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by JD Rucker

Editor’s Note: First and foremost, Dr. Gal Luft is the most credible possible witness based on his history which is why the Department of Justice has smeared him as an arms dealer. Second, there is absolutely no reason to doubt any aspect of his story, not just because he’s credible but because there is no possible benefit for him to come forward in 2019 other than to expose the truth.

Last but not least, everything he said in the video  jibes with all that we have been able to piece together from other whistleblowers as well as common knowledge of the Biden Crime Family. This is the bombshell of bombshells against the Bidens, which is why it will be buried and “debunked” by corporate media. It is incumbent on patriotic Americans to spread this story as widely as possible. Here’s the news story from Discern Reporter:

Dr. Gal Luft, an American-Israeli energy expert, has accused the Department of Justice (DOJ) of targeting him unfairly in order to protect President Joe Biden. In a video statement obtained by the New York Post, Luft claimed that he had provided evidence of corruption involving the Biden family to the FBI and DOJ in March 2019, prior to Biden’s presidential campaign announcement. However, he alleged that he received no response from the DOJ until he was arrested earlier this year in Cyprus on charges of illegal arms trading, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, and lying to the FBI.

According to the Post, Luft has been considered the “missing witness” in the House Republicans’ investigation into the business dealings of the Biden family for several months. House investigators have been unable to locate him to request his testimony before Congress.

Luft, who primarily resides in Israel, stated that he had offered to meet with the DOJ in 2019 to provide evidence and information regarding Hunter Biden’s involvement with CEFC, a now-defunct Chinese energy company. He had served as an advisor to CEFC for approximately four years while Hunter and the company were working together.

Luft revealed that he met with a six-person team from the DOJ and FBI, including two prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, Daniel Richenthal and Catherine Ghosh, and Special Agent Joshua Wilson of the Baltimore field office. Wilson’s signature would later appear on the subpoena authorizing the FBI to seize Hunter’s laptop from a Delaware computer repair store.

In addition to disclosing Hunter’s connections to CEFC, Luft claimed that he informed the DOJ about a mole within the FBI who was allegedly providing information to the Biden family. According to Luft, CEFC executives had provided him with information about the mole, who was known as “One-Eye” due to a distinctive physical feature.

“Following the Brussels meeting, I never received any communication from the DOJ. Instead of acknowledging my whistleblowing, I became their primary target. Over the subsequent four years, my family, friends, associates, and I have all faced harassment, intimidation, and, eventually, prosecution,” Luft stated.

Luft has called on the DOJ to release his indictment and the evidence against him to the public, as he faces a potential 100-year prison sentence if convicted. He vehemently denies the charges brought against him.

According to Luft, he was arrested in Cyprus in February and was awaiting possible extradition to the United States when he managed to escape. He is currently in hiding from U.S. authorities in an undisclosed location.

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“While detained in Cyprus, the international media portrayed me as an arms dealer, despite having never engaged in any arms trading in my entire life. In fact, nowhere in my indictment does the DOJ claim or present evidence of me buying, selling, shipping, or financing weapons,” Luft clarified.

Luft also revealed that he was charged under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) for ghostwriting an article published in a Chinese newspaper under the name of former CIA head James Woolsey. The indictment alleges that Luft caused a $6,000 payment from CEFC to Woolsey for the article.

“Nowhere in the indictment does the DOJ mention the well-known fact that Mr. Woolsey had been an advisor to my think tank since 2002, nor does it acknowledge that the article represented a Chinese interest. On the contrary, the notion that I, Gal Luft, manipulated a CIA director with policy proposals on China, treating him like a pawn, is not only an insult to the intelligence community but also an insult to every American,” Luft asserted.

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