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By Alex Berenson

Nancy Reagan would be proud.
Americans are just saying no to mRNA shots.
The unvaccinated are staying that way, and demand for boosters continues to crater.
Barely 1 million third shots were given last week, and even that figure overstates real demand. Failed and now dropped booster mandates on health-care workers drove it.

Meanwhile, fewer than 75,000 unvaccinated people a day are rolling up their sleeves for the first time.
That number is also headed for zero, as companies like Google drop vaccine mandates and countries open their borders. No one who is not vaccinated now will do so voluntarily, and very soon none of those people will have any reason to submit.
The collapse in vaccine demand has gone basically unreported in the elite media.
No wonder.
It makes the public health posturing about how to handle Covid’s next phase even more insipid. While epidemiologists debate triggers for future interventions and the advantages of Omicron- versus original boosters, Americans are showing in the most profound way that the mRNA jabs are medicine’s version of New Coke. I got ya mandate right here.
All the hype in the world can’t save a lousy product.
Meanwhile, over 100 million jabs are sitting in freezers, slowly approaching their expiration dates. And even more are coming.

The United States has ordered and paid for 1 billion mRNA shots, split evenly between Pfizer and Moderna, at a cost of almost $20 billion. About 533 million have been given out, which leaves 467 million to go.

Current vaccine uptake, including boosters, is about 10 million shots a month (and dropping). The vaccines have a nine-month storage life even frozen.
You do the math. Unless something changes, American taxpayers will spend several billion dollars on hundreds of millions of vaccine shots that are headed for the great mRNA factory in the sky.

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