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One agent, Garrett O’Boyle, said that he joined the FBI to catch “bad guys,” but “Bad guys are running part of the government now.”

All of it, I’d say. Is every single person in government a criminal? No, of course not. But the criminals are “running” it. The non-criminals are afraid.

As a government becomes more corrupt, it must become more corrupt still to cover up its prior corruptions.

FBI whistleblower Garret O’Boyle said during the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing Thursday that the organization has created an “Orwellian atmosphere.””Too many in the FBI aren’t willing to sacrifice the hard right over the easy wrong,” he said during his opening statement. “They see what becomes of whistleblowers-how the FBI destroys their careers, suspends them under false pretenses, takes away their security clearances and pay with no true options for real recourse or remedy.”

“This is by design,” he continued. “It creates an Orwellian atmosphere that silences opposition and discussion.”

…The whistleblowers allege that the FBI has inflated statistics on “domestic violent extremism.”

One FBI intelligence agent dared to question the veracity of Christopher Wray’s congressional testimony.

That’s right — someone thinks that Christopher Wray may be lying in his representations to Congress.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from the psychological shock of hearing that.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of this forgotten 80s gem while you re-gather your wits.

Back to the article:

A decorated FBI intelligence analyst has alleged to the Justice Department watchdog and Congress that he was retaliated against and his security clearance suspended for raising concerns about the factual accuracy of Director Christopher Wray’s testimony to lawmakers about the investigation into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, according to a letter obtained by Just the News.The lawyer for Intelligence Analyst Marcus Allen told Congress his client, a retired Marine, was once named the FBI employee of the year in his Charlotte, N.C., office but today has found himself without a paycheck and sidelined after raising concerns about the accuracy of Wray’s testimony during a Senate hearing.

In fact, FBI leaders even questioned Allen’s “allegiance to the United States” before suspending his security clearance even though Allen served tours of duty during the Iraq war after the Sept. 11 attacks, wrote attorney Tristan Leavitt, the president of the Empower Oversight whistleblower center that is representing the analyst.

“These circumstances strongly suggest Mr. Allen’s leadership retaliated against him for disclosing his concerns about the veracity of Director Wray’s congressional testimony and suspended Mr. Allen’s security clearance as reprisal for that protected whistleblower disclosure to his supervisors,” Leavitt wrote in a letter sent to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on April 26 and obtained this week.

…At issue is testimony Wray gave in March 2021 at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing when, under questioning Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., he left the impression to some that the FBI or law enforcement had not infiltrated certain groups like the Proud Boys that were blamed for the violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

…Allen met to clear the air with some supervisors after learning his communication questioning Wray’s testimony had ruffled feathers. A few months later he got a “massive shock,” his lawyer alleged.

“Despite being told the matter had been resolved, on January 10, 2022, the FBI proposed to suspend Mr. Allen’s Top Secret clearance on the basis of security concerns related to Adjudicative Guideline A — ‘Allegiance to the United States,'” Leavitt wrote. “The letter stated: ‘The Security Division has learned you have espoused conspiratorial views both orally and in writing and promoted unreliable information which indicates support for the events of January 6th.‘”

Leavitt wrote that the “FBI’s suspension of Mr. Allen’s security clearance, which directly cited his protected disclosure, is a clear violation” of federal law protecting whistleblowers.”

Allen is black, by the way. Making him the newest recruit to the cause of Black White Supremacy.

Here are some of the pre-written opening statements of the three witnesses speaking today.

Intelligence Analyst Marcus Allen has alleged that the bureau suspended his security clearance for raising concerns about the factual accuracy of testimony that FBI Director Christopher Wray gave to Congress about the events of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. During a March 2021 hearing, Wray made remarks suggesting that the FBI or law enforcement had not infiltrated certain groups that attracted blame for violence at the Capitol during the incident.After viewing a news article suggesting the opposite, Allen wrote to his supervisors asserting that “there is a significant counter-story to the events of 6 January 2021 at the US Capitol. There is a good possibility the DC elements of our organization are not being forthright about the events of the day or the influence of government assets.”

He has been unemployed and without health insurance for his family for a year since Wray suspended him without pay.

Also appearing in hearing will be Special Agent Garret O’Boyle, who has testified that the FBI prioritized investigations into anti-abortion groups in the aftermath of the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson decision that overturned the constitutional right to the procedure.O’Boyle questioned the point of such an approach, noting that it was pro-abortion protesters who demonstrated outside of the homes of Supreme Court justices. He further contended that he was asked to speak to his anti-abortion informant about potential threats against the justices and that the FBI wanted its agents to look into pregnancy centers.

In his prepared statement, O’Boyle will tell lawmakers of the atmosphere the bureau creates surrounding the practice of whistleblowing.

…In the remarks, O’Boyle recalls the oath he swore to defend the country, but laments that “[m]y oath, however, did not include sacrificing the hopes, dreams, and livelihood of my family: my strong, beautiful and courageous wife and my four sweet and beautiful daughters, who have endured this process along with me.”

“In weaponized fashion, the FBI allowed me to accept orders to a new position half- way across the country. They allowed us to sell my family’s home,” he continues. “They ordered me to report to the new unit when our youngest daughter was only two weeks old. Then, on my first day on the new assignment, they suspended me; rendering my family homeless and refused to release our household goods, including our clothes, for weeks.”

He says he had to beg friends and neighbors for winter clothes for his children while the FBI kept his possessions locked up.

Special Agent Stephen Friend will also testify to his experience blowing the whistle. Friend made a complaint to the Office of Special Counsel alleging that he was suspended for raising concerns about the bureau’s alleged manipulation of crime statistics, its treatment of Jan. 6 defendants, and its use of SWAT teams.”At each level of my chain of command, leadership cautioned that despite my exemplary work performance, whistleblowing placed my otherwise bright future with the FBI at risk. Special agents take an oath to protect the US Constitution,” he will say. “The dangers of federal law enforcement overreach where hammered home to me when I was required to attend trainings at the Holocaust Memorial Museum and MLK Memorial. I cited my oath and training in my conversations with my FBI supervisors. Nevertheless, the FBI weaponized the security clearance processes to facilitate my removal from active duty within one month of my disclosures.”

“In addition to an indefinite, unpaid suspension, the FBI initiated a campaign of humiliation and intimidation to punish and pressure me to resign,” his statement continues. “In violation of HIPPA, individuals at the FBI leaked my private medical information to a reporter at the New York Times. In violation of the Privacy Act, the FBI refused to furnish my training records for several months.

“The FBI denied my request to seek outside employment, in an obvious attempt to deprive me of the ability to support my family. Finally, the FBI Inspection Division imposed an illegal gag order in an attempt to prevent me from communicating with my family and attorneys,” he concludes.

Democrats support this and are furthering Wray’s smears of these men.

They also report that the FBI sought citizens’ bank records without a subpoena, and that Bank of America — which really needs serious government sanctions against it — was all too willing to rat out their customers.

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