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Sick bastards:

Maj. Charles Wagenblast, a military intelligence reservist, brought home this story from Afghanistan about an Afghan colonel:

One of the colonels that we both knew had been accused of raping a chai boy, badly. They all have chai boys, it’s not some perverted thing, it’s just what they do. Women are for juma. The only time you interact with your wife is on Friday, the rest of the time it’s chai boys. He had been raping this chai boy, which is normal, but he had hurt him really bad. That caused the medical people to get involved and other forces. So he’s there in front of the judge, who is an imam. It’s religion mixed with law, the whole code of law would fit in a pamphlet and then there’s the Koran there on top of it. Anyway, his defense was, “Honestly, who hasn’t raped a chai boy? Ha ha ha.” And the judge goes, “You’re right. Case dismissed.”

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