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by Ace

Putting a lid on America.
I’ve said this before, but to repeat: this is a violation of the most basic protocols of state-to-state summits. These are supposed to be meetings of equals: President meets PM (or President).
The head of state meets heads of state. Underlings meet underlings. Secretaries of State meet the counterparts, or the head ambassador to their country.
If Harris is to welcome anyone, it should be a deputy PM or something. Not the head of state.
But apparently Gropey Joe’s Brain Pills aren’t working again, and he’s now sundowning around noon-ish.
And the press will of course cover it up.
I don’t think this is a slight.

I think it’s because Biden is simply not mentally nor physically able to work more than 6 to 8 hours *per week.*
So, this fresh disaster.

According to his official schedule, Biden was to host Yoshihide Suga for an “official working visit” at 1:30.
At 2:10, Biden was scheduled to host the prime minister “for an expanded bilateral meeting.”
According to CBS News,the two are likely to discuss climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and North Korea.
Biden and Suga are scheduled to hold a press conference in the White House Rose Garden at 4:15 ET.

Harris began her comments at the meet and greet by addressing Thursday night’s mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis that resulted in eight deaths.
But he’s a no-show.

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