal police force of the communists now occupying DC.

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