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Trans and alphabet activists are in a mighty cranky mood in Oklahoma these past few weeks. The legislature there has teed up some bills that have the usual suspects Big Mad.

What’s “discrimination” in the eyes of the ACLU?
Not being allowed to castrate little boys and lop the breasts off of pre-pubescent girls, for one. Nor receive the “gender-affirming care” that encourages doing exactly those things until the child reaches his/her age of majority, and can, hopefully, make a lucid decision of their own. Banning those brutal, irreversible practices on children is what constitutes “discrimination” in the eyes of trans/alphabet fanatics.

…Trans rights activists told the outlet Monday that the proposed legislation was misguided, and would likely have deadly consequences for Oklahoma’s LGBTQIA+ community.
Lawmakers fear the trans community as if trans people are coming for their kids, but in reality, trans people just want to live and mind their business,” said one demonstrator, identified only as Laine.
She also claimed that even restricting access to non-surgical treatment would be harmful.
…“Working to ban HRT and other trans health care is active genocide,” Benjamin Patterson, a trans man, told the Oklahoma Daily.

Those common sense restrictions are precisely what Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt asked for when he addressed the members at the opening of the OK legislative session yesterday (and look at Twitter protecting all of us from hearing him speak the words…).
After firing up the social justice warrior community with the most outrageous examples of some of the proposed bills while exaggerating the contents of others…
…activists and alphabet types descended on the capitol building in Oklahoma City for a rally that coincided with the start of the session.
It’s pretty amazing, the difference in coverage protests receive, depending on who’s carrying the signs. For instance, a local news source called “Tulsa World” characterized it as a “gathering.”

Photos: Transgender rights protesters gather at Oklahoma Capitol ahead of State of the State
Several Republican lawmakers are seeking to limit gender-affirming care for transgender Oklahomans through a slate of bills LGBTQ advocates say are extreme.
Ahead of the legislative session starting Monday, GOP lawmakers pre-filed at least four bills that would ban gender-affirming care for many transgender Oklahomans.
Numerous bills would block children and some adults from receiving gender-affirming care that includes puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone therapies and gender-reassignment surgeries.

Colorful photos of people just standing around, as they are careful to repeat, outside, outside, OUTSIDE. Nothing much going on, see? Everything is fine.
The University of Oklahoma news service, unsurprisingly, took a benign view of “the gathering,” deeming it a “citizen” protest against “anti-trans” laws. They interviewed several of the participants, most of whom, it appeared, were all university students and…that’s all I’ll say about that (Other than I’d better not wind up paying their student loans.).

There’s zero mention of what happened when “the gathering” left the capitol steps.
See, all those folks didn’t go home – they went into the capitol building. Kind of looking like they intended to make enough racket – at the very least – to disrupt a legislative session.

Was anyone arrested? That’s a fair question and I have yet to see that they were.
This was no small renegade band of gender-neutral freedom fighters in hairy arms, either. There’s a freakin’ buttload (freakin’ being the operative word) of these people and they made sure they were going to be heard all over and through the building

Now here’s where we get the obvious observation from some quarters – isn’t this insurrectiony by the Left’s very own newly minted definition? As you would suspect, most of the media’s reporting – where you can find it – is NOT about the acts of the protesters.
It’s about Republican/conservative REaction.

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