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he White House Correspondents Association held a closed-door Town Hall event last Thursday to unite behind a singular ideological political narrative.

According to published reports of the event [via CNN ] the Association’s prevailing theme was a rallying call there must be “unity” against the Trump administration.

[…]  Mason, a reporter at Reuters, has been emphasizing press corps “unity” in the six months he has been president, and he said that it was a theme of Thursday’s annual meeting.

He said he defined “unity” as “not allowing the divisions of the press corps to be exploited.” (read more)

“Exploited”?  Ah yes, the herd mindset must be retained if the echo-chamber is to battle united against a singular ideological adversary, President Donald Trump.

Note to Team Trump – Please, for the sake of all things sane, cancel the insufferable White House Correspondents dinner.  Send a message, establish a set of standards. Work around these insufferable dolts and cast them into the pit of irrelevance.

Not a single mainstream media outlet, on the left or the right side of the political continuum, has looked honestly into the mirror, admitted their inherent faults and committed to any change in management, approach or journalistic personnel.  Exactly the opposite, they’ve quadrupled down on the same old – same old.

With the Potemkin Village fully exposed corporate media have simply hired a new brand of journo-construction workers, given them “fake news” uniforms, and dispatched them to stucco report on Russians. R-U-S-S-I-A-N-S.  Think about it.

Consider the media request for access as you would any employment application:

♦ Drug test anyone who requests credentials for the White House.  Conduct background checks, criminal checks and credit checks via a third party security vendor.  Dismiss any applicant who does not pass a strict background check.

♦ Keep using twitter and facebook daily, or as determined to send direct messaging to a news-consuming public. Keep using social media, and/or any alternate communications platforms to communicate with the American People.

♦ Establish a strict dress code for credentialed media. No casual days, ever. 100% business professional, 100% of the time.  No business casual, ever.

♦ Discontinue the live-feed broadcast of the Daily White House briefing. Stop allowing a press briefing to be the daily news lede ‘in-and-unto-itself’. Only conduct the WH press briefing when POTUS is actually in the White House. Set an earlier time for the press briefing – ex. 7:30am daily, for a set amount of time, ex. 1hr. Deliver the day’s bullet-pointed news as it pertains to the White House and current events, answer questions and be done.

♦ Draw a distinction between “interviews” and “press conferences”.  Pressers should be short question and answer sessions; eliminate long-winded background set-ups for questions in press conferences.  Background expository prior to a question is an interview technique during an interview, not a press conference.

♦ Eliminate “exclusive interviews”, which are notorious for editing and disinformation.  When granting interviews bring in two media entities to conduct an interview; one each from either side of the political continuum, and they can interview together – taking turns on the questions.

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