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Of course, this was all covered up.

Banking whistleblowers first began raising alarms about Hunter Biden’s business deals as long ago as Spring 2015 while his father was still serving as vice president, flagging what they feared were “suspicious” transactions and “fraudulent” schemes. One of the bankers became so concerned he eventually escalated his concerns to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) only a few days before Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, according to documents provided to Congress and obtained by Just the News.“Due diligence on involved parties reveals less than clean records,” a Morgan Stanley investment bank compliance presentation from May 2015 stated, specifically providing a dossier about Hunter Biden’s background, his expulsion from the Navy, his association with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings and photos of the future first son with Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

The presentation is one of the earliest known whistleblower activities to raise serious questions about Hunter Biden and his foreign business exploits. It triggered suspicious activity reports (SARS) filed by banks and a SEC complaint that would eventually lead to the 2016 indictment of several Hunter Biden business partners in a bond fraud scheme and later FBI and IRS investigations targeting Hunter Biden himself for tax evasion.

While SARS reports are frequently generated by compliance officers in the financial industry, the step of independently reporting information directly to the SEC is much more rare.

The documents obtained by Just the News chronicle the efforts by at least one vice president inside the Morgan Stanley investment bank to blow the whistle on companies affiliated with Hunter Biden and one of his chief business partners, Devon Archer. The concerns included that the firms may have been involved in a fraudulent bond scheme with the Native American Wakpamni tribe and may have improperly benefited from tax dollars in a separate technology investment.

Eventually two Morgan Stanley officials would file whistleblower complaints seeking investigations with federal agencies, according to interviews of people involved with the complaints. To date, there is no indication how those federal agencies under Presidents Barack Obama, Donald Trump or Joe Biden handled the information.

I assume the information was simply hidden from Trump. The #Resistance is a criminal conspiracy and its members should be arrested and prosecuted for it.

Representative Comer says he can make the case that Joe Biden is “the ringleader” of an international bribery conspiracy.

House Oversight Chairman James Comer says that he can make a good argument that President Joe Biden is the “ringleader” in the alleged crimes committed by his family that are being investigated by his panel.”This is an investigation of Joe Biden and it’s getting closer and closer to Joe every day,” Comer said on the “The Great America Show with Lou Dobbs” podcast. “I could make the argument that there’s already enough evidence to point to Joe being the ringleader of this-not just knowing, not just lying about it, but being the ring leader.”

Last month, Comer accused Biden of abusing his power as vice president by allowing his son to travel aboard Air Force Two to help score foreign business deals and has demanded the National Archives turn over all flight records from such trips.

“I said, ‘RICO’ in an interview about three weeks before they tried to use RICO against Trump,” Comer said during the interview, referring to the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations law that provides for extended criminal penalties for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization.

“And I think they realize that this is organized crime-that the evidence points to this being organized. And look, you know, you could easily say Hunter Biden was involved in a RICO deal,” Comer continued.

As more and more is revealed about Biden’s involvement in a foreign bribery scheme as Vice President, the question of what Obama knew and when he knew it becomes more important.

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