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The Blaze:

President Barack Obama did not attend Sunday’s massive march in Paris to honor the victims of last week’s terror attacks, and the White House is not explaining his absence.

Asked directly about Obama’s absence among dozens of other world leaders, a White House spokeswoman only addressed a question about Attorney General Eric Holder.

World leaders linked arms and marched together at a unity rally that numbered more than 1 million people. Among the attendees were Angela Merkel of Germany, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, King Abdallah of Jordan and the brother of the Emir of Qatar, marching with French President Francois Hollande. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attended, walking feet away from each other. All told, some 50 world leaders attended.

TheBlaze asked the White House press office to comment on why Obama did not participate in the rally. In a follow up question, TheBlaze asked if Holder — who went to Paris for an anti-terrorism summit — is part of the march.

The White House spokesperson responded,”We’d refer you to DOJ for questions about the AG’s schedule,” in an email.

TheBlaze asked again about Obama’s absence. The White House did not immediately respond.

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